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Central Maine Power Company

Country United States
State Massachusetts
City Boston
Address P.O. Box 847810
Phone 1.800.750.4000

Central Maine Power Company Reviews

  • Jul 29, 2018

They added on everyone's bill that ever lived at the address I own told me b/c I was trying to get power there in a different name that was previously there that it was name swapping,my bill was now 6800$&needed 3200$to turn on,I lived off a generator for 2half years,almost got my house condemned bc they sd,it's against the law to live on a generator (the town)I had no running water,no heat,froze in the winter,breathed in k1,the k1destroyed my walls&ceilings,CMP was so rotten &mean to me,I got pnemonia with a dr.note prescription for a ventilator,CMP told me they still aren't turning my power on to get a different Dr different prescription,I lived in hell,getting water from my well with a rope &5gl.bucket after haveing 3back surgeries,finally prop helped me,but my bill is still 15-1600$a month,this is d**n impossible?

  • Oct 5, 2017

Central Maine Power's Accounts procudure is questionable. We've been paying ahead for months in hopes of reducing our overall monthly budget payment. Currently, we are so far ahead in payments that the monthly bill is ridiculosly low, YET the MONTHLY BUDGET BILL REMAINS in the hundreds. We've paid ahead for months in hopes of lowering our monthly payment plan. Recently, the plan was reviewed and now somehow our monthly payment will continue to be the same nearly $200/month that we have been paying all summer and autumn. Our usage is quite low because we are out of state for months at a time, no electricity is used. Unplug everything, even the refrigerator. This makes no sense. Talk to customer service reps and they are unable to explain the billing system or even explain why our bill has so many discrepancies. I cannot understand why the public utilities commission allows this to happen. Aren't they responsible to investigate company over reach? CMP is the provider for the state. They have a monopoly and poor consumers like us, on FIXED income are at a loss regarding what our rights are and what steps we can take to improve our situation!

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