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Central Dispatch

Country United States
State Illinois
City Chicago
Address 26387 Network Place
Phone 800-928-7869

Central Dispatch Reviews

  • Sep 23, 2019 is a total ripoff site. Cox Automotive allows F Rated Brokers and F Rated Carriers to conduct business on this site despite thousands of complaints from top rated brokers and carriers. If this site was properly managed the whole industry would be better off.

Consumers are allowed to be ripped off every day because allows it with full knowledge it is going on every day. Shame on you Jack Schwartz (CEO of Cox Automotive). If carriers were smart they would boycott Manheim just so you see how upsetting it is that you treat your customers with such lack of respect.

You are a terrible business man Jack Schwartz and you are hurting thousands of hard working auto transport brokers and carriers with your improper handling of the national dispatch board. If you hate your job and hate this website please sell it to someone who cares.

You are a disgrace and a thief for how you took over this site and then proceeded to make it 10 times worse while raising rates every step of the way. Shame on you.

  • Jan 29, 2019

The auto transport website just screwed every broker in the auto transport industry AGAIN when they announced a 33% increase in monthly fee for brokers to access the site. Thank you very much Cox Automotive for screwing the small business owners that are working 12 hours a day 7 days a week to cover all three time zones. Your site is outdated, faulty and you provide ZERO customer service to boot! You have nerve asking for more money for a site that has no updates, no chance to be updated on the extremely old platform it was built on and your people are arrogant and rude when the site breaks down (constantly). You screw every carrier in the auto industry because you don't enforce any rules on your dispatch board and the fraud that runs rampant on the site is 10 times worse today than it was just a short year ago. You have allowed this by ignoring your customers at every turn. Your business is ripe for takeover and it is already happening right under your nose. You are chasing your business away with your complete arrogance. You make it an easy decision as a bunch of new sites are in fast development to replace you! Screw You Jack Schwartz - Billionaire clueless [email protected]#$K. I hope you get pancreatic cancer and die a slow painful death.

  • Apr 16, 2018

Both of these websites are the worst websites in the world... they suck. They are never fixed, never updated, fragil and un-trustworthy to the point were the owners of this site should be put in jail. The brokers and carriers forced to use this site for lack of a better option are frustrated every day by the 19 year old crap software that never gets fixed or updated. It's extremely unstable. Take an order... hit save... order lost. Call the customer back... take order again.. look like an incompetent a******. Thank you and

Thanks for your complete lack of customer care.

Thanks for your crap software that never gets fixed or updated.

Thanks for your useless crap employees that don't have a clue.

Thanks for pissing every broker and carrier off on a daily basis and then doing nothing about it.

Where is the U.S. Justice Department? Where is the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration?

Why can't these lazy no good dumb a** college graduates who have a computer degree build a dispatch board that works?

[email protected]#[email protected]# You Central Dispatch and f*** the horse you rode in on.

You SUCK big time. Go back under the rock you crawled out from. If I ever see the owner of Central Dispatch or Jtracker I swear I would go to jail for punching the a****** in the face.

I would have 12,000 charactor witnesses though that would say Central Dispatch deserved it. They drive their customers crazy on a daily basis.

Screw you employees at Jtracker who never fix anything for over 10 years! Screw you you lazy a** b*******. Thanks for crap service and crap website that sucks so bad.

Investors who invested in Cox Automotive and these two sites..... your an a****** for not knowing that every customer of Cox Automotive hates their guts.

Jtracker site down again today. Truckers stuck on the road.. brokers out of business while waiting for software to be repaired. Hours lost.

Somebody please take over this site that gives a crap about the auto transport industry. Cox Automotive, Manheim Auto Auctions, Jtracker, Central Dispatch... boycott this crap companies and the jerkoffs that work there.

  • Oct 30, 2017

central dispatch . com is the worst website, worst service, unprofessional, unethical, narcissistic bunch of idiots EVER! Have you ever delt with a company that has no customer service, no care in the world whether you pay them or not, no consideration for the end user what-so-ever? Here is a fine example of worst of the worst company that has no moral compass, no ethical or moral code and when you site examples and proof to them they tell you to go f* off. They don't care. They say we are just a website. They will take money from anyone and let anyone who pays them f* consumers left and right all day long. If they receive proof positive 20 times or more about a broker or a carrier hurting the industry or specifically hurting a consumer..... they do not kick that carrier or broker off the system. They let many F rated brokers continue to hurt consumers and fraudulently make money using their site as a tool in their con game to commit these acts. Hell - as long as they pay their monthly dues - Central Dispatch are whores - they will continue to take their money.

It has been brought to the attention of Central Dispatch hundreds and hundreds of times that brokers are posting loads to the dispatch board as if they have a signed contract..... when in fact... they don't have a contract at all. F Rated Brokers post the load at a higher than necessary price trying to entice carriers to accept the load. The F Rated Broker then tries to convice the poor unsuspecting consumer that they have a great truck ready to go. The fact is the consumer was just over charged... the broker didn't care about the truckers rating or reviews and the consumer just over paid for a bottom of the barrel carrier willing to work for such a broker with no moral charactor.

Since the Broker and the Carrier are both paying Central Dispatch monthly dues.... they don't care what the hell happens to the consumer (this is where the Attorney General needs to investigate).

You see every day consumers get quotes through email. Many brokers submit quotes in an effort to earn the consumers trust and authorization to move the vehicle.

Unscrupulous brokers take the quote request - post the information on the dispatch board without customer authorization trying to be the first to find a truck. Why is this bad? (read above). Also, a broker is suppose to be working for the consumer - not the trucker. The broker is suppose to be using their buying power to find the best rate for the consumer - not the highest rate. I have seen the same order posted multiple times on Central Dispatch for YEARS. This causes delay delay delay in getting the vehicle picked up by a reputable carrier. Why? The reputable carrier will not go to the consumers front door when they see 4 or 5 other companies working the order. They want to be sure they are the only carrier going out to get the vehicle - so they avoid the order... (only the bottom of the barrel trucker that nobody would rally hire if they cared about their customer would accept this type of order). So who gets hurt? The consumer. They over pay and experience delays and end up on the worst trucks.

Who else gets hurt? The reputable broker that is trying to do the right thing for the consumer. The broker that is looking out for the consumer has to work 4 times harder to explain all this - show proof of this - work many more hours for the same amount of sales because each sale takes so much longer to explain.

Who else gets hurt? The carrier who calls for the load tired from driving all day... they want to eat and sleep and keep moving.... they call the con-artist broker for a load posted only to hear..."let me call you back" (as the idiot broker needs time to try to solidify the order). Now the truck driver doesn't get the rest waiting for call backs.... they have to call 10 brokers to find one legitimate order posted on this w***e website that allows this type of thing.

Central Dispatch needs to enforce common sense rules or everyone will find another website. They are prime candidates for take over by any competitive website that offers anything similar to what they offer. Hell - many are jumping ship away from Central for Sites like and others. Why should any broker or carrier continue to pay any dispatch site that truly doesn't care about their customers?

You've been warned. Thanks for reading. Set up alerts for articles about "Central Dispatch receives class action lawsuit by carriers fed up for over paying for a site that makes many false claims about their service", or, "Attorney General looks into dispatch board run unethically hurting thousands of small business owners".... or "Carriers left stranded after goes down for the 50th time this year".... website makes no apology or provides any compensation for outages!

  • Jul 24, 2017

Central Dispatch is the website site where all Auto Transport brokers and carriers go when setting up orders for transport (brokers) or carriers go to pickup orders ready to go.

This website will allow any screwed up carrier to touch cars even when it is brought to their attention the company has screwed many many vehicle owners... damage to cars... running from the problem and not taking care of it. Carriers are never kicked off this site no matter how stupid they act or how poorly they damage a car and run. As long as you pay your $75.00 per month to (a Cox Automotive company).... they can continue to screw customers left and right day after day.

An attorney should start a class action lawsuit against CentralDispatch for knowlingly allowing carriers with the worst reputation in the industry to continue to operate on their dispatch website.

Brokers who post loads at higher prices than what is already posted should also lose their operating authority for abusing the website day after day hurting consumers by causing delays and over charges that are unnecessary. CentralDispatch has had this brought to their attention for years and they refuse to do anything about it. The US JUSTICE DEPARTMENT SHOULD SHUT DOWN CENTRAL DISPATCH UNTIL THEY AGREE TO STOP ALLOWING ABUSE BY THE SAME COMPANIES THAT ABUSE THE SYSTEM DAY AFTER DAY.

Consumers are being hurt by Cox Automotive and their I DON'T GIVE A CRAP ATTITUDE about what they know is going on. Boycott Cox Automotive products and services at all costs because they knowlingly hurt consumers without a care in the world.

Central Dispatch has changed hands multiple times and each time a new owner takes over the abuse gets worse.

What is wrong with the CEO and the CFO of Cox Automotive? Are you that money hungry that you can screw truck drivers and brokers in this industry day after day for profit? Go F$#% yourself!

How do you look at yourself in the mirror for the damage you cause hard working truck drivers day after day because you will not clean up the abuse that all employees of Central Dispatch are aware of but yet do nothing about it?

One broker has been caught 20 times or more for posting loads without a contract. You do nothing about it. As long as they pay their monthly fee you let them piss off every other company that does it right (ethically). You let them piss off every trucker who calls for the load when they don't have the load... they have to call and make the sale and then call the carrier back IF they can close the deal. What a waste of time for every hard working trucker that wants to make one call to fill one spot on the truck. It does not work like that any more because COX Automotive has no clue how upset every one of your paying customers are pissed off at you. You make our work miserable because you do not even enforce your own website rules. Your rating system is a joke. If your idiot employees called the customer who was screwed you would realize how much your company [email protected]#%$#@ consumers! How dare you!


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