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Chicago Gold Gallery

Country United States
State Illinois
City Chicago
Address 1236 W Devon Ave
Phone 773-338-7787

Chicago Gold Gallery Reviews

  • Jun 24, 2018

I went in to Cash Exchange and was asked to go back out and enter next store...Chicago Gold Gallery.ok. no big deal....Same guy. Said he was the owner..I then proceeded to sell my mothers items to split between myself and my sisters.....Showed all of the items to the man. He was very nice, at the time.Very good explanations on everything...Explained all the larger stones where not real. Only the smaller ones....I believed him.....big mistake. After selling all the items for 1600. I sold them mostly for the gold and platinum weight.Not even 2 weeks later I found all the appraisals on the jewelry from a year earlier. That my mom got for insurance reasons. One stone was over 2 carats and valued at 15 thousand dollars. The other ring was over 6500. Dollars. Both appraisals had pictures and everything.I then went back in several times until the owner was in. I told him the problem and it was like Jekyl and Hyde! He told me all sales are final. Also told me the appraisals are I said my mom was trying to defraud the insurance company....So condescending. I cant believe I fell for it....I trusted him.....I gave it all to my sister. I feel like such a fool. Definite ripoff.

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