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Chad Chiniquy

Country United States
State Alabama
Phone (877) 938-4055

Chad Chiniquy Reviews

  • Aug 29, 2015

DON’T DO IT!! Chad Chiniquy is a super scam to take your hard-earned money. He offers a "free" one-hour seminar to teach you how to make money buying and flipping real estate using no money of your own. SCAM. The seminar teaches you NOTHING you don't already know. The information presented only informs you that you can make money investing in real estate. (Duh!) And if you want to know how, you have to spend $597.00 right there on the spot to attend yet another seminar. No time allowance to let you think it over to make a good decision.

Then, I'm told by others who have attended, that at this second seminar you learn very little and are asked to invest about $40,000.00 to attend yet a third seminar to learn more!!!!!!!!!!!…so much for not using your own money!!

By law, when you sign up for the first $597.00 seminar, you are presented with a three-day right of rescission to change your mind and get a full refund. (Three business days, not including weekends).

We attended their seminar in Phoenix, AZ on April 25, 2015. We exercised our three-day right of rescission on April 29th (Within the three business days, not including weekends). They deposited our check on April 30, 2015 - AFTER we exercised our 3-day right of rescission.

Well! We followed their procedures to obtain a full refund to the letter. This included a registered, certified letter in writing within the three business days allowed.

We never heard a word from anyone until one day (I do not recall the date as we were not yet concerned we were dealing with crooks), a man named "Greg" called me to re-schedule the class we did not attend on May 1st, 2nd and 3rd. I told Greg that we had exercised our right of rescission and wanted to know when we could expect our refund.

Greg stuttered, hemmed and hawed and said that he didn't handle that. I asked who did and he told me that Mr. Aaron Darby was the man who would handle that, but Greg did not volunteer any means of contacting Mr. Darby.

We started calling and emailing their company for an update. Weeks went by and we NEVER received a reply to our email and Mr. Aaron Darby was always in a meeting unable to take our calls. Nor did Aaron Darby return our calls.

It is now August 28,2015. We still HAVE NOT received our refund. Mr. Darby has fjnally returned a few calls along the way and tells us the same story each time: I'll have a check cut tonight and will have a tracking number for you tomorrow. Week after week after week.

At one point we initiated a call to their company and asked for Aaron Darby. The woman who answered the phone put us on hold then a few moments later came back on the line and asked if our call was regarding a check. When we told her it was, she gave us a tracking number. When we immediately called to track the shipment, the shipping company informed us that the tracking number was bogus.

Furious, we phoned Mr. Darby. When he was yet again unavailable to take our call we left a rather direct message. He did then return our call within an hour or so. He stated the tracking information was given to us in error and he would have a check cut immediately and send us the tracking information the following day.

We received NOTHING; no check, no tracking information, no update. We continued to call and weeks later we were told we would have to complete a form before their company would issue a refund. This was the first mention of any such requirement. The form required us to sign numerous promises that we would not harm, defame or bad-mouth the Chad Chiniquy Find, Fund and Flip Real Estate Investment Workshop in any way, shape or form in a multitude of terminology and formats, lest they would file suit.

Reluctantly, because we had not yet received our refund, we signed the form and returned it. Weeks again went by with no reply from anyone. We again called and called Aaron Darby and received the same treatment; he was in a meeting and not available to take our call. Finally, after we mentioned we were going to seek our own legal council Aaron returned our call and again...gave us the same LAME response: "I'll have a check cut tonight and have a tracking number for you tomorrow."

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