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Chi in Nature

Country Canada
City Markham, Ontario
Address 2600 John St
Phone 905-489-0808

Chi in Nature Reviews

  • Jan 10, 2016

Chi In Nature / Mak Jo Si Fraud

Mak Jo Si had been operating using fraudulent method to deceive people, claim to be best exorcist, creating fake credentials and testimonial fabricating Moslem clients being possessed and cursed by their own mosque even had the stupidity to say that the mosque had an altar that worship idols. If you had done your research no moslem would worship idol. Youre busted Mak Jo Si such a crude lie.

You further claim that you are the best Feng shui master, what a lie look at your own altar posted on your video and website its all filled with sharp weapons these psychologically produce uneasiness talk about bad chi and feng shui! Theres so much flaws, and major ones are your credibility, "TAOVERSE" your claimed god which is "AKUMA" a character from Street fighter, is this what you worship?

Not to mentioned the legal suit from Lee Chi Wai and others lawsuit suing you, if youre that good you would had prevented all this. I doubt you had the ability to even save yourself. Dont boast that your ability is so great and profound, youre nothing but a loser, a Conman, fraud artist which is shameless to make money out of vulnerable people out there with all your fake testimonial and stories.

Stay away people from Mak Jo Si of

  • Nov 2, 2015

I ordered a Get a relationship talisman and In-Relationship Couples Love Boost FU. All for USD100.00 which I regretted paying. Let me tell you what I experience after using the talisman. It says here in website the fu works by carrying for 30 days it's supposed to "Carry for 30 days to increase the possibilities and help to improve your own energy to give better impression to people around you and draw in people who would be interested in you while you will be interested in them. Trash when used."

I carry it for the 1st week I had my colleague arguing with me over trivial matters at work this had never happen before we were close friends for years now we can't even start a conversation or look eye to eye. I felt that the talisman I order from Mak Jo Si ( had something sinister in the talisman. I just brushed it off having such thought just assume its sheer coincidence.

Until then this terror struck twice my fiancée that I was living in started to get easily provoked I'm not sure if it's me causing him or it's the talisman ? He's a loving person in the past that are full of kindness towards me he would just go to the extreme of massaging my foot when I'm back etc It just got worst when I noticed his change of character after I burn the talisman In-Relationship Couples Love Boost FU.

As Mak Jo Si advice was to burn and drink half myself and the other half I sneak it into my fiancée coffee. He did complaint the coffee taste weird. Then the next thing I knew he was a total change he was like the Jekyll and Hyde character. One moment he's sweet and nice they he would change into an abusive person. I would shudder in fear all the time, anything could provoke him be it my conversation or even a slight gestures. What have you done to him Mak Jo Si? Had you place an evil curse to harm my fiancée? How could you ? Every single day I regretted and cry my self to sleep, I keep on asking why? My fiancée would had left me for no reason no apparent reason. I want his old self back.

Do not buy anything from them its a scam. He lied about the deity Taoverse read about it here:

I regretted I didnt do any research before buying from him. I did email him my email was ignored no refund stay away from Mak Jo Si and Lau Jo Si. is a scam website trying to con people online.

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