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Circle Health

Country United States
State Alabama
Phone (866)734-3189

Circle Health Reviews

  • May 21, 2020

I have seen this company several times usually on or Pharmaville. Occasionally, I see them on Indeed. They have been know to go by a few different names that were listed above. I have applied a few times because as a recent college graduate I am always trying to launch a new career in Pharmaceuticals. They market themselves as a 3rd party medical sales firm. There are a few reputable firms like Syneos that work in this capacity. This is where the similarities end unfortunately.

There is barely a digital footprint of this "company" on the internet. No reviews, salary or anything. This should be a redflag to anyone seeking meaningful employment. I hardly could find their website. The website just has blanket statements about their sales force with no product information nor client list.

Whenever I apply to these positions they respond quickly with a few canned responses.

Must have some sales experience/abilities

Completion of pharmaceutical sales training

Maintain a valid driver's license

Proficient with Microsoft Office

1)When are you available to interview?

2) Where did you complete entry pharmaceutical sales training?

3) What are your salary requirements?

4) What is a good phone number to you reach you?

A few times that I responded I answered their questions and recieved another canned response requesting that I complete the required sales training. This was comical because I had included a copy of my certificate and answered appropriately stating that I did infact complete the training.

Recently, I attended the webinar and was a bit skeptical. They started the webinar and talked about their products (cognitive testing, CBD, waste disposal, covid-19 tests and something like a tens device). They briefly talked about commission. Oh wait.... I don't know if they talked about anything because the webinar didn't have sound.

Steer clear of these guys. Looks like a very unprofessional, disorganized mess.

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