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CenturyLink, Inc.

Country United States
State Louisiana
City Monroe
Address 100 CenturyLink Dr.
Phone 318-388-9000

CenturyLink, Inc. Reviews

  • Oct 15, 2020

Jon Paul Franco called me in May and told me that CentryLink has updated Fiber network, If I transfer, my month bill will not more but less than current DSL. I said "No" becasue I do not like change. He said If I do not change now, the DSL will be fate out in the near future, then I have to change any way. Also He said I even waive your $99 installation fee, you should make the upgrade.

I finally agreed, and they installed, but we never received fiber speed, we make weeks phone calls, eventually, we were settled for the same speed as DSL before. The worset thing is that I just find out they are charge me double service, DSL and Fiber, it was not upgrade as they claimed, but it is an addition. As I always do auto pay, did not notice I was charged $500 per month just for 2 phone line and Internet.

This is totally rip off, and scam!

Hope this huge company correct their mistake if it is! But I believe the sale man is just want to make the sell, and cheating the client.

Be careful.

I am waiting for the centryLink to solve this issue for me. also alert comsumer be careful for CentryLink Fiber department. I believe they are different company, but do the business together, the Contrylink receive the benifit by giving their name away.

Shelly Hu

  • Oct 10, 2020

We relocated to our FL home in late 2018 from the Seattle area. Since that time we have been unable to establish functional internet or phone service at our address via Centurylink (the only landline provider here). After contacting the company repeatedly over months, we finally filed complaints with the FTC and BBB. They both were kind enough to reply and bring a response from Centurylink. We terminated all services with the company in September and thought that things were resolved. We are now receiving duplicate bills from a collection agency, AFNI, in Bloomington, IL!

We have re-initiated contact with the FTC and BBB and sent a protest letter to AFNI re: the fraudulent billing.

We shall see! Bottom line: avoid Centurylink. Online research indicates that they have systemic issues with poor service, fraudulent billing, and shady sales techniques.

  • Aug 22, 2020

I bundled with centrylink and Direct tv for Internet and tv service when I moved to Bailey in september 2019. When I signed up for the bundle I was told my bill would be about $98.43. + tax. I over looked a payment and was late with that payment. I did pay it in full in December 2019. I have proof of all payments made to centry link because that is who sent me the bill. I continued to get cancleation notices do to non payment. when I call centry link because that is where my bill comes form they explained that direct tv bills centry link and centry link pays direct tv what they ask for then send me the bill.

Every month I was calling asking why I was getting another disconect notice. Every time centrylink would blame direct tv for the fees. When I call direct tv they say it was because full payment was not made. I made that full payment 3 times. from December 2019 to April 2020 I payed 1,166.54 to centry link for the bills I was told I owed. By my calulations 98+ tax should be closer to $500 not $1,000. I decided to cancle diect tv march 2020.

I payed the early termination fee of 280.00 and returned there equipement the very next day. I thought I was done with Direct tv and know I get a notice that they sent me to collections and want $360 more . I do not owe them. I was sent a email about a law suit against direct tv but decided I was done with them and did not want to deal with it. Now that I got this letter I want in on this law suit I done being ripped off by direct tv. please help me. Thank you

  • Apr 15, 2020

I had TV service with Centurylink a couple of years ago. When I decided to cancel my service, I paid my account off, and returned the equipment using the label and packing they sent me.

When I went to the UPS Store to drop off the package, the clerk told me to hang on to my receipt because Centurylink is notorious for claiming that they didn't get their equipment, and sending accounts to collections.

I kept the receipt in a safe place for over a year. After that time, and after hearing NOTHING from Centurylink (no calls, no emails, no mail) for over a year I was confident that everything was okay.

This week I began receiving notifications from a collection agency claiming that I had never paid my final bill to Centurylink. If Centurylink really had believed that I owed them, they would have tried contacting me before selling the account to collections. It is my honest beliefe, based on my experience that they delay their collection efforts hoping that people will not have the documentation to fight them.

I have seen similar posts on this site. I am beyond frustrated. It seems l like Centurylink has an SOP in place to do this as a profit center and it is disgusting. Look how many similar posts there are on this site! Their timing is great too - right in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. Nice work Centurylink.

I wish someone would pull together a class action and make these guys pay. This behavior is criminal. This is nothing more than a shake-down by an unscrupulous company who knows EXACTLY what they are doing.

  • Jul 4, 2019

Centurylink is my internet provider & the only one in my area. I am on auto billing; which means they draft the fee from my bank account every month. I am on my 3rd billing cycle with them. On both the 1st & 2nd billing cycle they attempted to charge me $106.49 over what my bill is.

This can be defined as fraud, larceny, deception, graft or scam & one can only imagine how many people that don’t monitor their bank accounts are being ripped off.

  • Dec 5, 2018

I had Centurylink internet for just over a year and it was slow and went down often, so after my one year contract was over I cancelled. The rep at the time tried to save my business but I told her I wasn't interested and that I wanted to cancel service. She did so and informed me that I would get one more bill which would be my final one for service up to that date. Okay, fine, I get it. The "final" bill came for $1.99 showing only one day of service before my cancellation. So I paid it and thought I was done with Centurylink.

A month later I got another bill for $15.61. Page 1 showed something called "voice" but I never had voice service with them so I connected to their online chat to dispute it. The chat-rep said that the $15 was actually a disconnect fee as itemized on page 3. Sure enough, there it was. But not only was a disconnect fee never disclosed, I was actually told there would be no further charges after my service was disconnected. Finally, the chat-rep said that she couldn't waive the fee because it was valid and that if I wanted to dispute it I would have to call into their disconnection team. So I did. To her credit, the disconnection representative, Cristina, listened to me vent for several minutes and then apologized and waived the disconnect fee.

One more thing. Before calling in I went onto Centurylink's website and browsed around for items pertaining to disconnection of service. As hard as I tried I could find no reference to any $15 disconnection fee. BTW, I worked in a call center environment for over 20 years and I know that representatives are required to disclose things like that. Had they disclosed it I might not have reacted so harshly but the fact that I was told no further charges would occur and then they actually did was what set me off. My little $15 charge might not have been such a big deal but when I think of the tons of money they make from all the people who didn't fight back it really infuriates me.

  • Nov 11, 2018

After one late payment over a year ago (that I then paid via my credit card), I setup an automatic bill pay via my bank. Due to smaller than normal bills, I have a credit on my account of nearly $900. I called CenturyLink to get a refund. In order to do so, they have a policy whereby I have to provide them with my methods of payment for an undisclosed amount of time. Not just the methods of payment, but the company name, contact information, and all my account information.

Therefore, in order to get back money that has cleared both my bank and their own, has been credited to my account, and is legally mine: I have to give them my bank and credit card name/phone numbers, account numbers, bank routing number, and authority to contact both companies to discuss my financials. I view this as an unwarranted invasion of privacy.

I spoke with seven different representatives (two of which listened to part of my reason for calling and transferred me without a word), and the consensus was "It's policy, we can't do anything." When told there is absolutely no other way to get my refund, I replied that there was one other way - closing my account. The representative told me (paraphrasing) to please close the account so they could be done with me.

  • Jul 9, 2018

I signed up for 1 year of internet service with Century Link. After the contract expired, I requested the service be disconnected. I explained that the service did not meet my needs; that it is extremely slow. I provided details to the company which included the fact that I could not use the internet on more than one device at a time. Upon receipt of my final bill, I noticed a charge of $18.42. On the front of the bill, it reflected charges for "voice." On the back of the bill, it reflected the charge as a "disconnect fee." When I called to clarify, the first rep told me it was for "late fees." (This was after the rep confirmed the service had been disconnected and that I did not owe a payment.) Of course, this didn't make any sense so, I asked her again; to clarify why the fee was being charged. I was transferred to another rep who told me it was a "disconnect fee because of the old package I had." When I asked why I was charged a "disconnect fee" although my contract had expired, I was transferred again. After being placed on hold for awhile, I was ultimatey told that it is a "disconnect fee" and that "everyone is charged a disconnect fee when they disconnect service." So, I asked, "When should have the disconnect fee information been disclosed to me?" The rep stated (and I kid you not), "We don't disclose the disconnect fees." While in shock, I asked, "That's illegal isn't it?" She stated that, "As long as I've been here, I've never heard anyone disclose the disconnect fee." I wonder if any other customers have been charged this "non-disclosed disconnect fee." The word "classaction" came to mind. It certainly seems that this the fees are truly not disclosed or the reps are either unfamilar with such discloure requirements. Either way ~ it's dangerous and this company will definitely rip you off. Beware.

  • Jun 13, 2018

CenturyLink = INEPT. Called and scheduled internet repair, was given a time range of 1-5pm, so i took half a day off work. Moron tech shows before the appointment time, and cancels my ticket for lack of access to house. THEN, after fighting tooth and nail on the phone, I'm PROMISED tech will come later that same day, that I wasted my time off. No tech ever came.

Their dispatch team is absolutely useless, as is the tech who can't figure out to come during the time of the appointment. No calls, no texts, no emails from your people. Now I'm sitting on hold with another useless team member who promise me an appointment for 9 days from now that they can't be counted on for.

After a total of 3 hours on phone over the last 2 days, I'm promised ANOTHER appointment with tech Friday afternoon. AS IF That will happen. People should know about these business practices. I'm charged the full rate for internet they cannot provide, and time off is stolen from me because Dispatch and Tech tem cannot do their jobs or keep their promises.

--Jason G.

Timely Paying Customer for years, being screwed over and over again.

  • May 8, 2018

CenturyLink was properly informed about an upcoming move out of our apartment in Colorado.

CenturyLink was given a disconnect date, but apparently ignored it, or lost that information, or whatever.

The CenturyLink service remained on long after we had moved out of the Apt. and even longer after they were notified of the disconnect we were expecting. This neglegence on the part of CenturyLink kept an account open and accumulating a balance that had NOTHING to do with us LONG after CenturyLink had proper notification.

CenturyLink decided that the answer for their own impropriety was to file their fantasy bill with a collection agency.

I have filed disputes with both the collector and with the credit bureau.

Whomever it is at CenturyLink that is allowing this sloppy (or Intentional) behaviour should be fired immediately!

I can only imagine what CenturyLink is doing to folks with less fortitude & resources to combat this type of nonsense.

  • Mar 17, 2018

On January 23, 2018 I ordered my business service and was give an estimate of $89.00 plus taxes and fees. I receive my first bill for 168.77 and sent my payment on February 1, 2018, My bank shows the check cashed on February 6, 2018. I received my first shutoff notice on March 2, 2018. I received my second bill for 237.62 on February 25, 2018. I paid the bill on March 1, 2018. My bank shows the check cashed on March 6, 2018. I am staring at another delinquint account notice. I am calling the billing number and wasting more business time on Centurylink Small Business Service (AN OXYMORON!!!).

  • Feb 28, 2018

12/30/17 Requested Move – I asked rep if technician needed to enter home on install date? She said no and nothing else.

1/4/18 Tech to come between 8 – 4. At 5 Pm I called CL to confirm that tech had come, I was told yes, but nothing was working. They had me check all phone outlets but nothing worked. I was then told that I would have to schedule another appt for a tech to come out to the house. The next available appointment was not going to be for 10 days! I work from home, I asked the rep the first time I called to make sure that this would not happen and that I wanted to have things working the first time we set it up. CL let the ball drop again on me. I asked then to speak to a supervisor, I waited on hold for 30 minutes, then some foreigner comes on and says that there is nothing that can be done and that if I wanted CL to come out and do a full install I should have had it done the initial setup date or I was going to have to wait another 10 days! I said CANCEL MY SERVICE NOW. He said that he could not do that and I would have to call back. I said I will call COX AND GET THIS DONE TOMORROW – Which is exactly what happened.

1/5/18 I called CL again the next day to cancel, NOW I am informed I have a ONE year contract.. WHEN DID THAT HAPPEN??? So, I am told I will have to pay until 02/09/18 for 2 more payments or pay an early termination of $180? I think. So, I paid 2 more payments on 1/9/18 and 2/9/18.

2/9/18 I call CL to Cancel – Now I am told that my contract ends on 2/17/18 and I will have to wait until then to cancel. Funny thing 2/17/18 falls on a Saturday and Monday 2/19/18 was a holiday.. Go figure!

2/20/18 – I CALL CL AGAIN TO CANCEL; I wait on hold for 15 minutes and begin conversation with rep and then get disconnected when I get to the part that I want to cancel. I CALL AGAIN AND WAIT ANOTHER 15 MINUTES - begin conversation with another rep and then get disconnected when I thru the part that I want to cancel. WOW, I gave my cell number both times in case we were disconnected and neither time did anyone call back.

I then go onto CL chat – I am told I can’t cancel on chat and I have to call!

I CALL A THIRD TIME - begin conversation with ANTOHER rep and I get through the to the end finally and the rep tells me that I have a credit coming on final billing statement. I thank her because she was really nice and got through everything without me losing my cool.

2/24/18 – Receive email with final bill.. NOW I OWE $70 WTF… They charged me another month after all the hassle they put me through and at full price because my account wasn’t cancelled on 2/17/18.

Century Link is a rip off company. I refuse to pay this bill. I am tired of this company bullying its customers and doing whatever they please.

  • Dec 11, 2017

It all started when I called Century Link for service as I had relocated and Century was the only internet provider in the area. I was told that there was a problem (unspecified) which was why it was taking so long to get an account set up. I asked the rep to solve the issue and call me back. I never received a call back. The next day I called and 91 minutes later Century agreed to provide me with internet service and arranged an install date. I was also told that a modem was being sent overnight. The next day, no modem, the day after no modem. On Friday before work I got a call that the tech was on the way to install the modem that I did not have.

I also learned that the reason I had difficulty establishing an account was because a prior resident at the place I was renting did not pay their bill. This should not have affected me in any shape, color or form, but in did by taking over an hour and a half of my time just to get an account set up.

On installation day, in addition to not having the modem, it took the techs (two of them) over 2 hours to get the service working. They spent hours on the phone trying to get someone to make some back office changes to get things to work.

Other than wasting half of my day, things seemed to be ok.

On Nov 5 the internet was acting flakey, cutting in and out. We called customer service, they reset the modem, which made things better for the moment, but we had already done that numerous times and yes, it makes things better for the moment. I requested multiple times a tech visit and Century Link refused to schedule an appointment.

Fast forward, I went on vacation to attend my daughter’s wedding. When I returned on November 15 internet did not work. I spent three hours on the phone, getting cut off multiple times and finally was told that it was a programming problem and that on Monday the programming issue would be escalated and that I would receive a phone call. I did not receive the promised phone call, so back on the phone multiple times. On Tuesday a supervisor told me that he saw the problem and that virtually any of the folks that I had spoken to should have been able to fix the issue. The internet was finally working, albeit poorly. I should also point out that on Tuesday a tech visit was scheduled. I called at 8 am to find out what time to expect the tech. I was told 1:47. At 2:20 because no one showed, I called again and was told that the tech would be contacting me to let me know what time he/she would arrive. I am still waiting for that phone call. Needless to say, the tech did not show.

I was alter told that the call was rescheduled for December 5. On December 5 no one showed. Finally today a tech showed up unannounced. He replaced the modem and ever since, the internet has been worse. It will work for 10 to 30 minutes and then cuts out. Century Link now tells me that there is an issue with the outside wires. DUH Should the tech not have figured out and fixed that issue.

After house on the phone this evening, there is another call scheduled for Wednesday. Five days without internet is unacceptable, and if history repeats itself, no one will show.

I am fed up with paying for services that I am not receiving.

  • Nov 8, 2017

On July 6, 2017 I signed up with Century Link for TV, Telephone, and Internet. I was promised $125.00 in gift cards as an incentive to sign up. I received $25.00 on or about August 5, 2017. I received an email Sept. 26th telling me that my reward submission had been approved and that I would receive in 4-6 weeks. Today, Nov. 7, 2017 I called Century Link and talked to Lorna and was told that my reward was invalid. I received the $25.00 in error. I will receive an account credit of $75.00 instead.

This is contrary to what I was promised and that I have had to make many phone calls to find out where my rewards would arrive. I received so many answers which none of them seemed to be truthful. I am stuck with this company for 2 years, don't have any other alternative but to contact you. I have had other billing problems.

  • Oct 24, 2017

We are a military family that was stationed in Utah and had Century Link for 3 years and leased our hi-speed internet modem...very good credit, no issues with the internet service on either end until now.

We moved cross-country and went into a Century Link store in Murray, UT to return the modem and instead given a pre-paid label to ship it via UPS which we did. We held onto the tracking number until 3 weeks later when we noticed it had arrived to the Century Link location (don't recall the city).

We called to confirm with a customer service rep who while looking up the number had his computer crash (suspicious?). In the middle of the rest of our move, we shredded the tracking number and thought that was the end of things and that we were hypervigilant on making sure the modem has positively changed hands.

Last week (October 16), we get a bill for $106.84 for an unreturned modem charge. I challenged Century Link over 2 phone calls and we are at empasse. They will not help you unless you have the tracking number. Ridiculous business practice! I told them this can't be the first time this has ever happened and they admitted it happens about once a month which is hard to believe.

Century Link are gouging customers for unreturned modems and seeing the other posts with the same problem makes me seethe in anger!

  • Oct 14, 2017

On July of 2017 I call century link for internet service, a week later a technician came for the installation, so he check all my house wires and out side box, he left to check the signal in the main box is about 1,500 feet away from the house half hour he came back and told me. The signal coming out from the main box to my house is poor because the line is old and inadequate for installation so I cancelled the installation, since then this crocks start charging me for a service that I don't have first was $1,000 for the equipment plus the month... what equipment? I never sign anything; I fight that for a month cursing this people even they try to blackmail me, if I sing some papers and put the service they reduce the the $1,000 and the fist month, so I curse the crap out of the supervisor for been a crock. Until this date with no installation, equipment or with out sign anything they still charging me for something that I don't have.

  • Sep 25, 2017

Century Link had awful service when it came to my Internet connections. The hardware was outdated and did not work well. They sent me new hardward and still bad. I finally canceled my service and they sent me a box for the hardware. I sent it back to them and they said they never got it. Our UPS delivery guy says Century is known for that scam. You better make sure you keep all the receipts when sending it back because they are Scam artists. I will never use Century Link again.

  • Sep 19, 2017

In 2016 I helped my mom set up internet service in Fort Myers FL. She used it in 2016 and early 2017. At that time Centurylink began raising the price per month, unbeknowsnt to my mom. She was paying a set rate, quoted to her perviously and had been paying that month to month electonically. My Mom went into the hosptal in july 2017 when Centuylnk hiked the prices, pennys at a time without a noticce to my mom, They began acessing late fees. $40 for a $2 overage. Within a few months the overage was 40-100 dollars .

While Centurylink billed my mom over $40 per month in late fees per month for a few dollars late, they increased her monthly service for internet to over $60 for basic DSL broadband. I called to help her, and was told that unless I submit a power of attoryney I could not even speak to a rep. She was in the hospital following hurrincane Irma and could not get on the phone. I explainded that to the rep. They told me I could FAX a form so that they may be able to talk to me.

PLEASE AVOID THIS COMPANY. DO NOT SIGN ANYTHING WITH THEM. THEY TREAT PEOPLE LIKE $$ ONLY. I EXPLAINED MY ISSUE WITH THE STORM DAMAGE AND MY MOM IN THE HOSPITAL AND THE REP DID NO EVEN ACCKNOWLEDGDE OUR SUFFERING. I was given no condolenses, no grace period, no support other than 'maybe your rate was raised for an end to a promition." I said, "I set this account up for my hospitalized mother an no one required an authorization then?" They said, I am sorry unless your mom provides written consent we cannot discuss her account.

Based on this I am a personal crusade to stop everyone I meet from every signing up to Centurylink Communications. I am using a hashtag #centurylink to tell my story. To help others in need and assist those taken advntage of or denied access to those account they have a right to review. I will post this to every social media platmorm to infom the public about this inconsiderate behavoir

  • Aug 24, 2017

This company has increased charges on me over the past 2 years without informing me... I've had to constantly monitor my bills to make sure they weren't trying to Rob me Won't honor a 12 month contract because the pricing is to low now compared to current prices This company is no longer veteran approved friendly Refuse to simply transfer my service next door without charging me a set up fee!!! Tried speaking with corporate but they kept trying to hard sell me their services

  • Aug 16, 2017

So a two months into the contract I started to have issues with the Internet service. So I called and spent hours on the phone and hours sit ting at home waiting on a service tech to come out. This went on for 4 days. On the final day the service tech goes we can no longer offer you service due to a wiring issue on the apartment complex. So once again called Centrylink spend some more hours and serval people later got my service discontinued by them not me. Now this was on July 14. Fast forward to today August 15 was charged for termination. The termination also was 200 dollars on top of that they charged me 75 dollars for my last month of Internet which in my contract was 29 dollars a month for 2 years. On top of that I was charged 100 dollar deposit and paid for a 100 dollar modem to be used. My bank account was charged the termination fee minus the 100 dollar deposit and was credited 10 dollars of the 75 dollars of that month.

For 4 days of Internet. Now that being said the last phone call in July I was told my last bill would be prorated for service used at my 29 dollars a month term. I would also be sent back my 100 dollar deposit. Now for the modem I was told I tough luck. It's now a paper weight. Now back to today August 15th. Spent another hour on the phone trying to get my money back. Let's put it this way if I didn't get an alert that my checking was overdrafted which don't get me started with those fees if I didn't get that alert. I would have never known that these people took money out of my account without my permission. Once my contract ended with them in July they no longer had permission to bill me through my account. So being charged 200 dollars for cancellation fee I some how got credited 101 for something in May so that left me 89 dollars to pay. Now I'm getting that back and my 100 dollars after a 2 hour phone call. Which shouldn't even had to happen. Now that money is going to take a month to come back to me. Overall very disappointed with this company. I did not terminate the contract they did and I was over charged for the last month and charged a termination fee. Never will I ever go back to them.

  • Aug 5, 2017

Cancelled direct TV- Century link due to over billing and failure to meet needs. bills were paid in full. 0 balance. Equipment was supposed to be picked up. sat on front porch boxed up for pick up for 6 months. Century link never picked up despite being in Park several times every day. Trying to charge me for this equipment that still is awaiting pick up. Not able to deliver to them am disabled and no vehicle or transportation. What do we have to do to get this resolved?

  • Aug 1, 2017

Z-Tel Communication went out of business and sold all their debts to companies like QWest and Century Link who continue to harass me through cell/landline and postal service to pay a bad debt, even though i cancelled, and switched phone service with Z-Tel Communications, eons ago. They called from 509-329-6769, and warned me legal court documents require me to call 888-237-4091 immediately.

  • Jul 27, 2017

Centurylink never sent me a modum for the internet, I have called them 17 times oover 3 months and could not get them to send the motum so I canceled the order that centurylink never provided.. centurylink sent me a $290.00 bill for cancling the order and keeeping them as a internet provider even thoug they never provided me with internet.. centurylink is a joke

  • Jun 10, 2017

Been a customer of CenturyLink for 4 years. Recently moved and needed to transfer internet service to new address (on the same street). I call them every day since my first no-show scheduled tech visit on 5/31/17. They have scheduled 4 additional appointments since then, and no one has shown up. I'm consistently told that my order for service is being scheduled and that their technicians are behind. Well don't keep telling me a day and time when no tech will show up or even call to let me know I'm going to be stood up! I've spoken to at least 13 different customer service associates and 4 dispatch managers and get no where. I'm now waiting (still) for Monday when supposedly a tech will be here at 1 pm. I won't be holding my breath. This company may have some of the nicest customer service reps, but their business structure is a complete joke. I'm also going to be waiting on the visa gift card they promised to send for my troubles. (Ha-ha).

  • Jun 8, 2017

BAIT AND SWITCH. CenturyLink is a RIP OFF! I recently switched from Comcast to Century Link because the Rep told me my bill would be (in my case) $175/month. He/she didn't say anything about any "extra charges" although I knew going in that there are taxes and fees that EVERYBODY charges you. So, fine, I expected about $230/month. I got my first bill the other day for $795 and some change!! I called them on it and someone "explained" to me a bunch of other charges would need to be added. Now, my expected monthly charge will be around $260. Even if I'm paying this statement with a month in advance, that only totals out to $520! And the bill I have to pay is $795! After several phone calls and a couple of hours on the phone, I never got a satisfactory explanation as to exactly what I am paying the extra $270 for on top of the month-in-advance payment (which I wasn't told I had to pay initially). And I can't cancel without an "early termination fee". This company is more crooked than a barrel-full of fish hooks and on a first-name basis with the slime on the bottom of said barrel.

  • Jun 2, 2017

We called century link Feb 10, 2017. My husband is a Vietnam Veteran Purple heart recipient, and has had 6 strokes since 2009. The VA has him on a monitor to send his vitals daily to his doctor via our home phone line. Century link put our account under "Critical Care" which means they aren't supposed to shut our phone off, well they did 3X in 2 months--2x was for non-payment but we did pay the bill and proved it to them (having our bank send a copy of the check front and back). they took 48 hours to turn everything (phone/internet/TV serv.) back

on. my husband was hospitalized after the 2nd time, his doctor was not receiving his vitals and we thought he had suffered another stroke. this is the worst company we've ever dealt with. they are also over billing us 2-3X the amount we were told the bill would be. I have spent almost 77 hours and spoke to 58 people, trying to straighten out our service and bill. I am Still trying to shut off our service since 5/8/17 (I have a confirmation # -this is ridicules) and they still haven't, just yesterday they shut off our TV and will not release the account it Direct TV

now no TV for 3 days today is 6/1/2017. We have had a bundled package of $89.99 per month (that’s what was promised) TV Service (Direct TV) 2/14/17 thru 5/8/17 (3-months) Phone & internet 3/4/17 thru 5/8/17 (2-months 4 days) we have paid $406.23 and received another bill for $311.88 2 days ago. They are charging us shutoff and restoral fees and we paid the bill, it’s not our fault they applied it wrong. Century link said they will not restore service until our bill is paid. Century link is billing us one bill for phone & internet in my name and a separate bill for

TV in my husband's name--they did NOT have our permission to open an account in my husband’s name. We have been shut off 3x for a total of 10 days without service, and no credit for that. Please someone help us, please.

  • May 17, 2017

When setting up my contract I explained to this century link representative that I can only afford $75 a month. She assured me that my bill would be no more than $75. After receiving my first bill of more than $150, I called Century link customer service number. At which point the second representative told me that they would re-issue me a bill in the amount I was told to begin with. The next bill came it was more it was also more than $150. I called again. The third representative told me the best they could do was $130 a month. My question is who is in breach of contract? Needless to say I have not paid anything for their services. I feel that if a company tells you they will charge you only $75 a month then the bill should reflect only $75 a month. To promise that a service will cost one thing and then billing the customer a higher price is a rip off .

  • May 6, 2017

Century Link (Century Tel) has caused me stress before but today proved that their customer service is not one of their strong points.

Every year I travel for 7 weeks and put my phone on vacation hold. This gives the message to callers that this number cannot be reached now. It saves me a little to do this.

I was told to call when back in the USA to reconnect the service. I called Monday morning and asked to be back with landline service. I was put on hold for about 5 minutes while she was trying to find someone to do it and then was told it would take 4 days. By the 4th day I called again and was told someone would reconnect me next Monday. When I said this sounds kind of like a long time she put me on hold and said she would call me back. A short time later my landline service was working again.

Because finding out information by telephone is problematic I tried to use their internet Chat method to communicate but each time I tried - during their Chat hours of service - the screen said Chat was not in service.

I can’t imagine worse customer service than CenturyLink’s service.

  • Apr 11, 2017


After months of spotty and generally awful internet service, along with very poor customer service when trying multiple times to resolve, I made the decision to switch internet providers.

CenturyLink sent me a return label to return the modem I was renting so I would not be billed. When I took the modem to a UPS store to ship it back, the carrier WARNED ME to keep every receipt and copy of all communications, because CenturyLink has been FREQUENTLY LYING to customers, claiming they never receive the returned modems. UPS is constantly dealing with this issue with them!!

After returning the modem, I NEVER HEARD ANYTHING from CenturyLink and my card was never charged, so I figured all was well.

MONTHS LATER, I received a suspicious call from a collections agency asking for my personal information (social security number, address...) but they refused to tell me why so I said no. Today, I opened a COLLECTIONS LETTER from the same company stating that CENTURYLINK never received a modem and have reported me to collections with over $100 in charges!! This is beyond unacceptable!


  • Feb 14, 2017

On November 3, 2016 I moved from Washington to Pensacola Florida. I called Century Link to discontinue but they said they would just reduce bill until I found a house there. I found a house there and called them on Devember 3rd to tell them that century link was not available and to discontinue the service right away. They said to return my modem to the store in Pensacola.

I googled the store and found this

CenturyLink Solution Center

113 N Palafox St

(850) 312-5709

Open until 8:00 PM

(I just googled it now and it says open to 8PM but if you call it you won't get the store because it is closed)

This was the only store near me, it is almost 18 miles from my home. I drove there and found an abandoned facility with a fence around it. I went to a nearby store and they said Century is not there anymore. I called century link from the site and they said they were sorry. They said they would (ups / fed ex) a return package out. I waited for the package and it never came. I called them and they now said sorry, you bought the modem, own it and do not need to return it.

Ar the end of December I then received a bill for approx $32 they charged it to Discover Card. I filed a dispute with Discover because I should not have been billed anything other than 3/30 x $30 for the 3 days I had from discontinuing. I filled the dispute because hours of trying to talk with agents did not work.

Instead of disputing with Discover, Century Link simply generated a new bill for $32 without any explanation. They also send me a check for $11.oo because they said I had a credit for cancelation. They did not cancel on the 3rd but waited to the end of the month. They gave no weight to the all the calls trying to return a modem of which in all of them I told them to make sure the account was cancelled.

CENTURY LINK you may have commited a crime by violating the Fair Credit Billing Act by rebilling me a disputed amount around the procedures of resolving with DISCOVER CARD.

I have made approximately 7 to 10 phone calls trying to disconnect and resolve this entire situation. They switch you around from agent to agent all of which have Zero authority to make any adjustments.

This bring you to the point of do you want to deal with a collection agent or simply pay the bill. They force you into this without any discussion or any consideration that you were a loyal custormer for over 2 years and always paid on time.

As far as I am concerned they stole the following from me:

$32 plus $3 Service Processing = $35 less the $11 check sent me or $24. I had to pay it of face dealing with a collection agencey and have my credit trashed.

The final agent in a string of disatisfaction was Agent Jan - Emp Number 1208529. I paid her over the phone, and like the others she was powerless to act on Century Links Behalf.

Although Century Link Internet Service is OUTSTANDING, they have the worst customer service and billing I have ever dealt with. The VP in charge of this needs to be FIRED and sent packing.

The bottom line, they stole $24 from me that they did not earn not to mention the car miles and time in which they sent me on a wild goose chase.

  • Jan 27, 2017

Have a short term rental home with Centurylink phone and WiFi. They have been in vacation mode for several months. Called a week ago to turn service back on as I had tenants coming in. Was supposed to be on Wednesday by 5pm. Went to house Thursday morning to clean and no phone service. Called their customer service on my cell which took about 30 mins to talk to someone. Was told it was going to be turned on within the hour. Called 3 hours later after no service, waited another 30 minutes and told it would been in an hour. Called 2 1/2 hours later after no service, waited 30 minutes and was told there was a technical problem and it would be fixed tomorrow (Friday) when tenants are arriving. No clue when it will be fixed and if my tenants will have phone and wifi. Area is remote and cell phone is spotty needing a landline for emergency situations. No other carrier I can get for that area so Im S.O.L. Probably the worst customer service I've dealt with. No one knows what the other is doing.

  • Dec 23, 2016

We live out in the county so only two choices for internet. Satellite internet is well over $100/month, so we went with Centurylink internet which is DSL. We were told due to were we are on the trunk line we can only receive 3mb downloads. After months of wondering why I cannot stream music I began checking the speeds throughtout the day and all through the night. Within a 24hr period, we get up 2.92mb on average of three hours in the early mornings. Between the hours of 3p and 2am the speed drops to less than 1mb.

We pay $35/ month for 3mb and on a monthly average, less than 50% of that is at the speed we are paying for. Due to this, I have to go to the puplic libary to use their computers to complete my online University coarses that I am taking. They only allow one hour use per day, so in other words my internet at home is completely usless.

Myself and my wife have called SO many times and go through the same crap with them each and every time.

Moral to my rant is, Centurylink is like all the other cable compaines, they really do not care about their customers and take avantage of rural customers by charging a higher price for way slower internet speeds.

  • Dec 9, 2016

I feel morally obligated to add the multiple complaints about gross overcharging by Centurylink not only for my personal concern but also for the sake of other potential customers. In simple terms, they are ripping us off!!

When I moved to Florida less than 2 months ago, I signed up for internet service over the phone before I moved in.

I had to send several personal documents by fax to set up my account (is there anyone else using a fax these days??). I sent all scanned documents which included a copy of my lease, among other things. I received a confirmation for the activation shortly after. However, the next day I received a call from a century link rep who apologized and asked me to fax my documents over once again. Apparently, someone had misplaced my personal documents and these were now lost (first big concern here). The lady apologized repeatedly and was very nice. She mentioned that there would be a $59.99 installation fee. I told her that in the offer details there was no mention of this installation fee and that there was actually mention about self-installation and activation being free for my offer type (40Mbps). So she kindly acknowledged and told me that this would be waived from my account and that I need not to worry.

This is the detail of my offer (as advertised on Century Link's website and as stated in their order confirmation e-mail):

Subject: CenturyLink Order Information for Reference number# XXXXXXX

Your CenturyLink® Order Information

This was sent from an automated email server. Please do not reply to this message. Instead, use the contact options included below.

Dear Hxxxx Sxxxxxx,

We just wanted to take a minute to say thanks for choosing CenturyLink®.

Your order has been received and is being processed. We've included a full breakdown of your order below.

We will give you a call if needed. Otherwise, we will send an email when your order is complete.

Please note that your modem will arrive on or before the activation date.

  • Dec 6, 2016

When Century Link discovers that your payment is passed due, and the payment has arrived at their billing dept. from your bank that very day, they will cut off their ISP. Then they will tell you that you must pay the payment directly to them to restore their service. They also tell you that a 5 business day hold will be placed on your account until the payment clears their bank before they will restart your account's ISP. Ridiculous!!

Century Link will tell you that the ISP will be automatically restored when the payment clears their bank. However, you will need to call Century Link back to get them to turn on the ISP. Of course, waiting on hold for up to an hour is normal.

Furthermore, they will charge $25 to flip a switch or type a key on a computer keyboard to restore their ISP!!

When my contract is final, I will cancel their service!! If I had money to sue them, I would, also!!

  • Dec 3, 2016

Customer Service: The reps are so incompetent and they fail to document calls. I closed my account with Century Link in August and removed my payment information from the AutoPay option on the website. I called them in August so that they could send me the shipping materials to send the equipment back. I did not get anything in the mail. I called them in September to request the shipping materials again. I did not get anything in the mail.

Unauthorized Transactions: On November 9th, over two months after closing my Century Link account, I just happen to check my bank account and notice that $322 was taken out by Century Link. I wasn't given a notice by mail or e-mail that indicated that I had a balance due. After the $322 was taken from my account, I wasn't even given a notice indicating that they received a payment or a "thank you" for my payment. Be mindful, I removed my banking information upon closing my Century Link account in August. They literally just took my money without any notice. I called them and they let me know that they charged me for equipment not returned. Be mindful, I attempted to send the equipment back twice and they didn't send me the materials to do so. I personally returned the equipment to a Century Link office on November 11th and was assured a refund. First, I was told that they would send me the refund via electronic since my debit card was linked to the Century Link account and to expect to see something in a few days. Then, I was told that a check was issued on November 14th and to expect it within 7-10 business days. I called on November 25th check the status and they have no record of a refund and the rep wasn't able to give a status.

I called on November 28th, after being transferred three times, I finally get someone in financial services who says the check was issued on November 15th and I should get it any day now. I called on December 1st and they tell me that they have issued a "stop" on the check because I "keep calling" about it, so, they're going to issue it again. It is December 2nd and I have nothing from them. I'm so frustrated with them and their incompetence. They're unprofessional to say they stopped a check because I "keep calling" about it. They received their equipment the day after they took my money and I'm still waiting to get my money back.

  • Nov 30, 2016

We had CenturyLink for our internet, phone and DirecTV services for a little over two years. They set up our services from their local office and we had no problem until it came time to cancel our services. We called them in July to cancel and were told by a rep, "We're sorry to see you go, but we'll take care of that for you." Two months later, here comes another bill. Called them again to see why we were still being billed as they bill a month in advance. They told us it was for two months of service. We told them that we called in July to cancel and they told us, "Oh, we don't do that here. You have to call DirecTV." Seriously!? Your rep should have told us that in July!!! Called DirecTV and had it taken care of. CenturyLink contined to send us the bill. Then they tried to say we missed a payment in May, until I pulled up my bank account info and gave them the exact date and amount of the payment. Miraculously they found the payment in their system. Then they tried to say we never returned the DirecTV boxes. Until we told them the exact date. At which time I began to wonder, if you can contact each other to make sure the equipment was returned, then why can't you contact each other to cancel services. It is not my responsibility to do your job for you. Then, they told us they would send us a box with pre-paid postage and return address label to put the internet modem in to return that. That never came. They continue to charge me for it. Whenever I try to talk to them, they find some other excuse to throw charges at me. DirecTV told me that we have a credit built up with them and that they would be sending it to me in the form of a Visa gift card. CenturyLink kept that. I consider that theft. Something needs to be done about this company. They continue to rip off customers and nobody does anything about it.

  • Nov 22, 2016

Signed up for the internet & cable bundle for direct tv & century link at the end of june. Recived the bill & it was not bundled so i called and the women told me the 'catch' that we had to pay 2 seperate months & then after those months the bills would be automatically bundled. Those two months go by, we pay the bills in full price which for us was about $115 for the internet & $60 for the cable. Thats $350 we paid for 3 months when it should have only been $150 for 2 months. But okay.. We did that, the two months fo by and it is still not bundled, augest is the month it should have bundled, it is now the end pf november with the bills stacked up to probably $500 dollars now that we havent paid it. Want to cancel our service with both direct tv & century link but they both have cancelation fees. Very confliced on what to do. Just want them to retro-activly adjust our bills to what is should have been bundled n to knock off our cancelation fee's since they broke their contract.

  • Nov 21, 2016

Back in September I terminated my services. I requested 2 shipping labels to ship back the 2 DSL modems I had. Never received them. Called back 2 weeks later and requested the shipping labels again. Never received them. On 10/28 I was charged 104.23 on my credit card. Called them the same day and requested the shipping labels. This time I received them.

According to UPS they received the 2 DSL modems on 11/08. I just talked to them tonight and asked about the refund. They are telling me they are not going to refund me since it was more than 30 days since I cancelled my service. I told them to return the modems to me then. They told me they can't do that either.

So I filed a dispute with my credit card company. Lets see how it goes from here. Funny thing is the lady at the credit card company told me she is going through the same thing with CenturyLink as well.

Can you say scammers? Or is it really a case of really bad customer service? Maybe the people working there just don't care. Who knows.

  • Nov 7, 2016

Century link is the worst company that exist. They abuse customers and keep billing me for services that I am not receiving. I returned their modem months ago but they keep sending me monthly bills for services that never provided me and when I call them they keep transferring me to different people. I waitied on the call while they kept bouncing me around to resolve this for 3 full hours. This is ludacris that such ripoff and abuse can happen in America competely unpunished.

  • Nov 3, 2016

Same ole song and dance. I was told if not satisfied there is 39 day guarantee. They said device was not returned even though I provided receipt. After proving that drama and many phone calls, emails and hearing more lies. I recd email saying $50.00 deposit would be returned after ninety (90) days. Yes 90 days. They had taken my money immediately on my credit card. I'm a senior and that is a lot if money to me. I was warned Centurylink was a real bad company to deal with. I should have listened. I will file a report with BBB of which they are not not not approved. Buyer beware

  • Oct 22, 2016

CenturyLink continues to charge me a monthly modem rental lease fee on my bill. I personally purchased a Centurylink modem it was the exact same model of the one I was leasing from them I was tired of paying for a leased modem of $9.99 a month when it was cheaper to purchase one instead . Anyway I called Centurylink to inform them I needed to return their modem to them since I no longer needed theirs , their modem I was returning was still in excellent condition like new and still had orignial box and installation instructions pamplets and all cords and filters that it came with . The tech on the phone said he would send me the return label that I needed to put on the original box it came in and then mail it back to them. I received the return label and in the box I enclosed a letter explaining why I was returning the modem and informing them that all contents that it came with was indeed being returned to them in great working condition , I also included my name and account number and billing address etc and also mentioned that I should never see a rental modem lease fee on the bill ever again.

Well low and behold my Centurylink bill still has the modem lease fee included in the charges on my bill. I have contacted them many times on this and they always say it has been taken care of and won't be on the next bill and I will be credited for the charge , but they lie and continue to put the charge on the bill.

Also the modem I purchased worked great until I called them about the charges of leased modem and then all of a sudden my wifi signal won't stay connected to the internet , it keeps getting dropped and disconnected for some reason , so I called the internet tech line and they said it looks like there is a problem on the line and they needed to send out a repair tech to fix it and there would be a charge of $89.00 added to my next bill , that to me is a bullcrap scam if I ever seen one .

This is not the only problem that I have had with Centurylink either. I have other charges on my bill that should have not been there and sales agents ripping me off with bogus charges of services I never ordered. I am so tired of Centurylink and their bullcrap. DO NOT DEAL WITH CENTURYLINK . THEY WILL RIP YOU OFF AND LIE ABOUT IT !

  • Oct 15, 2016

I signed up online for TV & Internet services. Called the next day to confirm my order, and was told that my order was canceled. I offered to fax or email proof of my order and they would not except it. Offered me the same services for almost twice as much. I refused and they sent me an email confirming my order for the higher price. I spent over an hour trying to get a customer service agent to cancel this nightmare. I was hung up on 3 times after being left on hold for over 15 minutes each time. Of course the agents could hardly speak English, and ACTED like they couldn't understand me. I filed a complaint with the FCC only to be givin some lame a*s excuse by Century Link which they (the FCC) felt was acceptable.

PLEASE do not use this company for any reason!!!

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