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Chicago Transit Authority

Country United States
State Illinois
City Chicago
Address 567 Lake Street ,2nd Floor
Phone (312) 836-7000

Chicago Transit Authority Reviews

  • Mar 24, 2019

My name is Demetria S. Pearson-Williams, The President of The (CTA) ,Is Frauding Stealing My Mom's Death Beneficial funds and Pension.

I am not happy with the CTA (Chicago Transit Authority) is doing to me and they have wronged my Mother. They were racist trying to keep my poor dear mother from getting her Pension checks while she was injured. After 2006,they stopped sending her pension checks. I was her care taker ,her Daughter. They have violated all the Policy laws of Workers Compensation laws of Discrimination against my Mother and her family for religious and racist reasons they had not only Violated Her rights they had also stolen Her Employees Death Beneficial Funds for her family,which all companies in Chicago has. In 1995 ,my mother Ruth Pearson was Retired off her job for being injured on the job having Epilepsy Seizures while driving . She's been seriously injured . She had not only allow her self to be loyal to her career as a Bus Operator ,since was all sincere to insure her family with the knowing to help her and has allowed me to be her permanent care taker.

When after calling the Death Beneficial Funds after she had died ,from being attack at a group family Home where her Guardian Kevin Dorsey was a fraudulent Murderer of Seniors and had set up a lie to take her to another town yo murder her after sexually mutulating her while she was abused by the care of a false claims was a set up by folks robbing her ,the neighbors coming in the buolfing from a very dangerous drug habitat area. My mother is not only was the Grand Daughter of a Sheriff Officer,but ,also the Sister of a Officer of loyal Duty also myself and also my Bro

In Atlanta Georgia,She was also the Girlfriend of a Officer since 1976. We the law and we know wrong from right. It is wrong for me to not had report this evil malicious plot they had against me and my innocent mother was the victim of murder,which Kevin Dorsey had not only lied but set the murder plot to take over my mother and fraud to keep my family from having any access to my mother with false reports based off racism and malicious occult to kill her because she was apart of their religious evil Occults. She was sacrificed . I been in and out my body , she has also, I had saved her life on many accounts as her daughter ,many did not care about my mom all because they too was a part of the same evil occult to take sides with their own.

They had violated the Constitution Al laws of our fifth Amendmends of the freedom of religion and not discriminate against any of U.S. Citizens who doesn't abide to the laws of our Nation. I am not afraid of any one where I can't stand up for my family and myself. I stand my cause. The cause to fight for my mother and what we all worked hard for as Union workers to get paid workers compensation to the fullest.

My Mother had bruises all over her and she was raped at these State Group Homes ,On VLIET AND 12 the Street . They Broken her hips in 2007 ,she told me they were sexually abusing,they were in denial as usual like every Rapist say they didn't do it. I didn't know what they had in mind to tell me that I couldn't have my mother out of that place on 12th and VLIET The Family Group Home.

It was do horrible where strangers will come from outside and go into the my mom's room. The nurses and my whole had a big argument all my folks was coming from out of town then a nurse got into a big rage where she made physical threats towards me and my family who was also nurses ,my niece was a Nurse at the same time in Milwaukee where the Incident took place.

The strange a part about it ,I was also noticing that , they were very viciously mean to my mom and my family where we was going to fight . They tried to ban me and my family from coming on their Premises . We didn't fight that nurse even though we was vicious back to fight their but back ,we don't play either,we don't be playing that mess either. I put my feet a down on all of it and going off where I made Reports to the Government to fire those evil nurses for their threats.

My mom had so many supporters they were all outside the whole area rallying to stop this mess of Senior Abuse. The Facility Ignored them as though it never happened.Men in the neighborhood treated it like it was Doctor King's Death,They started throwing beer bottles and setting the neighborhood on fire. The were so many supporters for my dear mother. The took my mom to West Allis after breaking her hips ,they used her body for a voodoo Doll to attack on me, she told me what they did to her. After breaking her hip bones they stolen her body and put her far from her family to keep her away from me,they knew she tells me everything. They took her s nursing home against her will after she had made me in her 50's to not put her in a Nursing Home ,it was racist She was Indian and Irish ,her Parents . She loved people !

The moment to took her out of Milwaukee city they moved her to a racist town ,of the n**i's where they work a harm Minorities,In various cities especially Milwaukee ,My Mom Was a School Teacher in 1977 and A Bus Driver in Chicago. Mitchell Clark Elementary School Teacher ,8th Grade Teacher ,My Mom was. We had moved to different states after my sister was diagnosed for cancer before she Passed Away in 2007 ,We had to be there for her as well. Abuse is known in Milwaukee .

I Don't lie ,We have these videos to prove what's going on in Milwaukee ,and why they killed a person who had a big family that was taking my mom out that Group home? These are two causes, (1.) For Stealing the Pension Checks of 2005 & Death Beneficial Funds from Family and Lying About My disabled Mom had stolen it. (2.) The Wrongful Racial Murder Plot against me and my Mom. Please ! watch these videos for yourself.

CTA President speaks on racism

Black GM workers sued company alleging nooses, n**i undershirts and KKK threats weren't investigated by HR ,

CTA President trying to slander Teachers and Make this Video to Cover up his Lies about Racism because it's been a biggest Problem in Chicago's History . He's trying to justify his cause against me ,it was a reason he Made this video to try to cover up the true factor of the Real cause of Why they had stolen my Mom's Pension Checks since 2005 and they made lots of excused to keep from paying my innocent dear mother.

What does a 73 year old woman has to when everyone was trying to keep her from getting her money ,what was the real cause of the President of The CTA For Making a video on the Topic of Racism and her being a School Teacher,what does her being a School teacher had to do with this video being made ? Second of all we were preachers in the church ,we were very honest.

So ,I will start up a a petition on her cause ,it was wrong for this President to make this video singling her out of the bunch ,by his human Assumptions. All these reports are true. We were honest ,loyal spiritual people. We didn't lie. My mom's father had build Churches all over the world.These Presidents of these Companies are in a occult,they think everyone is a liar. Why would we be a list we were the victim. She worked loyal and devoted to this job,I've Iron her clothes. I've cooked and Worked and cared for my Mother. I Showed I cared about her to still keep fighting for my mom and others I'm petitioning for as well. If my mom wasn't a loyal Worker of CTA ,Then why did CTA hire my Mother if we are Liars.

It is just a cover up of some more Dog mess they were guilty of. Everything is all about their occult and they don't care about no body, they got to have it their way or nothing at all. They are a bunch frauds in Chicago. Stereo types. They got to know that religion and occult can't be caught on any job. My mother was loyal for years to her job. They were always attacking as spotters on the Bus ,they make evil lies and malicious report. I worked as a uncover Officer in lost prevention in North Chicago. But, also had a contract license with the IPAC , (Illinois Public Action ).

I've worked for The Senator Carol Moseley Braun . Activist Employed by them . So don't allow any one to intimidate me ,also was working for Wells Fargo Guard Services for CTA ,Booth on different Post on The Train Line in Chicago,Before Security's bought out Wells Fargo Guards over Securing CTA. How can anyone be rude to your loyal Employees ? CTA Is Rude and Has stolen from my mom, and stolen all her workers compensation funds and her Death Beneficial Funds was only when she died. They all had viciously attacked my mom and all she worked hard for.I want Justice !

Ms. Demetria S.Pearson-Williams (770)481-8132 [email protected]

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