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Cerma Technology, Inc.

Country United States
State Alabama

Cerma Technology, Inc. Reviews

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  • Jan 28, 2019

I am warning you here and now! The company Cerma technology, selling the product called Cermax Stolen from a company called Cerma Organic in Texas, The original makers and rightful owners of the products. Also Safer medical inc, as both companies are owned by "George S. Ackerson" Who is 57 years old and been steeling other companies products for many years, then pushing the original companies to the breaking point with lies and treats to their clients, or turning them into some government agency in an effort to take over there market. Just read Below... as this is not George Ackersons First rodeo! And if you perform a search ie Google his name you will find things about this guy and his companies that I would not print here..

Has to do with inappropriate contact with children, this is why he was dishonorable;y discharged from the army. he will say different? Truth is truth .

Here is quote from the last companies owner that George Ackerson Destroyed.

"""Critical to the destruction of AO Labs in the United States was the coordinated involvement of my former associate, Kevin Trudeau -- of late-night informercial fame -- and George Ackerson, a former associate who bragged to associates about his role after my imprisonment. (Additionally, the DOJ prosecutor in my case, Larry Regan, identified George Ackerson to me in language so descriptive that his identity was unmistakable.)

George Sylvester Ackerson After my imprisonment in

September, 2003, Ackerson went about the business of setting up imitation Alpha Omega Labs companies with two of our former distributors -- first, in the form of

working with Toby McAdams to copy all of our materials; and then working with Jennifer Wilson of Drake, Australia, to copy our company name and all our materials. To this day, Jennifer Wilson produces Cansema with the same name, same material -- even the type style of Cansema (i.e. Cooper Black) is identical.

To help identify the source of the counterfeit materials she is producing with George Ackerson's aid."

George S. Ackerson

-- FDA informant who has worked with and supplied stolen material from AO to give to other entities -- including Jennifer Wilson and Toby McAdams. His primary residence is in Fort Benton, Montana."

This guy is a great con man Although never has Anything to backup his lie's , Now that the truth about this guy is coming to light, I hope his days of taking the work of others is over!

Be forwarmed! he is not who he says he is!

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