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Cheryl Sarnavka

Country Canada
City Hamilton, Ontario
Address 247 Centennial Pkwy North,Unit 15
Phone (519) 573-9629

Cheryl Sarnavka Reviews

  • Nov 18, 2020

Cheryl Sarnavka and Martin Doane use their circle of friends to lure people into parties where their "closer" friend Joseph Bedinot & wife, also including Jane Beckwit;who would lie to prospects "clients" of what wonderful investments had been made,feeding expectations pushing them to invest their savings.

They would make you feel confident, close, comfortable that you could rely on them.

Ms.Cheryl S had been Leviathan's Chief Financial Officer since the 9th of August 2018, and of course we believed her!

They are very good talkers, and they know how to lie their way out of everything, it's almost like they practiced twice a week.

Ms.Cheryl Sarnavka would put the money into pump and dump companies loosing investors' money and pretending she also had lost money.

When we ask for our money back we where surprised she told us she had resigned ( great timing right?)from Leviathan Cannabis Group.

Saying it had been a bad investment, we had all lost" that's the only thing you will hear about your money.

Also, we found out that on January 2019 Sedar had emitted to cease the trade order because,

they had'nt presented Financial statements to the authorities.

I was one of the unfortunated people who had fallen for this scam; I used and I lost $60k of my retirement savings. After losing my money Ms.Cheryl Sarnavka she had always been avoiding me,I haven't spoke to her in over a year.

They are all a group of snakes, liars ,thieves who don't care about anything except money. Heck, they don't even care about their families,stay away from these crook if you want your savings to be safe.

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