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Central Texas Harley-Davidson

Country United States
State Texas
City Round Rock
Address 2006, 2801 N Interstate Hwy 35
Phone 512-652-1200

Central Texas Harley-Davidson Reviews

  • May 23, 2018

When buying a used bike I always ask for compression test. It took Round Rock awhile but said they would do a compression test. We they wheeled the bike into the shop and that was it. They said they checked bike and it was 200psi ( do your homework) at that time I said great. After light research I found 200psi was fir racing engines. So once home I checked compression with full battery charge , both spark plugs out, throttle wide open, engine at normal running temp, and right at 7 cranks on both cylinders ( needle pegged out ,wasnt moving anymore) and reading was 180psi both cylinders. 180psi is okay but wasnt even close to 200psi. New 96ci engine will read around 185-190 depending on sea leveal. All in all Round rock Harley lied. Next bike I get ill be doing a compression test right before doing paper work or ill be walking away. Did I loose my trust with them? I sure did, I lost my trust in them 100% . I will not be returning and want all to know. God bless and ride safe

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