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Central Loan and Administration

Country United States
State New Jersey
City Ewing
Address P.O. Box 77404
Phone 877-237-2662

Central Loan and Administration Reviews

  • Jul 1, 2016

During a recent review of my monthly mortgage statement I noticed a charge for an overdue amount of $16.25 on my statement. I refinanced my home 2 years ago and the loan ended up in the hands of Central Loan and Administration Reporting (CENLAR). Whan I called their customer service, I was informed that the overdue amount was from April 2016. Their reasoning for this overdue amount was that I was late on my April mortgage payment, so they sent a home inspector out to see if my home was still occupied. I have been late with my payments in the past but, never have I been informed that an inspector was to come out to verify that my home was still occupied. As this payment ws not 30+ days late, I am baffled as to the additional charge. I also was not notified prior to any inspector coming out to the house either before or after the fact. There has also not been any explanation as to the additional charge on any of my writtern statements. I only found out the reasoning by phoning CENLAR. In the short time I have been with this company, they have raised my mortgage rates (which were not supposed to be raised for atleast 5 years per my contract), raised the late fee amount and now charged me for what I believe is a fictious service.

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