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Charles Matthau Plumbing

Country United States
State Arkansas
City North Little Rock
Address 6105 Carnegie Dr
Phone (501) 834-3030

Charles Matthau Plumbing Reviews

  • Oct 7, 2017

I called Charles Matthau Plumbing to repair a clogged drain in my kitchen. He came and checked it out and said that most likley we got tree roots in the plumbing, so he is going to run a snake to fix. He quoted me $120 which was oK.

Charles Matthau ran the snake that he had and it could not fix problem. In fac, his snake busted and got cut off. So he said he needs to go get a stronger snake from one of his buddies and comeback, but now he needs to chareg $100 more, because the problem is worst than he thought, plus he has extra cost to repair his broken snake.

I told him it should not be my issue that his equipment could not handle and broke. That should be part of doing business, like wer and tear or maybe he should contact his inusrance company for the coverage. He said teh best he could do is drop it to $75 because he still had to do more work than he expected. Well at this point I had no choice so I had to accept.

Charles Matthau comes back after about an hour and this time fixedthe problem.

However, 2 months pass and I have same problem again. I call Charles Matthau back and he says their guarantee is only for 30 days and he cannot fix for free again. I got pissed and hung up on him.

Called another place and they quoted me $100 to fix. They cam and they got issue fix with a small snake like the one Charles Matthau had. So I feel like Charles Matthau has ripped me off.

I would not do business with him again and I do not recommend that you should either.

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