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Chubb, Perennial Care, UCA, MultiPlan

Country United States
State Alabama

Chubb, Perennial Care, UCA, MultiPlan Reviews

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  • Feb 1, 2018

During open enrollment we were searching for a health insurance plan. We called blue cross so we thought) and received a call back from "them" and the guy on the phone convinced us to go with a different insurance plan that was being offered through chubb. He said the rates were way lower because they don't offer pregnancy or substance abuse services with this plan. We were told it was a ppo. He had all the right answers to the questions that we asked about co-payments, benefits, labs, wellness, coinsurance, etc.. Now that we actually had to attempt to use this so called insurance we find out that it's a total scam and is not insurance. It's supposedly a medical discount program. Even if that's what it is, it only took $20 off of our daughters doctor visit and our doctor couldn't get ahold of the company on her second visit. So we lost over $1200 to premiums, just to get $20 off of our doctor bill which still had us playing $90 for visit). We can't get ahold of "them" to cancel so we had to get a new credit card issued to stop future charges. Now we are screwed because it's out of enrollment time and we don't have a qualifying life changing event so are now forced to get short term medical insurance up until the next open enrollment time. Which means every three months we have to get a new short term policy.

Stay away from anything that uses;


Perennial care


Multiplan limited benefit plan

I don't know how these people can sleep at night and how companies like this are allowed to be in business.

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  • Nov 4, 2019

They knew exactly what you were looking for.

I just spoke to multiple people on Friday night about this. It didn't seem possible that there could be no deductible for Medical, Hospitalization and surgery. I will be stopping my payment soon. I contacted our bank on Saturday and they cancelled my credit card. I know what to do and not to answer certain phone calls. My husband and I both asked really good questions, they had good answers for all of them. We need to shut these people down!

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  • Nov 7, 2018

I bought the same scam.

Ditto...same story. Also, I asked if it was a 'DISCOUNT PLAN' they said "No it's not a discount plan". I asked if it was a health insurance plan. They said it was a health insurance plan. Then the recording of the phone call comes into play, then they have you answer Yes or No to each question and you are advised that if you ask ONE question while the interviewer is asking you questions they'll have to start the recording all over again and ask all of the questions again. This is a RED flag. Because when the girl asks you questions she says things like, "And you understand that this is not health insurance? Yes or No?" You want to go along so you say Yes. They have you. OR you stop them and say, "WHAT? I thought I was buying health insurance!" Then they stop and they say,"Oh wait a minute". and they transfer our call to the previous sales guy that you were just talking to. He cons you and convinces you that, yes, this is health insurance, for real, and not a discount plan. Then you go back to the girl and start with question number one again and you don't want to mess up this time.

I'm trying to call them to cancel the policy. I hope I don't have to cancel my card to do it but if I cannot get in touch with this scam group then I will cancel my card.

I called the insurance commissioner of my state and they gave me an email to which I can send my complaint.

That's the best thing to do is to lodge a complaint with your state's insurance commissioner and your governor's office AND the Better Business Bureau of your area AND your local Chamber of Commerce. They'll wake up, trust me.

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  • May 11, 2018

Perrenial Care is a scam !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I also was scammed into thinking that Perennial Care /Chubb was a health insurance company. I even discussed the seriousness of my health problems with the representative and was assured I would be well taken care of. You will have no medical health benefits BEWARE of this company and the smooth talker trying to sell you a is a 100% scam.


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  • May 14, 2019

Total scam

I can say the same as all the other reviews. When I spoke to the broker he told me that there was a network of Dr. that I could go to, that it would cover emergency service, blah blah blah. I have not had to use a Dr until recently, but even though the Dr was on the list of providers, it didn't cover my visit, nor am I told that it would cover the following visit to go over the bloodwork results, or any other tests that were needed. When I called to ask what it actually covers, the guy I spoke to (after getting the run around) said the coverage does NOT cover ANY emergency room services (not what my broker stated), and if I get admitted to a hospital it only covers $250/day, basically room & board, for up to 31 days at a time, but nothing else. No Dr fees, no tests, no bloodwork, NOTHING. I am having to pay out of pocket for my Dr visits, 2 panels of bloodwork, an ultrasound, a papsmear, and mammogram, about $1,000, because nothing- I mean NOTHING- is covered. I am going to my bank and changing my account today so my payment for this SCAM INSURANCE doesn't go through.

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  • Feb 9, 2019


I have nothing more to add to the above complaints. They are well written and describe exactly what I experienced with this company. HOWEVER, it seems this scam has changed its name to Continental Care...still UCA, Chubb, MultiPlan.

It also has the same address found online: PMB: 333, 338 Jericho Tpke. Syosset, NY 11791


I will submit a new warning under that name.

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  • Jan 31, 2019


beware of "multiplan". It seems to me they use this company to do their scam. When you hear or see multiplan insurance policy do your researches before you agree to anything. I wished we had some negative Stars. I cannot give them any staes accept -5.

They ripped me off yesterday by miss informing me about what they were selling. Same as people above I was told it is insurance plan "PPO". Later that day I found out all I had was a discount card 30% of my doctor bills. I am trying to cancel however got another phone call from them today trying to sell me a health insurance plan and I told them the story they came back with, they did not who I spoke to but they will guarantee this one is health insurance and not at discount plan. After talking for 45 minutes back and forth I told them I would have to call them back. So I start the research and came across this site and that's all she wrote. Thanks so much for having this site up so people like me can get info about scammers like them. Unfortunately I have to give them one star due to not having any lower option.

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  • Feb 20, 2019

take responsibility

Some of you need to take responsibility for what you purchased. Who blindly believes a sales agent. Review what you purchase ans if you cant review it dont buy it. This plan has worked for me for 3 years because I knew what i was buying and I know how to use it for my benefit.

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  • Apr 14, 2018

Scam. The Scum among us. Perennial care, Chubb, uca

Total scam. I had insurance and was searching for a better plan. I came across this website that was offering insurance at a lower price. Person by the name of Brian told me this insurance is cheaper because your not paying for pregnancy, substance abuse etc. in the Obama care. I went over what doctors I have to see if they where in network, examples of charges, copay , deductibles the whole 9 yards about coverage. He assured me this was great health insurance. I had to get blood work done and when it was ran through this so-called insurance, my bill was $510. I called the lab and they went over every draw and gave me the same price if I went in there without insurance. Also my doctor visit was $180, I use to pay a $40 co-pay with my other real insurance. Now I can't get back into the market place a and to top it all off because I'm self employed and live in New Jersey, no insurance company can sell me any type of insurance not even short term. I even tried aflac and they can't sell me any accident or hospital insurance. It's April and I have no insurance until January of next year. I disputed all charges with my credit card company and going to the bbb next. They truly are scum.

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  • Sep 16, 2019


This plan is what it is. My complaint is that they are never available for questions . Even their number on my bank account goes to a fax machine. Its difficult to use. I'm also annoyed that we end up with such things because it's nearly impossible to research health plans with out being subject to endless phone calls (some are scams) that won't go away.

  • Jun 10, 2019


I have had the same horrible experience with this pos company. My Fallopian tube ruptured and I called to see what hospitals were provided. They transfer me through four different reps and between two numbers. Finally my fiancée was emailed a list of hospitals in network. We just started getting the bills and nothing has been covered, at all.

What is wrong with our country where a company can lie to you this hard and it’s still in business?

Can we start a class action lawsuit?

It took me going to the 6th google page while searching AFSLIC reviews to find this page because they have changed their name so many times.

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