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Christie Clinic

Country United States
State Illinois
City Bloomington
Address 2502 E. Empire St.
Phone (217) 366-1200

Christie Clinic Reviews

  • Apr 4, 2021

Don't waste your time with this Doctor BARRY JAY RISKIN MD., he is Writing prescriptions for himself. He is a junkie! He had an office in Naperville, but permanently closed. This is what happens to a Doctor who uses the drugs instead of prescribing them. Anyone looking for this A hole, his new Office is

Christie Clinic in Bloomington on Empire

2502 E. Empire St., Bloomington IL 61704 309.385.7010

I went to see this Clown for my back and he told me and my wife I had a hernia. Really and how did he know that? Did he see it through my pants? He never even examined me, not one time. He didn't even touch me anywhere. Let's face it, this guy doesn't want to be a doctor any more with his drug "habits", and his disrespect for the whole process.

Find a doctor who cares about his clients. Me, I found a new Doctor, great guy that told me I don't have a hernia, and that I tore my hip flexor and that I was going to be fine. He did a full exam on me. Don't expect any call back from this one. I see he is in court for a number of cases. Nice work BARRY, you should do the world a favor throw yourself in front of a bus, you piece of Sh@t.

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