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Chris Sullivan Law Firm

Country United States
State Nevada
City Las Vegas
Address 332 S Jones Blvd
Phone 1 702-610-8012

Chris Sullivan Law Firm Reviews

  • Jan 8, 2020

I went to law school with Chris Sullivan and was friends with him for several years. In July of 2012, my business was shuttered by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau due to the fact that my work focused on helping individuals save their homes from foreclosure. After this occurred, Chris Sullivan reached out to me and asked that I help him run his practice. I worked with him from approximately the spring of 2013 to the summer of 2014.

From day one, my primary job was to try to keep Chris out of trouble. He would repeatedly dip into his client trust account and steal money that was supposed to be paid to lienholders and use this money to take expensive vacations. When lienholders contacted the office to ask why they had not been paid, Chris expected me to cover for him. He also raided the trust account that was set up for his real estate company stealing commissions that were supposed to be paid to his agents.

In regards to his clients, Chris would never do the work. Instead, prior to my going to work for him, a paralegal would write everything. Any work that the paralegal did or that I did he would pass on as his own and bill an hourly rate of $300. In addition, he would fabricate his billing and tell me that he wanted to "get the bill up" to a certain amount.

As far as the actual results obtained by Chris, they were almost always detrimental to the client. In one probate matter, where the client was entitled to be paid out of the estate, Chris repeatedly failed to appear at court. The end result is that the other heirs received all the money and attorney's fees were ordered against the client. In another, a successful business got in a dispute with its landlord and Chris "dropped the ball" so horrendously, that the business was essentially destroyed.

One client, a successful corporate pilot, took issue with the fact that Chris , (despite being paid), refused to complete his divorce. When the client made a State Bar complaint, Chris attempted to get the client fired from his job as a corporate pilot. He did this through falsely informing the employer that the client had shown pornographic images to the client's daughter and the he was under the influence while flying planes. These lies were so egregious that eventually the client's employer made a complaint against Chris with the State Bar of Nevada.

This man is a cancer and presents an imminent threat to the public as an attorney. Allowing Chris Sullivan to practice law is about as wise as handing a loaded machine gun to a chimpanzee. What's dangerous is that most the people he steals from and takes advantage of are people that he leads to believe are his friend. He then convinces these people to pay him as an attorney or to invest in one of his land scam deals. Any and everyone that he has ever done business with or worked with has been scammed or taken advantage of.

I had no intention of ever airing the irrefutable facts that Chris Sullivan is a liar, a con artist, and, (to the point), a horrible human being. However, when I recently contacted him to request that he return some personal items of mine, his response was to call my biracial child a "half-monkey". This was the "straw the broke the camel's back". So, in addition to being a liar, a con artist, and a horrible human being, Chris is also a racist.

I am in the process of preparing a detailed complaint to the State Bar of Nevada. He is on their "watch list", and hopefully, at some point, they will have the good sense to remove this man that has caused so much damage to so many people from the legal profession. Once I have completed the complaint, I will scan it and post a link so that everyone can review and see for themselves the facts and evidence that prove that Chris Sullivan has no business being an attorney.

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