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Child Abduction Recovery International

Country United States
State Alabama
Phone 46 707385598

Child Abduction Recovery International Reviews

  • Dec 19, 2019

Media worldwide caught him faking recoveries.

Media caught him faking recoveries. He was getting photos of young children of the internet (yuck!!) and pretending he had recovered them. The media caught him out. Then he tried to blame a respected competitor for stuffing up the Lebanon recovery where he and 60 Minutes went to jail and the mother Sally Faulkner never saw her kids ever again. He has been jailed in 2 countries for assaulting elderly grandparents. He stalks and harasses online anyone who upsets him. Even his wife Karin left him because he was so obsessed with destroying and hurting people.

  • Feb 27, 2018

I hired CARI becqasue he was recommended. He said he was experience but didnt tell my about gone to jail and made life bad for parernts. My son Aditya was taken by mother to USA. I needed some help to get son back. I didnt have any court paper, but Adam Whittington said it was no problem. He said he could go get my son and bring back to Mumbai. I felt good that someone can help, but i didnt expect his scamming me. I trust him. I need his help.

He said he went to get the kid, but since I didnt have a custody i could get son back. he didnt told me to get that. he said he could get Aditaya but then after he tole me he i was the one who mistake. I have recorded his lies when we talk and if you want to hear please send a message. dont trust CARI, Adam Whittington, or his last scam Project rescue child. He took 2,592,800.00 Indian Rupee to get start but never give back any and blocked me.

Make sure to google adam whittington cari arrest. you see he did many bad thing and I dont know what to do now. i have no more money. he took all and my son is in USA. dont trust these scammer. please write message to me for more information. thank you very much

  • Feb 27, 2018

This man has been a liar since birth. If you examine his website stating he is a child recovery expert youll see the pictures he has posted. please check google and youll find those same pictures are actually from news stories elsewhere. He is the worst person to try to help when in fact he tries to hurt clients and their kids. he has been jailed for attacking grandmothers and regularly gets his clients trown in jail. he lies about being an ex police officer. he is a scammer, liar and all around bad person. make sure to google him and put the words arrest, or grandmother or jail at teh end and youll see.

over the years MANY ex clients of his have come to my charity to complain that yhe stole their money and never returned their children. Even major media calls him out on his lies and tries to let you know you should be forewarned. One ex client contacted us after he tried to rape her. As far as I know from the woman, he was jailed for this as well. You should always do your research and if you need please reach out to me. I can help you find a proper agent to work with. there are many of us out there who dont hurt people, rape women, or steal money.

dont hire adam whittington or his company to help. he will only make your life worse.

  • Feb 25, 2018

I hire CARI to get my kid home from his turkish father. I didnt realize the owner was jailed many time for hurting others and scamming parents. He kept tell me that he wanted to meet me. i couldnt but becasue he said there was a time sensative thing I sent him over 3 million ruble. He promised he was going to find and get my alexi, but he did nothing. he kept call me to get more money, but i didnt have anything so he said he cant hel. HE CAT HELP EVEN AFTER I PAY SO MUCH.

Finally I went to visit him, and he asked to meet at the boat he uses. when i went there he sat down very nice, and ask if i wanted wine. I said no, but he pushed and final i agreed. he tried to get me drunk, then start to touch me. he put hands on my breast and my side. I asked to stop but then it got worse. He push me down and start to touch my pants. Im so afraid that time he was going to rap me. I kick as hard as I can and ran off his boat. He never got my son, never pay me back and hurt my phychological. stay away from CARI. They will hurt you and your child. if you check the google you see he hurt many grandmother and was in jail for doing it. he lie about being ex police. he is liar and scam. DONT HIRE HIM.

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