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Central Transport

Country United States
State Texas
City Laredo
Address 14502 Atlanta Drive
Phone (586) 939-7000

Central Transport Reviews

  • Jan 25, 2018

Central Transport was suppose to deliver a motorcycle for us and upon delivery the crate was missing and the bike was upside down! We took a ton of pictures, noted the damage and called the company. we emailed and snail mailed all required documents and pictures on several occations all to no avail. I would say use this company with EXTREME caution. One example of their lack of service? try calling them! Massive hold times and very elusive on the phone, always passing the buck to someone else. Customers beware!

  • Jun 15, 2017

Central Transport

Please read thoroughly

After they dropped a 6800.00 dollar engine off a forklift from 7 feet in the air onto the asphalt driveway they think it's only worth paying me 75 (seventy-five) dollars.

It's costing me another 6800.00 to replace what they damaged.

Now I'm spending 13900.00 and they want to give me back 75 dollars?

I don't think so, not on this planet at least......

Central Transport was contracted to ship a Mercruiser engine from Hayannis Mass to Pahrump, NV back on April 9th 2017.

They picked up the very well secured engine that was on a pallet and bolted securely using 8, 1 inch thick x 6 inches long lag bolts into 4x6's. No way could it ever move or come loose. It was supposed to be out to me in 7-10 days. 19 days later, it showed up. When I went to have the driver back the truck into my shop delivery dock, the driver said I had better take a look at it first. He opened the door to the trailer and the engine was literally in 11 pieces and upside down on the pallet with oil pouring out of the cracked engine block and broken cylinder heads and intake manifold. The driver told me, and I have it on tape and video, that they accidently dropped the engine from a height of 6-7 feet in the air when taking out of one trailer with a forklift and trying to move it into a different trailer.

The engine fell from such a distance that the 700 pound engine crushed the 12 inch long distributor into a 3 inch pile of aluminum. The impact of the fall broke the intake manifold, both exhaust manifolds and risers, along with the engine block in 3 places. It broke both cylinder heads and snapped a solid steel flywheel off the back of the crankshaft it was bolted to using grade 10 military bolts. I can't even imagine how violent the drop must have been to cause this much damage. Even the driver felt sorry for me and was ashamed to bring it out to me but he said they forced him to do it. He was told by the company to just deliver it and say nothing. Fortunately he has a conscience and told me what happened before taking it out of the truck.

He was told to deliver it anyway. I obviously refused the delivery, noted on the BOL the damage and the driver called the dispatcher. They tried repeatedly to leave the engine with me and to leave but I was having no part of it. After 1 1/2 hours they finally left with it, the same way they tried to deliver it. Oh yea, I took a ton of pictures too, of pieces, the engine, or what was left of it and the mess it made. I was told the company would be contacting me. The next day, I'm working and low and behold, here comes the trucking company again with the engine. This time, no lift gate so it wasn't even an issue. I wasn't taking this destroyed engine nor could they even get it off the truck. Thinking they could force me into it again, they finally realized they didn't even have a way to get it off the truck and left. The following day I was out of town and when I came home at 930 pm, the busted up engine is sitting at the bottom of my driveway, in pieces, covered in oil and upside down sitting on what was left of the carburetor. They left it there when I wasn't even home. What a mess, what a POS company. Nothing I could do about it now at 930pm so the next day I called them and yelled, screamed whatever I could do to make myself get rid of the anger inside. How dare they do this. They told me to file a damage claim and they would email me the paperwork. After filing out 8 pieces of paperwork and providing 20+ photos, with witten statements of witnesses including their own drivers, 9 weeks later they send out a 75 dollar check telling me this is all they are paying on it and I should be lucky they approved anything.

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