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CenturyLink Inc.

Country United States
State Louisiana
City Monroe
Address 100 Centurylink Dr

CenturyLink Inc. Reviews

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  • Sep 8, 2016

I want to start off by saying that these are my feelings and perceptions of what took place between me and Century Link. Century Link is the most dishonest, most unreliable, corrupt company that possesses people who appear to be trained to be deceptive and they use what appears to me to be bait and switch tactics in setting up contracts.

I called July 14,2016 to cancel my service because my bill was getting to large. I live on a limited income. I explained this to the young man I talked to and he talked me into trying a 30 day trial of Prism. He explained to me that if I didn’t like it for any reason I needed to call before the 30 days were up and I would not be charged. That was not true. I was charged a disconnect fee of $190.00.

I called on Aug. 1st and talked with Nikki to cancel the Prism, she asked me why and I explained that I live on a limited income and couldn’t afford the bill. So she said that she could help. So I agreed to listen, she talked me into retaining the phone and the internet. I explained again to this young lady my circumstances and she said could help me. So I listened further. She told me that I could have the internet and phone for $44.95 per month. She asked me if I wanted long distance and I told her “NO.” I asked her if there were any other charges that I needed to know about and she again told me “NO.” So I agreed. I asked her a couple of times if there were any other charges and she replied, “NO.” She confirmed that twice.

Subsequently, I received a bill for $121.00. So I called back and talked to Jamie, this was on Aug 8th at 10:25 AM. He began to argue with me and refused to listen to me so I requested to speak to a supervisor. So Alex got on the phone and this was at 11:15 Am. I again had to explain this entire story over again. He told me that he made some corrections in my bill and I was instructed to send in 72.12. So I did that day. He assured me that my bill would be corrected.

So now I am expecting to get a bill for the 44.95. On Sept. 6, 2016 I get a bill for $362.34. So I called back on the Sept 6, 2016 at 2 PM and I was on hold for over a half an hour. So I hung up and called back on the morning of the 7th at 8 AM. I got a hold of Darnel, he hung up on me. I immediately called back and I got Mat, this time at 8:13 AM he put me on hold and transferred me to Effrin, this was at 8:20 AM. I again had to go through my complete history. He refused to listen and kept repeating the same thing over and over again. Even though I told him I understood what he was saying, he refused her the issues I had. He didn’t care. It was as if he was reading script and he was deaf. He accused me of asking for long distance even though I told him I did not request it, in fact I told Nikki I didn’t want it. But I was still charged $3.50 for removing something I didn’t want in the first place. He accused me of being late on my bill which is a lie as well because I am NEVER late that is why I have the credit rating I have. They charged me a disconnect fee of $190.00 for disconnecting the trial Prism when I was told in the beginning I wouldn’t be. Then I was told that my $44.95 bill did in fact have other charges, which brought my bill up from $44.95 to $85.12. I wonder what kind of bill I will receive next month. This will be a very long year, because at the end of the year I will cancel my service and never go back these people are crooks. I was surprised that they do not belong to the BBB. I guess they have something to hide.

In my 66 I have never dealt with such a crooked company. I can’t afford to pay the disconnect fee of $200.00, so at the end of the year I will terminate this contract and in the mean time I will make sure to let everyone I can know the deceit that goes on to get business. The media is a wonderful place for this. I asked this kid “ are you saying that you people can put whatever you want on a bill and the customer is stuck with the charges?” He refused to answer, that tells me it is true.

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  • Feb 16, 2018

We have been disputing our account with Direct TV and Century Link now for the past two years. The latest of which took place on 2/1/2018 for which I paid over the phone a $400.00, a $230.00 and another $250.00 1/31/2018. On 1/22/2018 another $300.00 was made. On December 17, 2018 a payment of $150.00. October payment $203.00. In May 2017 I paid $74.00 because I was fed up. In April 2017 I paid $400.00. The list goes on and on......Told them no payment in Sept till they get my account figured out. August we moved in and first payment was dure but we were carrying over a balance of $700.00 from what they said were unreturned boxes for which I have receipts and have given them before. Also disputed charges for a Prism account for which I cancelled within the 30 trial. I have the cancellation # and name of fellow. I also called and told escellation dept to never put NFL Sunday ticket on our account for twhich they still have and have charged us for and we do not have the NFL. Also I did a promo pkg for 3 months. Called and called and called and cancelled 10/19/2017. Got the customer rep name. Asked to transfer to Direct TV. Told her to cancel. Then had to call back to make a payment of $203.00. All of these payments for which I have confirmation #'s for.

In June and July two payments were automatically withdrawn from our checking account without our consent. So fraudulently they withdrew $500.oo We didputed with our bank and Century Link and Direct TV. They refunded. and So did the Bank thus making a huge problem. We had been making payments up to that point with boht these companies prior to this so we are in fact totally and completely in disaray and they have caused us not only complete stress and loss of time and money but job loss as I have spent untold amount of hours on hols, hung up pn internet lines disconnected due to service interruption at no prior informing.

We have been literrally harrassed by these companies and mislead and frauded. They have gotton into our account even. I have clear doccumentation showing proof of payment. I have my shipping labels, names of all individuals i have spoke with and confirmation numbers. These are not just allegations. OUR CLAIMS ARE VALID CLAIMS OF ILLEGAL FRAUDULENT ACTIVITY BY A COMPANY THAT WHEN I WENT TO THEIR STORE TO TRY TO SET THE RECORD STRIAGHT AND CLAIMED I WAS RECORDING FOR QUALITY ASSURRANCE, THEY STATED THEY COULD NOT DO BUSSINESS WITH ME. AND, THEY DIDN'T HAVE A STORE THAT HANDLES "BUSINESS MATTERS PER SAY". JUST A STORE THAT SELLS.

I need not only this to air the internet but an attorney to help me with this. I have a valid case. I ave a reporter in my family. And two attorney's. Several attorney friends only they are criminal and medical malpractice attorney's. Please I am begging someone to call me. I have good documentation that is understandable.


  • Mar 17, 2017

I was a customer of Century Link after I looked up a link to check into this service. The person I called who signed me up was perhaps a third party subcontractor who charged me nearly $200 a month, but telling me I was only going to pay $79 a month. I was also told that this had no contract agreement, that I could cancel at any time. I called up century link to explain someone made a mistake in my billing, not realizing the scammers this group is. Once I told them that I record all my phone calls ( great app for that and it can save you for fraudulent promises over the phone.) they apologized and" corrected" the mistake. But a month later after checking my internet speeds I realized I was not getting the Internet speeds I was promised I decided to cancel further services. When I called to canceled they "reminded" me that I owed $200 cancellation fee. I reminded them that when I signed up they said there was no contract and no cancellation fee. I then told them I still have a voice record of my original agreement. They backed down immediately. So they were to send me a return mailing sticker to return my modem at no charge. It never came, so I called again and finally it was sent to me with the instructions to drop it off at a ups location. Since I live in a very rural area, I boxed it up and dropped it into a ups mail box by our local courthouse. 3 months later I get a bill from them for the modem. I called and complain that I sent it. They said they never received it and the first thing out of their mouth was where was my tracking number ( something I was never told to get) I'm sure after 3 months they were hoping I'd lost it even if I had it. I asked for information on the sticker they sent to me and refused to give me any information for me to try to track it. I asked to speak to a supervisor and he said they would initiate a search for the modem..but on that very day they attempted to push through the $106.25 charge on my account, but as luck for me would have it my bank gave us new debit card due to a hack of their files so the debit card thry had on file for me and attempted to charge was no longer viable. They continue to send me bills and make calls and I told them I do not intend to pay for it now or never since I returned the modem with their printed form which it never came back to me. I intend to call the states attorneys office, the FBI and post this everywhere on social media to get the word out about their scam, because it obvious by reading other ex subscribers experiences this is their usual method of operation of extortion money from their ex subscribers. Thank you "rip off report" for being here. It really explained how I had been conned by this mega corporation which you would never suspect using these underhanded tactics.

  • Oct 13, 2016

I ordered Centrury Link for Internet services on February 9th of this year. I had a long converation with the representative to let her know that I stream Hulu, Netflix, have grandchildren over who play games and wath TV and that I work from home. I was concerend that the 3mg provided for my are would not be enough. The rep told me "Oh, we have 3 mg at thome and we stream movies and play games all the dtime. You won't have a problem with this".

I have had nothign but problems since I had this service installed. Several times each day I have to reset the router because the internet goes down or we will be in the middle of a show and it begins to buffer for an eternity. I conduct webinars as part of my work on a weekly basis and on many occasions, my internt goes down leaving my guests on line waiting for me to restart and get back on the webinar. The service is just horrile!!

I have called in and spoken with tech support until I am blue in the face. They always do the same thing, ru a check on the lines, which does absolutely nothing to fix he problem. The real problem is that 3 mgs is simply not enough for me to operate the way I do in my h*e, yet I was lied to and conned into a contract for 1 year for services I am not receiving.

It is not O.K. for a consumer to be forced to pay for something they do not receive. I have no problem with paying for the service, if I am receiving it but who would knowing agree to pay for an idea of receiving services instead of the receivng he real thing.

I am not being allowed out of the contrct without paying an early termination fee of $250!! So I pay for full service every month and Centurylink delivers 1/2 of that service, (my internet is atually down more than 1/2 the time) and then when I say, you breached the contract and are not delivering what was promised. I want to end our agreement. I am told I must pay to end the agreement they failed to honor! On what planet is this considered to be good business?

  • Jul 30, 2016

I am a new customer for centry link when i went on line to centrylink web site i sign up .i payed my 50.00 depost and the web site said my frist bill would be 119.00 .then my normal payments .i sign up. then i get a call from centry link and they said it would be 1 week till i get hoke up ,then another week went bye.then i call ,centry link said the service man will be out ,no man ,week late man comes out, then there is no modem , i call centry link back .they said its in week went bey ,no modem ,i call again the lady said its in mail she can see it will be here tommorw i said ok, one week went by again, no modem, then i call back .a man aswers he said he can see whats wrong ,said he will ship over night , then ask if i want directv i said sure since he said my modem will be here the next day .i will try it. remaind you he didnot say anything abought two years cont, as i soon learn later, so the next day my modem comes . i had to hock it up to my computers myself.then i go on line to pay some on my bill . i payed 45.00 ,then i look and see my bill is 330.00 dollers whoooooo.where did this come from.i sign up fo .50.00 dollers down and 119.00 frist bill. this is what it tales you on the website when you sign up , so i call them again to find out way i allready have a bill and i just got huck up , its been a mounth for them to send modem .i get a bill for someting i dont have ,yyyyy. then the lady said i was getting charge for two modems .i ask way .i only got one sent to me and thats all i need not two. so she said i will check and then she said ill fix it ,my bill will be 108.00i said ok . then in three weeks i get a bill 287.89 wwhhhoooo where this come from ,so here we go i call again the man said he will fix it , 187.00 owed ,so where still is this coming from .i want every one to know this is on recording that centry link recording .centrylink records every thing ,,, so i say to this man if centry link records every thing then go back to the statr and here all thats been going on ,there is more then this to add but ill stop , please stop these pepol from doing this.

  • Jul 11, 2016

Around the end of June we started having problems with our DSL Internet service from Century Link. It seemed to lag and was taking longer to navigate most web sites and that was not an issue during the previous few months because we upgraded to 40 Mbps download speed. On 4th of July weekend, my guy checked the modem status at URL and saw the speed was now suddenly set at 25 Mbps by our provider. He then did an Internet Speed Check at and saw our speed was under 23 Mbps so he called tech support and asked what was going on. He was told that the lines were being worked on and the issue would be resolved by the 5th of July.

On July 8th, he again checked the speed listed on the modem status page and did another speed test and the results had not changed. He called tech support again and asked why we were now getting 23 Mbps instead of the 40 Mbps we were paying to receive. He explained to the tech that he used to install DSL and knew someone had altered our account's speed setting and it needed to be corrected now. The tech blustered all kinds of excuses about line repairs, etc. and then put him on hold to take the issue up with the department that has responsibility for setting and inputting the modem speeds.

The tech came back on the line and said that a repair tech would be out to check the lines on Sunday between 8 am and noon and this was free of charge unless he had to enter our apartment. She told him to restart his computer and put him on hold once again. Instead of restarting his pc he just sat and was watching the modem status. Amazingly, the speed was suddenly changed back to the 40 Mbsp again. The tech came back on the line still talking about line problems and repair tech appointments, so my guy told her the speed had just been reset. She denied that it was reset and was definitely not happy to hear he was watching as it was corrected.

She insisted on having our lines checked out by a tech so there would not be any further speed issues. On Sunday a repair truck showed up at 12:03 pm and we received a text saying our service had been repaired. Funny, it was never broken to begin with! It was just good old Century Link defrauding, deceiving, and outright lying to their customers in an attempt to sell more costly Internet speed and the necessary equipment needed to facilitate its use. Anyone using Century Link as an Internet provider would be wise to check their modem web page for their current speed and run an Internet Speed Check at least once per week to insure they are receiving their promised speed.

  • Jul 9, 2016

On june 10th 2016 I contacted Centurylink about moving and Kristen W chated with me stating if Centurylink service was unavailable at my new address then and early termination fee would be waived. I gave her my new address and then she stated that the fee is waived. I received billing from Centurylink on July 7 2016 stating I owed a early termination fee of $181.23. reduced from $200 for various ludicrous reasons.

I do not owe these harassing customer service personnel of Centurylink any money since they cannot continue service at my new address as agreed to by their customer service escalated team on June 10th 2016 in the chat with Kristen W. Please file this formal complaint that is most appropriate for this RIP OFF policies of their billing department.

Corporate address 100 CenturyLink Dr. Monroe, LA 71203

Billing address Centurylink P.O. Box 4300 Carol Stream, IL 60197-4300.

Centurylink is being notified to CEASE AND DESIST COMMUNICATION with me as well since this is a RIP OFF ACTION BY CENTURYLINK.

Repsonsible person in escalations department is Kristen W. for WAIVING the early termination fee since I cannot recieve service at my new address

  • Jul 9, 2016

I am Century Link customer for over 22 years - phone and internet.Over 3 year ago Century Link installed fiberoptic cable that provide speed of 1,5 MBT and higher (before due to distance issue the service was around 350KBT). During pass 3 years I was having sevice speed of 1,5MBT (with renewable one year promotion as value customer). THis year after the new promotis started I noticed that my internet was to slow and no longer can use Skype. Measuring the speed indicated actual speed of o.55MBT or less (during high traffic the speed goes down to 0.35MBT). Caling company tech suport I found that I was signed by someone in Century Link on service of 0.64MBT - without my request or knowledge. Tech suport told me that they continue to have 1.5MBT service in our area - even greater to up to 50 MBT with TV service. Customer service from other side told me that this service is available and try to sell me the more expensive plan.

Once I asked my service of 1.5 MBT DSL service to be restore, the game started

After several week back and forth finaly Century LInk customer service told me that the speed was decreased "due to technical problem in the area, but continue trying to sell me the higher speed + TV service.

Finaly with letter Century Link told me that I signed to package of phone and internet service (phone + DSL internet of 0.64MBT for almost same price as was for 1.5 MBT. NO information if/ when the internet service will be restored back to 1.5 MBT

Here is the cost:

Before for 1.5 MBT service my bill was $19 phone line and $22.95 (50% promotion from $ 44.95 for 1.5 MBT service ) + taxes

Century LInk new changes for my DSL service to 0.64 MBT with phone charges of $35 plus $7.95 for internet (bundle) - inlcuding voice mail and call ID/forwarding and etc, that I never requested - my answering machine was interupted by Century LInk and did not work for several days.

Brief look indicate that the quality of service for internet service is actualy 2.34 time slower with total cost little be greater from previous service.(NOTE - for the last 2 years the monthly bill were going up with average of $0.10 without explanation - such uncrease need to ne approved by UTAH Consumer protection Agency)

I cannot longer use internet efficiently (search and Skype providing me contact with my friend from abroad - the einternet frezes continuely due to the fact that Win 10 did not accept stand by time).

COnsidering the entire fiasco I belive that Century LInk intentionally decreased the internet speed to push us to buy more expensive service (during pass 3 years was no issue with 1.5 MBT service)

Century LInk continue refusing to tell when the speed will be restored. The store in MIdvale and tech support from other side indicate that the service of 1.5 MBT is available in my area, and customer service just need to order switch from 0.64 MBT to 1.5 MBT.

The entire way of pushing the customers to buy more expensive survice with decreasing the speed is unacceptable and wrong. In our are (the condominums above Hoogle Zoo) of the foothill the competition did not exist, which provides this monopoly techniques to be deploy (changing service without notice and behind the back)

Since Century Link customer service do not like to resp[ond to any of enquires, comntacting you is the only option - you may be able to help me and probably other customers to get back the 1.5MBT internet DLS service.

  • Jul 4, 2016

May of 2015 I decided to change my phone, internet and TV providers to a company that cost less than what I was currently paying. Unfortunately I had to "unbundle" my services since there was only one carrier in my area that offerred all three services. I chose to go with Centurylink for my phone and internet as I though they were cost effective (it was going to be $55.00 per month for phone and 10mbs internet) and seemed hungry enough to offer the kind of customer service that would make it worthwhile to put up with the challenges I anticipated going through a transition like thish.

And yes, there was a transition. I gave the information to Centurylink and my soon to be previous carrier to move (or "port") my phone number to Centurylink. As my due date came close I called Centurylink once a day to ensure that the order had been placed with the previous carrier to guarantee I wouldn't lose service on my phone. In the meantime I received my router, via overnight, which I questioned. Why would they send me a router via overnight mail, certainly the technician who is installing my service could carry the .05 lb router into my house, right? Well the day of the installation came, the tech came (with another router in hand) and all went well, until my phone didn't work. Why? Because Centurylink had never put in the order to have my phone number moved to them.

At this point, I have two routers, a test phone number and my real phone number being promised to me to be up and running in 5-7 business days. And within a week it was. Then came the real transition, I was charged $25.00 for the overnight of the router, I was charged $25.00 to expedite the move of my phone number, I was charged $7.00 late payment fee because in all of their delirious chargin frenzy they didn't get my bill out in time and by the time I had a chance to figure out what the heck I was being charged I was late, according to them.

I have to say, in the honeymoon period of our relationship, they were wonderful about the bill. They agreed I whouldn't be charged for the overnight/modem debaucle, the emergency port fee, they waived the rel port fee and the late payment. Phew!!

Then the next bill came and it was more of the same malarky. Half month charges prior to cutting over, full mnth charges that I had already paid for and full month charges in advance. I have worked for telecommunications companies for the whole of my adult life and I know the "charging you a month in advance" spiel. Verbatim. Exactly word for word, but not as a way to explain charges that happened prior to having service with you or for payments already received.

Again, I think we may have been in the waning stages of our honeymoon period as they credited me everything I argued about. And the next four months were wedded bliss. I was being charged $54.44 and I felt I got a great deal, and as such paid my bill on time like a good consumer should.

Then January, 2016 - the bill went up $10.00 (to be fair, $9.99 so $64.43) I noticed that my discount had gone from $47.00/mo to $40.00/mo but quite frankly, I put it on the back burner, I'd never been late with a payment and I had questions but it was a week after Christmas. I never DREAMED the nightmare that was yet to come. January bill was due 2/01

Come February, I get a bill for $143.86. Which $64.43 that I was late, plus a $14.00 late charge. So many things are wrong with this: The package discount was $40.00, not $47.00 which it had always been in the past. The late fee was $14.00 ($14.00 + 64.43 is $78.43 but...) but the bill showed $79.43 due, So I paid my past due January bill, my Feb bill was due 3/02.

It keeps going downhill from there, they continue to charge $15.00 for late fees that they claim are $14.00, my due date fluctuates from the 29th to the 2nd of any given month. In March they started charging $3.50 if you want to pay your bill online. I thought that's what companies want right? The last two times I called to throw myself on their mercy, they said what I expected since the time the started the $3.50 online charge is that they want everyone to AUTO-PAY and if I just would auto-pay all the reasons I had to dislike them would be taken care of.

But not really, I don't want to be subjected to AUTO-PAY when the bill is never due on the same date. I'll be honest here, I auto-pay my Amex Bill, my mortgage, my DISH bill and my VISA - I will not auto pay a bill when I don't know when the payment will be deducted. As well as not knowing when the price is going to change indiscriminate of the agreement we have.

So, what I've experienced was a total amatuer company doing installations, that since pumped up with AT&T/Direct TV blood don't care one iota about customer service or customer retention for Centurylink is definitely the lowest company on the AT&T DirectTV Totem pole. It saddens me that the people I originally dealt with that were so great with their customer service skills have either been replaced or been trained to treat customers like a neccessary evil.

I have not come into contact with one customer service rep since the initial installation that could give one rat's behind about the care of their customer.

  • Jun 30, 2016

My identity was comprimised thru my employerin January of 2014. After relocating for work I discovered two, so far two accounts were opened illegally in my name. One being Century Link. They allowed someone to open an account without any verification of who they were. There by trashing my credit report in the process. These companies should go to jail for this behavior. I made multiple attempts along with an ID fraud agency to get this straightened out. We we on the phone for 2 hours getting shuffled from person to person and finially getting disconnected with no resolve. I will be the first to sign on to a class action law suite when they finially do sue this disgraceful company.

  • Jun 25, 2016

We were told that we could suspend our cable and try the century link product without commitment for thirty days. We were told that they were offering dedicated fiber optic lines for faster and more secure internat, and all the current channels we were using for a cheaper price. It not only sounded too good to be true... It was. What we got, were hidden fees, slow internet through dsl because the fiber optic wasn't available in our area, and a picture that froze up every 5 seconds. We managed to keep the service for 8 days before demanding that everything be taken away. We fought to reverse service fees, we fought to stop service and argued about not having a contract agreement. When we finally sent all the equipment back, they sent us a bill for $1,000, claiming they never received it, even though our ups labels were tacked to their receiving were house. We fought some more and over the last 18 months have spoken with 3 collection agencies who have now turned our names and credit to mud. We've spend hours each time a bill is sent, having our calls redirected to several departments to be lied to and told that all is taken care of (only to receive another bill in the mail).

We want the harassment to stop. We would like our names and credit to stop being destroyed due to incompetence on their end. We would like others to know what a horrible product Century Link is selling under false sales pitches and the horrific customer service they provide.

  • Jun 18, 2016

On May 4, 2016 I received service from Century Link. The previous week I signed with a sales representative. I was told about the current promotions and accepted the services and arranged installation. The sales rep did not disclose that I would not be given the promotional discount for the first month of service. My charges averaged about $50.00 more than expected for the first month. Customer Service was called on June 17, 2016 to ask them why my bill was for $224.00\$163.53 was for television service. The customer service rep apologized several times for the sales representative not providing accurate information. I have never filed a complaint against a company but greatly feel I've been misled. I would cancel with Century Link, but was told it would cost me $440.00 to terminate the service.

  • Jun 17, 2016

I wanted to look around for a different internet provider because my move in 1 year special fell off and bill spiked over $30. I spoke with retention department and they guaranteed me internet for 2 years for $29 (after they tried pushing bundle packages on me and I declined). First bill I got after the change was exactly what I was expecting. Now the next 2 bills are almost $15 more than what I was told. I really examined my bill this time and I am getting charged $9.99 for [email protected] What the ****, I remember the rep telling me what this feature was and I declined and said NO to him 2-3 times. Now I am getting charged. Also I signed up to Automatic withdrawal for an extra savings, on my bill it says high speed internet w/o autopay. I still saved the email for signing up. Now I cannot understand why this company is still in business for doing this to there customers. I work for Verizon Wireless and Verizon is partnering with them for cenruty to give a tiny discount ($10, really). I am going to be talking to the right people at Verizon to drop CenturyLink. Do you think Verizon got its name for lying and cheating people out of money. I think not.

  • Jun 13, 2016

I started my prism tv services with Century link in mid January 2016. They was offering it to my area for the first time with some great offers that sounded too good to be true. Yes, I know.. it was too good to be true and I had to find out the hard way. I was told I would get all these bundles put together at a certain price per month and credits towards my 1st bill which did not happen. Every month I would call about their billing issue and would be stuck on the phone for 2hrs for it to be corrected w/ customer service, only to find out that the next months bill did not reflect the change. I have so many change orders, credits and screenshots of my calls every month that I made a call to them. The worst part of it all is if I walked into a century link store locally, they said they cant help me. They do not handle billing only sales to their ripoff cable services. Not only did I have billing issues, but I had signal losses on my cable daily.

I had at least 6-7 technicians come out to my home trying to figure it out with no success. Obviously their wireless boxes and equipment was not up to par for their cable services. Sadly, after a week after Prismtv services I had with them.. I referred a friend and he too had the same issues as me when his first bill arrived. I was promised a referral credit for referring him and I never received it after their required 60-90 days. I had to call and fight for it. I was referred to a third party for century link through email, which I have proof of whom I had to keep emailing for months wondering where was my credit or gift card. Till this day, June 12, 2016, I did not receive it. I also was supposed to get a $25 gift card for being a new customer and I too did not get it till this day.

While I made these phone calls to century link they admitted to billing issues and wrong quotes at start up and mentioned a company or billing dept. was being merged, but could not promise me the price I agreed to in January under contract. They expected me to deal with it and keep paying higher bills till they corrected it. I had to fight to have them waive the cancellation fee and contract which they agreed, but I will have to see next months bill to confirm if they did what they said. All these months I couldn't even cancel services with them because they never got one bill correct. How do I cancel if the bills they keep sending me is wrong and credits from last month not applied?? This is ridiculous. I am going to reach out to our news outlet here in Utah, check BBB and continue awareness of this deceptive practices they are doing... social media will be my starting point. I seriously hope others don't fall victim to their lies, but I believe if you are reading this... you may have become a victim already. If not Please DO NOT use Century link. They have the worst customer service I ever seen.

  • Jun 9, 2016

In April I discovered that centurylink was over charging me for phone service. I cancelled my phone and yet they still charged me for the following 2 months, I got pissed off so I cancelled everything with them and went to direct tv for their bundle deal, wellas luck would have it they use centurylink for their internet sevcies, kill me now. So I changed my package deal and centurylink was billing for me 2 different internet services for those 2 months plus phone and dish tv which was all cancelled in april. Well last month a guy named larry from centurylink called me and we got it all straighten out so i thought, Get my june bill from centurylink which should have been for 34.95 plus tax is now 64.97, I've written centurylinks customer service people twice this week already and there still saying I owe the 64.97, they say its my first bill and theres service charges, I said what service charges I already had your internet and was still contected to it so why would there be a service charge if they did nothing ? I wrote them 1 last letter today telling them they better straighten this out in the next few days or I wasn't paying the bill until it was. To d them to have this larry guy who I talked to last month call me at my home number so now I"m waiting for something to happen. When I move here to nebraska they only had embarq as a phone company, Got there package deal which was suppose to never go up in rates as long as I kept the service which I did, centurylink bought embarq out i guess in 2008 and I never even noticed it but my bill was getting higher and higher every month. See with embarq my internet was 24.95 a month my phone which included local and long distance was 24.99 a month and then my dish part of the bill, well nothing was suppose to ever go up as long as i kept the service and as soon as centruylink took over all that went out the window, My bill in april the phone alone was like 60.00 thats what lead to the rest lol. I called centurylink and ask them why they aren't honoring the contract I had with embarw and they told me that even though they bought embarq they didn't have access to there paper work and contracts, what bs, if you bought them out you should have gotten everything. Neddless to say I've done nothing but get screwed over by centruylink, you can't call them cause all you get is automated messages...................... Screw you centurylink..........

  • Apr 30, 2016

On 4/27/16, I called CenturyLink to order internet service. I asked to have a technician install the modem. An appointment was scheduled for 4/29/16 between 8 and 5. I received a confirmation email confiming the installation and also a record of my bill which showed a technician installation fee of $59.99. No one showed up today so I called customer service. The person answering the call was abrupt and rude. She told me her records show that I was scheduled for a remote install on 5/3/16. I told her I received an email to confim everything and she said nothing. I then asked for a supervisor. She told me that my order had not been modified in their system and she did not know why I received the email---even asked me if the email was from CenturyLink. I was so upset as I had canceled appointments and missed classes(which cost me money!!!!) I canceled our order and will do my best to discourage others from doing business with this company

  • Apr 18, 2016

MODEM SCAM! I was reported to a collection agency for a modem that I have returned via UPS. A couple of such incidents could be passed as an error; but after a search online, there are hundreds if not thousands of customers who are victims of the same fraud. I returned the modem a year ago via UPS and I just found out that CenturyLink charged me and put me in collections last week when I received a notice from AFNI, a collection agency. They have all my contact information but did not even call me prior to notify me while UPS could have still tracked the package. After spending hours on the phone, Centurylink's representatives are saying that they have not received the modem, cannot do anything about it, and that it is my responsibility. I obtaining the tracking number from a more cooperative Centurylink rep and callied UPS. The customer rep informed me that they only keep the numbers in their system for 6 months and they have no way of checking it anymore. She also mentioned that it was not the first call they had received regarding this problem with Centurylink. Fraudulent and incompetent company preying on their customers? It looks like it. Is this a way to recover their cost on leased modems? I wrote on their facebook page but they removed my post. I am about to to file a complaint to the Attorney General of my state.

  • Apr 2, 2016

I am an employe with copss, she treats her employees bad and always makes excuses to not pay them right on there payroll checks, she is dishonest with her customers. Pam has her patrol officers skip certain stops on patrol routs to save time - this is what they call ghosting. The customer in not getting what they payed for. She is not showing good bussiness ehtics, she lies to customers and her employees all the time. Very un trusworthy!!

  • Mar 31, 2016

After two years of being a customer I called to ask the to cancel the service. The reason was that I could not afford to pay what the want it to charge me. The lady sounded like she was going out of her way to help me. She said " do not worry I can give you a discount" and she did. The amoung was what I was able to afford.

A couple of months later I tried to pay my bill and I was told that I had to pay $3.50 extra. I explained that I had been paying the same way for over two year and that I could not afford to pay any more. They told me that everybody was been charge that amount and everybody was paying it. So, I told them to cancel the service and they did. However, this week I received a bill carging me for "penalty for early termination of a contrat"

I called to request those charge be remove from my bill and they still insist that I had a contrat. They are also charging me for telephone service which I never had. This company it is abusing the old people with fix income. The say that they are going to help anf what they really do is screw you.

  • Mar 5, 2016

This was on the Internet .. 40 Megs for $ 29.95 a month. I called and the rep (who is no longer with them of course), said that is right. I had to commit for a year. I had to rent their modem only.

I accepted their offer. I gave them the billing address and two email addresses for billing. I received no bill .. Ever .. I called them after 30 days. They said new accounts take time. I checked the speed. 17 megs .. Hmm .. Called them .. On hold 27 minutes .. Rep states speeds up to 40 megs .. Never saw or heard such nonsense..

After 40 days, they shut off the services. Still no bill .. Over 100 dollars to reinstate. I asked for a breakdown. They said all they had was total. Wow, something smells. Paid the $100.00+ dollars and Internet was back on next day. Still, no bill.

After another 2 weeks, no bill. Called them back. They said they have no billing address. Gave them addresses once again and asked them to read back to me. Confirmed. Two more weeks went by. Internet shut off again.

I called and finally spoke with a rep in Idaho. She explained all charges. She also said only way to get $ 29.95 is to price is to allow company access to bank account so they can take money out of acct otherwise $ 39.95 a month .. First time I was was told that. Also told that was being charged for Internet protection (9.95 a month) .. Wow .. Still no bill at time of this writing. How this company is allowed to operate in the US is beyond me.

I called them (Customer Service), and told them I am sending back the modem and they will not get another dime from me until they honor what I committed to originally. Do not use this company. They are very dishonest!

  • Jan 25, 2016

RE: Never used CenturyLink's service for a single day, but continue getting bills. This billing fraud needs to stop.

I have always been a Comcast Internet Service Customer for 10 years.

Months ago, after I got CenturyLink’s flyer in mail from with a lower price, I called and showed interest in tis internet service. The representative opened an account (account # 449115393) via phone and made an appointment saying “a representative will come to house for free installation with a free modem.”

However, nobody showed up on the day. When I called back, another representative said “no free modem and no free installation. You will have to buy a modem and install yourself which is quite easy. I said “give me some time if I can find a modem”. About 1-2 weeks later, I called back and decided to not go with CenturyLink.

Surprisingly I got a bill a month later with modem and installation charge more than $200, which never happened. I called the customer service immediately and a representative said “your account is closed and no charge”

However a month later, another monthly bill came in with new charge and later fee. I called in again and representative said the bill was wrong and the account was cancelled.

Yesterday another monthly bill came in with new charge and late fee about $300-400 changes.

CenturyLink never installed anything, I never used CenturyLink service for a single day. The monthly bills are very harassing. This billing fraud needs to stop.

  • Dec 18, 2015


I’m a long-time CenturyLink customer with multiple residential AND business accounts/lines. I also use CenturyLink for internet access and to get my DirectTV. So I pay CenturyLink quite a bit each month.

Recently, CenturyLink sold me the new 1-Gig high-speed internet service. It isn’t cheap, but 1-Gig/second might be worth the price. Yet such speeds can be hard to achieve, and CenturyLink is clear about this in its related technical materials and High Speed Internet Subscriber Agreement. So I was hesitant to buy. But the sales agent said, "I can actually have you put down to try that service for 30 days after it is installed risk-free at no obligation to you to keep it…" This is quoted directly from my full transcript of the order, which was done via CenturyLink’s chat service. Based on this assurance, I agreed to the “risk-free” trial.

The actual upload speed for me was only about 20 Meg/second and I couldn’t fix the problem after discussing the issue with the installation technician, nor after slogging through CenturyLink’s various trouble-shooting suggestions.

When I noticed that I was billed around $225 for the “risk-free” / “no obligation” trial, I emailed CenturyLink on the 29th day after installation and directed them to cancel the 1-Gig service/trial. To this day I’ve received no reply. So on the 30th day after installation, I spent 4 hours in chat/IM and on the phone with CenturyLink whereby they were finally able to cancel the 1-Gig plan/trial and place an order to restore my prior speed.

Here’s the most frustrating and horrible part of this consumer experience: Ultimately, CenturyLink is refusing to remove the $225 of fees for the “risk-free” / “no obligation” trial, and has threatened to send my account to collections if I don’t pay!

CenturyLink’s agents and supervisors gave me various explanations, which all seem to be based on irrelevant/invalid semantics. Here are the explanations I can remember:

CenturyLink said that the 30-day risk-free trial is only good if the customer cancels ALL of his CenturyLink services. But this was absolutely not clearly represented to me when agreeing to the order, nor does it fit with the context of the order for a trial to “try” an optional service upgrade. [I mean, why would anyone do a trial of a new optional service upgrade if unsatisfactory results meant that ALL services would need to be cancelled? Also noteworthy is that the associated High Speed Internet Subscriber Agreement defines “service” to mean “the specific service being described”.]

CenturyLink was ready and willing to cancel ALL of my service, but nonetheless still intended to collect the $225 for the “risk-free” trial.

The CenturyLink agent did not allow my 29th day email to be considered because she said it was lodged on the 30th day. [But this is irrelevant because it’s still within the 30-day trial]. She also rejected the email notification because she said that service changes can’t be made via email.

CenturyLink is disqualifying me from the “risk-free” trial benefits because CenturyLink asserts that my chat and telephone requests for cancellation request were lodged on the 31st day after service installation, even though they were actually lodged on the 30th day [still within the 30-day trial].

CenturyLink said that they could “do a lot more for me” if I had called them before the 30th day and that I should have cancelled the service sooner.

The CenturyLink agent and her supervisors said “risk-free” just means that I’m under no contractual obligation to keep the service.

When I asked for CenturyLink’s formal written definition of “risk-free”, no one was able to provide such a definition. Instead, the agent said that CenturyLink decides the meaning of “risk-free” via her as the service agent, and via her supervisors.

I’m just a regular guy and certainly no match for the power, strength, and legal counsel of a juggernaut like CenturyLink. But as far as I can see, CenturyLink doesn’t seem to be abiding by its apparent misrepresentations sold to me during the ordering process, nor in the related High Speed Internet Subscriber Agreement.

On top of this, a similar misrepresentation happened previously when CenturyLink promised us that DirectTV’s $200 Visa gift card offer was good when adding DirectTV through CenturyLink. But later CenturyLink reneged on that too. My wife was depending on that for groceries.

So in total I’ve lost $425 through my recent experiences with CenturyLink.

  • Dec 8, 2015

Have had CenturyLink for 9 months. This is for our second home, so we always pay in advance.

Their Prism TV never worked properly. Gave up on it after 8 months.

Their internet service is intermitant. Works today and not tomorrow, etc.

When you have an outage, it takes an average of 30 to 45 minutes on hold to reach customer service. Their online support chat hasn't worked in weeks.

Tech came out last week to fix internet. He replace modem and it worked for about a day. Went out again. Waited 4 days for tech to show up for scheduled appointment and they never showed up. My wife waited at home all day.

Responses are scripted. And even though you are calling and complaining about their service and products, they lunge right into a sales pitch to try and upgrade you or sell you an affiliate service such as Verizon. Wow, that is just crazy. When I told the lady I didn't want to hear the sales pitch, she said she was required to read it.

I told her I wasn't required to listen and I hung up.

We officially gave up on them today 12/7/2015. Cancelled service and went with a competitor.

Hope their CEO, Mr. Glen F. Post, reads this. If this company doesn't correct the err of its ways, it won't be around much longer.

  • Nov 25, 2015

My mother passed away in march of 2015. Her service was disconnected and a few months later i moved into her house and tried to turn service on in my name. I was told since my last name is the same i had to pay my mothers bill before i could turn my own service on. I was told i was responsible for my mothers outstanding bill. They were very rude and told me i will have a fraud alert put on my address until her bill is paid.

  • Nov 20, 2015

We were lied to about a package with DirectTV through CenturyLink being 55.00 total a month. I was paying 65.00 before I was deceived into purchasing the new package and I was perfectly happy with the services as well, but 55.00 dollars sounded like an awesome deal. I knew it sounded to good to be true so I made sure to ask several questions to make sure my bill was only going to be 55.00 a month. Sure enough, just like I anticipated... our bill 4 months later is 120.00. It's a ritual that every time we receive a bill we have to call CenturyLink, becease once again... the bill is incorrect. In the past 5 months, we have spent approximately 10 hours on the phone with CenturyLink and our issue is still unresolved.

I filed a claim with the BBB and received a call back from Robert. He was nice at first, but then he began to get rude and decided to tell me that I was exaggerating and looked at the bill wrong. There was no exaggerating! CenturyLink has the capability to review all of our phone conversations dating back to 5 months and continually refuses! He credited us $100 (so he says), but that does not resolve our issue. Our bill will still come next month and be back to $120.00 and the following 19 months as well.

Every time I call CenturyLink all the employees are super quick to switch us to DirectTV...without notifying us that they are doing so. The issue is not with DirectTV. The issue is with CenturyLink as they are the ones who bold-face lied to us. They are the ones who tricked us into getting DirectTV when I could have cared less for it in the first place. We have DirectTV THROUGH CenturyLink, therefore, CenturyLink needs to resolve our issue! DirectTV's customer service is great by the way and they have helped us as much as they can... CenturyLink is the COMPLETE opposite.

I will continue to file claims until this issue gets resolved (by resolved I mean canceling our 2 year contract with CenturyLink and DirectTV). The contract should be voided as we were lied to and that is NOT what I signed up for.

  • Nov 16, 2015

Centurylink promission i'll get a $100.00 visa card but they havn't deliver it they are full of bull they said it takes 4 to 8 weeks to mail it which i know it is a lie here goes my thanksgiving this year for my family because of two companies running a scam and christmast this year comcast and centurylink like destorying peoples holidays.

  • Nov 6, 2015

I dropped our home telephone service with Centurylink and retained them as our ISP. I get a letter 2 weeks later stating that I signed up for [email protected] Confused, I researched it and found out that this service costs $9.99 per month. Huh? I NEVER authirized this and called to cancel. The letter stating that I added this serivce Does NOT list the cost - it is very low handed and purposely confusing. Unsuspecting consumers will think that this notice is a general part of the internet serivce. With no costs listed, many will not even think about it.

I am filing a complaint with my BBB.

  • Oct 30, 2015

I am filing a complaint with the BBC, and the FCC. I can not fathom what to write here because I have been dealing with major issues with Century Link. My boyfriend and I moved over to Prineville in May to help his elderly parents. At that time they had Century Link, Basic Ph. I needed internet for my job. We contacted Century Link in May and added internet at the price that is being advertised at $19.95 for hs internet. It has been a nightmare to say the least ever since My bf mom received a call in July from a 3rd party company called clear rate. They offered a cheaper phone and internet service. She went ahead and said ok, she suffers from dementia. I lost my internet and contacted Century Link. They said a 3rd party bought the account...I was dumbfounded so after being on the phone with them for 4hrs we finally got the company's name. I put a lock on the account. His parents were charged a disconnect fee for the lovely price of $199. they were also charged a recconnect fee of $200. Clear rate was quite understanding and after listening to the phone call with mom they decided to credit us, no problem Century link OMG so since July we have been receiving bills in the tune of $220 to $228. Just for phone and internet!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? so in August I called they said since my bf parents were loyal customers they would take off the hidden fee of $132. That is the only credit....I can't tell you how frustrating this service has been. I have been hung up on and treated very rudely. I did finally get after day three a very nice customer service agent who was willing to help us get our service back and running again. FINALLY, but like I said we are gettng charged that much a month. It gets better: In September I started checking around for cheaper services. I signed up for our local service which is a bundle of TV/Internet/Phone. The price is $135.

Our transfer occured on OCT. 6th, 2015. What transpired since then is mind blowing. Century link sent out a service technician who was extremely rude, would not give me his card, and just rude. It was suspicous to say the least; I called Century Link to find out what was going on. They "illegally" took back the phone was I was told. No one on our end in October wanted Century Link or ordered, as far as we knew we were done with these crooks! But nope...they issued the parents a new phone number, and charged yet again another disconnect fee and a recconect fee...I am filing a report with FCC after talking to our local service provider. I took my century link down to the local provider and they couldn't believe it and advised me to file a report with BBC and the FCC.

The last day I was on the phone with C. L. I was told there were no notes regarding the $132 credit. Which these are listed on the bill as other charges....FOR WHAT? do they know the parents are elderly? anyway the gentlemen that I was on the phone with couldn't figure the account out. I was on the phone an hour and a half he finally transferred me to a different dept where I was told we would get a charge for a disconnect and reconnect fee AGAIN! Are you kidding me!!? when they illegally came out to the property. Illegally assigned a new number, and Illegally put charges on these elderly folks bill. I can't imagine what criminal acts they do to people who are elderly and who don't have anyone to look over their bills..I am not done yet! DO NOT GET CENTURY LINK!!

  • Oct 9, 2015

When I first moved to Phoenix in June 2015 I was shopping for Internet service. I called Cox and CenturyLink, since these were my only options in the area, and started finding out about the different service levels offered. I settled on CenturyLink as the prices seemed better for the level of service provided.

I called and started the account creation process, and told the person on the line that I didn't need their hardware, as I would purchase my own when I started with CenturyLink. At no point did I sign any contracts with CenturyLink.

After that call, I did some research independently on the real-world performance of CenturyLink and Cox in Phoenix specifically, and it looked like Cox came out better. Further, I read horror stories about people working with CenturyLink, and the nightmares of dealing with their customer service. I decided to go ahead with Cox instead. I called back to CenturyLink and asked to cancel the order that I had made the previous day. I was told that no order had ever been placed in the system, and so not to worry about it.

A week or two later, after I had moved into my new home, I received a "welcome" package from the company. I called again to ask why this had been sent, and was told that the account had been created after all, and was never cancelled, but that I was still within the 30 day cancellation grace period, so they would cancel the account for me. I was relieved, and agreed to this. I asked if there was anything else that I needed to do, and was told "no - you didn't order a modem, and we're just cancelling within 30 days". Everything was done. I never opened the package, but held on to it just in case.

From that date until today, I had no further contact from CenturyLink - no phone calls, no emails, no letters, and assumed that all was well. On Monday of this week, I received a letter from a collections company called Central Credit Services LLC demanding a payment of $143.23 for CenturyLink - on an account that doesn't exist, for services I never received, and for billing that was never communicated to me.

I am absolutely aghast. Is this is CenturyLink's standard operating procedure? CenturyLink has acted in extremely bad faith throughout this entire process.

I contacted their collections agency, and was informed that the package that I had received was in fact a modem - despite CenturyLink's representative telling me that I did not order a modem. The collections person told me that "if I had opened it" I would have seen the policy was that I had to return it within 30 days. Well, I hadn't opened it. Am I supposed to be psychic? I opened it and discovered that sure enough there was a modem inside. In order to avoid this account appearing on my credit report, I paid it with the collections company - though I do not admit that this payment was in any way authorized. The collections agent informed me that my other option was to wait 9 months until the account reverted to CenturyLink so that I could deal with them directly again - which was insane. I wasn't about to wait 9 months so that this could sit ruining my credit.

The collections agent informed me that CenturyLink's policy was that I had to return the equipment within 30 days of cancelling, or they considered that I owned it.

I don't want it. I don't need it. I didn't think I had it. I was told by CenturyLink's representative that I didn't have it. And yet, somehow they have found a way to charge me $150 for not doing business with them.

The behavior I saw was underhanded, shady, and unhelpful. If they had sent me a bill - or told me they needed me to return the modem, I'd have paid the bill and returned the modem. They didn't.

  • Oct 5, 2015

We awoke one Monday morning with no landline telephone service, and no internet service. I used a cell phone (Verizon) to call CenturyLink to see if their outage was going to last a long time. I was told that I had requested that my service be transferred to Sprint. "Whaaaa? No I didn't. I have never spoken to Sprint". By that afternoon Sprint had transferred the number to a cell phone in Fla. (We live in Nevada) Why would anyone want a 702 area code in Florida?. I tried for a week to get my number back, but could not, and had to get a new number. Do you realize how many people you have to call to inform them of your new number?

Doctors, Lawyers, Insurance companies, Hospitals, Friends...the list goes on and on. No sympathy from CenturyLink, by the way. They charged me $500 to re-install the new number!! I contacted the FCC, the FTC, the Nevada Public Utilities Corp. as well as the fraud department at CenturyLink. I had wasted 2 weeks dealing with what they laughingly called their "customer care" Pakistan and India. What a pain. So, 3 weeks later, and $500 poorer, I figured that was that. WRONG! LifeLock called me.

"Did you open a new Citibank Credit Card, and charge $49,500 on it at a jewlery store in Florida?" "Ahhh, no. Why?" Thank God for Lifelock! They charge me $9 a month to monitor all my credit cards, etc. I've had them for years, and really thought it was a wste of money. WRONG! Worth every penny! Now let me ask a question: shouldn't a telecommunications company be required to contact a customer before dropping or transferring the service? CenturyLink basically told me to get lost. "It was all electronicly done, and no human was involved in the transfer." They never contacted me in any way.

However, I get weekly emails from CentruyLink trying to sell new services, Directv, etc. Why couldn't they send an email asking me if I was REALLY moving my service? My fraud charges are now well over $100,000, which, thankfully, I'm not obligated to pay. I think CenturyLink should reimburse the banks who were defrauded! What do you think? Oh, one other thing: try to find a mailing address for CenturyLink, other than the place where you send in your bill. It is impossible to find. They are invisible....and arrogant. I'd go to AT&T or Verizon for a land line, if I could, but the FCC has blocked both companies in Nevada. I think Harry Reid owns part of CenturyLink! (you think I'm kidding, but I'm not) Hate 'em? Oh yeah!

  • Oct 5, 2015

Ordered phone and internet only from Centurylink on internet. was told price of 61.50 on a special. Got first bill of 350 360.55 had on back of bill 288.53 for other charges. Looks like Im being billed for tv intrnet and phone. No way could or should have bill been so High. Every call gets a nasty person with insulting reactions. Last person took off 30.00 fro double in stall fee lowing it to 315.28 still a large ripoff. What can I do about this? Need help please.

  • Sep 9, 2015

Forhere is mafia like hold on the internet providers in our area. I could only choose from either Comcast or Century Link. After paying for Comcast for 3 years, I decided to give CenturyLink a try, mostly due to their claims of giving great customer service. What a mistake! Ever since transferring to them I have had problem after problem. My first bill is nothing like what the Service representative quoted me. Anytime I call with a issue, I am put on hold for up to an hour. The service representatives are usually inexperienced and after speaking with a supervisor today I would say that customer service is their last concern. I wanted to cancel my service, but found out that I am 6 days past the allowed Time of 30 days. Of course they would not consider that it was a long weekend. I told them I have had a terrible experience from the beginning, and that I am sure they can make an exception, but the service manager told me he did not consider my complaint legitimate. I will bide my time, but in the meantime, I will be sure to let everyone know do not switch to Century Link! It is more worthwhile to pay more money with Comcast or any competitor than to be treated the way they treat their customers.

  • Aug 27, 2015

Susan sounded like the perfect sales rep. Great warmup,upfront and covered everything.The problem came when I recieved my confirmation bill with Direct Tv at $69 per month and I was told that century link and DTV were 74 plus tax combined. Not only was I lied to, but it was disheartening as she sounded like somoeone who cared. My total with CL is 49.92 plus tax and with DTV 68 plus tax. Basically the sames as I pay now with my current company.Note to Sales leader of Susan from the sale dated on 8-26-2015 at approx 1:30 in the afternoon , please review the dishonesty that was supposedly recorded....

Obviousely, I canceled right away but kept DTV. I'm considering calling them to make sure century link doesnt recieve any credit for this aquisition as it's a poor example of business. She even said her favorite team was the Broncos in her awesome snaky warmup.

  • Aug 20, 2015

I recently changed my Internet services 3 months ago from Giant Communication over to Century Link because it was supposed to be cheaper in a bundle with a phone line along with Direct TV. I had Direct TV at the tme so the phone customer service rep supposedly hooked me up with a great deal for approximately $60ish with fees and no start up fees for a new customer. I was also told that I would only be paying one consolidated bill from now on and I would not have to worry about multiple bills due to them bundling things together for me so I thought that was great and signed up.

Well I recieved a disconnect notice in the mail from Century Link yesterday and this is the first bill I have ever received from them and this bill is a wopping $482.68 past due with a total bill of $625.86 just for the phone line and Internet services. Mind you I pay my Direct TV bill every month from my checking account credit card so I assumed everything was billed with Direct TV like I was told by the sales rep from Century Link since my Direct TV bill seemed to jump up in price. The bill I received is not itemized or anything, it just has a past due amount to pay the disconnect date.

So I went to the Centur Link website and started a chat session with someone and he said I am dilenquent on my bill and would not give me a staright answer on what I owe and then said there was an installation fee and my bill was set at $95 a month, he would not give me the amount of the installation fee after I told him that I was told the fee was waved for a first time customer. I told the rep this was not the agreement that I had over the phone with them or I never would have went to a higher bill since the reason wanted to switch was to lower my previous $79 dollar Internet bill. I also replied that this was B.S. and he said he could not chat with me anymore because I used vulgar language, I only type the abbreviation of B.S.

Can anyone help me with this on the legal level becaus eI do not want to get stuck with a false service agreement and a gigantic bill?

  • Aug 11, 2015

I had qwest/ century link for 4 years at my last address, 3 years at the address before that. I was not in a contract

I paid my final bill when I moved from WA to Florida, returned my equipment, even received a refund check. Then TODAY 2 years..... 2 YEARS LATER. I GET A NOTICE from a collection from a collection agency stating that I owe these D-Bags 200.00 for cancelling something I wasn't in. I've been on hold for the past 40 minutes trying to reach a "rep"

~former customer~

PS do not EVER DO business with this company!!!! 2 years later.... they had my address to send me the reurn box to send their equipment back, cause it had to come with me in thye move. so IT

and I just got transferred AGAIN!

"i'm sorry i can't access that info. but we sure can bill you for it"

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