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CHS Supplements

Country United States
State Nevada
City Las Vegas
Address 3960 Howard Hughes Blvd.
Phone 866-293-1522

CHS Supplements Reviews

  • Jun 23, 2020

Complaint Type: Billing/Collection Issues Status: BBB unable to locate business


This company sent me CBD Gummie Bears in which I thought I ordered ony 1 jar Online. They sent me 6 jars and charged me $239.00 and no refund! Said I'd have to wait 2 months for a refund. this is not legal. I ordered from an ad on Mar 12 or 13 for gummie CBD drops that I believe were advertised for either a minimum amount.

I tried to print out the order, but it wasn't there. The order came on/or about Mar 18th. On my **** they charged me $244.00. I called them the next day, March 19th. They said they could do a $50 refund if I applied for it. As for returning product, they said I'd have to wait for two months before I could return it. Then they tried to get me to pay another $9.95 for a special offer and gift. I said no. She said I'd have to wait till May 13 or 14 (two months) to return the product.

She told me she'd waive the $9.95 and it would only cost me $0.95 for some cream. I tried to explain all I wanted was a refund. I refuse the closed packaged and gave it back to the Post Ofiice as refused because of the scam this company , attemps to scam senior citizens as my self. I am 77 years old .She said just keep the product for two months.

What a RIP OFF! I have the UPSS tracking number they the 6 jars of CBD were received in one of their outlet stores in Utah. No receipt but do have the packing slip if you would like. UPS -9405-5118-9956-3889-3889-9545-63. I called the number on the Online directory and the are out of business. Can you help me? I only want my money back.

Desired Outcome

I wish to receive my money back. They never sent the 6 bottles back to me, nor is the money credited back into my debit card. -

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