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Christine Cronau

Country United States
State Alaska
Phone 0450 060 635

Christine Cronau Reviews

  • May 26, 2016

Christine Cronau is a fraud. She is based in Brisbane, Australia and has developed a lucrative online business and following claiming to be a nutrition expert – in fact she recently appeared on Australian television claiming to be a dietitian in spite of having NO formally recognized qualifications from a university in nutritional science whatsoever.

Over the last couple of years Christine has taken it upon herself to provide all manner of nutritional and medical advice from her blog site counselling people on treating various ailments – many of which have potentially dire consequences – with hocus pocus “treatments”. Christine has in fact often contradicted recognized medical experts and told people to forget taking their medications, purchase one of her books from her website and follow her recommendations therein. Many of these people have long term serious medical problems and are desperate for any assistance/support – Christine preys on these people, welcoming them in to her online community always with the ulterior motivate of securing a sale for one of her books or “courses”.

Many legitimate, qualified medical practitioners and allied health professionals have challenged Christine’s (a) qualifications to be providing such counsel and/or (b) pointed out the nonsense of her recommendations – to obviously sick people – when this happens Christine simply “blocks” these people from her blog or Facebook page.

You either agree with Christine and support her unsubstantiated claims and suggestions or you’re banned regardless of the health consequences for those seeking legitimate support and direction.

Christine recommends very low carbohydrate diets which are largely devoid of carbohydrates (an important and valuable macro-nutrient in any diet) and pushes high saturated fat and higher protein intake – both of which have been shown by countless, evidence-based peer reviewed studies to have adverse impacts on long term health.

Such dietary practices often produce a metabolic response known as “ketosis”.

Ketosis occurs when the body is starved of nutrients such as carbohydrates, protein and fats. It can also result from a very low carbohydrate diet where your body is forced to break down muscle protein and then body fat (and not in the order most will have you believe - fat is not burnt first) as a source of energy to fuel the brain, heart and muscle. Long term however both of these processes can result in detrimental health outcomes including a reduction in metabolic rate - making it more difficult to burn fat and lose to lose weight effectively and keep it off in the future.

Over time ketosis can lead to excessive strain on the kidneys and possible kidney disease and is not recommended as an effective way to lose weight long term. Going into ketosis can also put the body at risk of developing Gout; a painful condition associated with accumulation of uric acid deposits in the joints - mainly the big toe. The reason this occurs is that ketones and uric acid compete for excretion in the kidney, so high levels of ketones reduce the amount of uric acid excreted from the body. Also rapid weight loss if obese with metabolic diseases such as metabolic syndrome and insulin resistance can lead to an increase in fats in the blood which can lead to fatty liver disease or non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. Often low carbohydrate diets also result in sever constipation, bad breath, lethargy and mood fluctuations. Other long term effects also can include osteoporosis.

High Fat diet may be used by some nutrition professionals in the short term to achieve particular health goals, but the effectiveness and safety are still highly controversial. What is known however from years of legitimate research, is eating a wide variety of nutritious foods, in appropriate amounts, and exercising is crucial for long term good health.

Cronau claims (without any scientific support) this style of eating will cure all variety of illnesses from Type II Diabetes to autism and a myriad of other ailments in between. She regularly demeans highly qualified medical experts and allied health professionals who question her stance and/or debate her claims citing sound scientific evidence to support their position.

Christine Cronau is a fraud and has an agenda, regardless of the risks associated with her non supported claims her goal is to sell as many books and programs as she can – maximizing profits regardless of the long term health implications her nonsensical recommendations cause.

Do not get sucked in by this quack – she is motivated by greed and financial gain. She is not qualified to provide any form of medical or nutritional counselling whatsoever. Be warned and stay safe.

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