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City of Phoenix

Country United States
State Arizona
City Phoenix
Address 200 W. Washington St.
Phone 602-262-6011

City of Phoenix Reviews

  • Jul 31, 2015

2015-07-30 Heres my story,I have lived in my home for 15yrs,rent.about 4yrs ago after I had paid them 1100 dollars my problem begain,my bill was about 124.00.Roommates had hooked the water up and I was billed for it granted I understand my obligations on that.4yrs ago I had my services completely shut off,I fill 5 gallon jugs ,about6-10 a day to matain the water use I need, I have three dogs as well,they are always with water,its the interest they are putting and still charging me.In all this time one person contacted me to say they were doing a disconnect my bill still say subject for disconnect,its the interest ,I will never be able to pay this ,its jumps from 400-1000-2800,what ever they feel like they charge,this month was 1,468.26 and6-17-2015 it was 711.00 in4-21-2015 1,338.17, 2-24-2015 2,897.23 I have not had water in this house in 4y.I have a article that states that they keep charging people like me for all the water shortages because they know we will never be able to pay it or do anything about it ,please I am begging you for help there are alot more people I know that have billls ,not as much as mine ,but they are close.

I really need help ,PLEASE

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