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  • Jun 17, 2018

June 2, 2018 filed fraud on my account with this bank. Was told by the dispute department to wait 10 business days to get a response or credit in account. On 10th business day I was told I would have the money in my account no later than 7pm. This is June 15, 2018. The rep that helped me was named Jonathan but went by JC. He verbally on the telephone line that was recorded said I would have the funds that day. Never got the funds. Called back in Saturday the 16th. The department that does the credits is closed on weekends. Call Monday the 18th. Speak with a Supervisor in the fraud department named Arita or (Rita) .. her ID number with the bank is 174721. She calls me from the phone number ‭+1 (646) 679-4937‬ and said on a recorded line that my dispute was approved and ruled in my favor and that I would receive my credits in 1-2 hours. Wait and wait and wait. Yep ... no credits. Call back in and Arita (Rita) is busy but was helped by Alan - his ID number with the bank is 425596 and he states the dispute was denied and there is nothing he can do. Follows up with hanging up on me.

  • Jun 6, 2018

Long story short, my wallet lost on May 23, some d****e went on a shopping spree. Found out the next day reported my card stolen, May25th the transaction posted called and reported the unauthorized use of my card. Sent the dispute docs to them 5 times. On the 10th day Chime stated that they couldn't find any error had occurred and that my funds will not be returned. This is BS. They see all the the declined transaction alerts attempted on a daily basis on the card I reported lost.

I wrote a nasty email to them and will be reaching out to the following BBB and seeking the law for assistance first thing in the am. For now I suggest everyone use Brinks prepaid if you want to get paid 2 days early because they're great with unauthorized transactions and provisional credit. I Am ending my relationship with them today and using my bank of the west account and rather wait my payday versus dealing with unprofessional such as Chime.

  • Jun 5, 2018

I tried to make an account yesterday 6/5/2018 only to get "failed to verify your information." I called today at 6/6/18 to ask for assistance but I only got a "we will email you fix." They admitted to having a flawed third party verification process and would email me when they fix it. I tried asking how long this has been goingon for and just got redirected to they will send mean email when they fix it. I asked to be deleted from the system but they said they couldn't do anything about that. I've signed up for qapital with no error but this one doesn't work for me. I tried asking what third party they use to verify and was told thathe doesn't even know that information. This is very disheartening.

  • Oct 26, 2017

I called in to talk about my options on money that was taken from my account. An amount of $257 was direct debited from my checking from tmobile. Tmobile has no record of receiving money, yet my account was debited that amount. I was on phone call after phone call with tmobile for 2 months until they finally told me too bad go to your bank and dispute it. I called chime bank and spoke with a Brain in dispute department and explained my case. He assured me that if the money is gone then I can dispute it and it's clear as day that I will get my money back. He sent me a form I filled it out and sent it in. Weeks later I call in to check on status of claim, only to be told it was never filed. They received my email but didn't file it and now it's too late. Of course I was not ok with that. They tell me next that they will see about putting the dispute into action but it has to be approved because it's past 60 days.( but it wasn't when I sent the email). Few days later I don't get a call back so I call in again they say they'll work on it and call me back. I receive an email saying nothing is wrong and my dispute is denied and it's final. I call in again. They tell me I may not speak to a supervisor or anyone else that can make a decision and hear my case. They just tell me sorry and to write a letter. The reason this is wrong is because I was told by a supervisor there that I can fight it, then he doesn't submit it. Then when they see it it's too late and I can't dispute it anymore. Also my story was not correctly passed on to claims department. I was not saying the transaction was not authorized. I was claiming money was taken without credit and chime told me they'd help me prove that to tmobile.

  • Jul 3, 2017

I will start at the beginning. In April of this year I had an unauthorized transaction of $89.00 from a company I do not do business with. I spoke to customer service and was provided the merchant's contact information. I contacted the merchant and they failed to fix the issue so I filed a dispute with Chime. After 10 days they placed a provisional credit in my account. 47 days later, Chime reversed that credit without notice. I received a packet in the mail that contained some paperwork explaining that the merchant had provided proof that I had authorized the transaction. The "proof" was a terms agreement from the merchant that had been electronically signed with my name. I thought they were joking, but apparently not. I filed a rebuttal, Chime denied it. I requested an arbitrator, Chime credited my account with a final credit of $89.00 and apologized. Fast forward two weeks. On Thursday June 29 my social security was deposited to my account along with the SSI checks for my two kids. At around 12:05 am on June 30th I tried to log in to check my balance and pay my electric bill and received an error message stating my account was closed. I logged in to my email and find an email sent from Chime at 7:58 pm stating that they are sorry but that they have decided to end their banking relationship effective June 30th. I have been banking with Chime since 2015 and have never had an issue. They are upset because I asked for an arbitrator. There solution to that is to close my account, fine it is their right, but if that was their decision it should have been done two weeks ago. They intentionally waited until the day all of my family's checks were deposited, knowing full well that those are the only deposits we get monthly, and close my account with all of my money in limbo. My rent was due on Saturday, and they want me to wait 14 business days for a check. Social Security is federally protected money. I have filed complaints with the OCC, FDIC, OIC, and FCTB, as well as with Social Security and my state Attorney General. I have sought legal counsel and will be filing suit in small claims court for damages.

  • Apr 10, 2017

I made an purchase to my car loan company to pay off the amount owed. Noticed that the following day two additional transactions were made from the same company. Call Chime informed me to call the car loan company to inquire about the transaction. Called the car loan company they had no knowledge of the two additional transactions. Tried to resolve the issue with the car loan company but upon sending in my bank statement they stated I would have to resolve with Chime. Filed an dispute with Chime stated would take 10 days to find an resolution. Received an letter stated that upon investigation that no wrong was found with the transactions.

Upon receiving the letter called to speak with rep from Chime to get information about next steps and they stated to call the car loan company and have them send in a letter stating that the two tranactions were not listed on my account. Felt like I doing there job for them but I still went ahead and called the company. Spoke with supervisor from the car loan company and she told me no one from Chime Bank called regarding my account. I find this not acceptable how can you investigate transactions when you didn't even call the merchant.

Filed an rebuttal with the bank and was still denied. You only communicate via email with the support and dispute department. Asked for an detailed report of how the investigation was conducted without calling the merchant and got no answers. I have the app downloaded on my phone and noticed that the transactions dates were changed to make it look like they all occured on the same day instead of two. Brung this up to the rep and stated the system create the statements but luckily I printed out my stated prior for my record before the date was changed. They could not explain why the system and an statement printed from the same system was changed. Then the time that the system is listing is showing transactions at 4am in the morning when they open at roughly 9am. I will never conduct business with this bank they take your money and want you to do there job and still not give your money bank. Stay away from this prepaid card if I know what I know now would have opened account with actually bank.

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