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Central Credit Services Inc

Country United States
State Florida
City Jacksonville
Address 9550 Regency Ap # 602
Phone 904-724-1800

Central Credit Services Inc Reviews

  • Jul 28, 2018

Why do I have two unknown account that I have no idea of, it's messing up my credit score I work in Shreman Tx but I haven't been hurt it injured in any way so why are they charging me $1,950 for both accounts that I have no idea of... I need them off or ease soon as possible.

  • Jun 29, 2016

This company sent me a letter about a debt that I supposedly owed to a company in Colorado. I did use the company when I lived there, but that was around a year ago and I had given the company my updated number in the event of anything negative happening (I've had bad luck with Comcast in the past when it comes to cancelling). Anyways, they had sent me a bill for around $150.00 saying I owed them now.

At first I freaked out a little bit and thought that maybe I had forgotten something but after a phone call I realized I hadn't. I talked with billing and had to explain to them the reason for my call because my account has been long closed and is in good standing. They have ordered to send out a copy of my prior statements for in case this escalates.

Somehow, this company hasn't tried calling me yet as far as I know, but I really don't appreciate the blatant attempt at trying to get some quick cash off me. I'm surprised they have my updated address even. No clue how they got that.

  • Jan 15, 2016

Rec'd a letter from Central Credit Services on behalf of Pendrick Capital Partners offering a gernerous discount of $233.70 on a debt of $779.00. Called the number on the letter and spoke to Paulette Green. I asked Miss Green what this was about as I have no outstanding debts of any kind. She said it was from a hospital bill I had back in 2013.

Told her all my hospital bills were discharged through a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. I gave her the case number as well as my attorney's contact information. I told her that I had better not receive another letter or even a phone call from either them or Pendrick Capital Partners or I would be filing a suit for harassment on a legally discharged debt. She assured me there would be no further contact.

  • Nov 10, 2015

My girl friend go in the mail today, a letter of collections from Central Credit Services. They are collecting for Link revenue resources, which is collecting for a local hospital.

They said she can pay one of two ways: 1) 3 payments over 3 months of over $1500. 2) a one time payment of only 80% of the ammount due.

No reputiable collection company that i know of would do this. They can not force anyone to make payment of any ammount they cant afford, and there are no companies that i know of that would only take 80% of the ammount.

Now to the funny part. In the letter they did not sent any information about the so call ammount due. She has medical coverage from disability, medicare and medicaid. These two insurances pay each other. What one does not cover the other does. She has never receiced a bill from the hospital for any reason. This letter has no date of services, just wanting her to call them. Oh and i forgot, what collection company gives there debt to another company to collect on?

For anyone reading this, never ever call anyone claiming to be a debt collection company and GIVE them your personal information. If they actually have a collection on you, THEY will actually know your information, and it will be on file. If you get some automated call saying call us back, do like i do. Call them back and aske THEM to provide you with your information. If it illegal to ask for your private information, such as social security number, insurance, ect. Companies like this are a rip off and only want to take your money. They pull credit reports on people, which is also illegal to do with out your concent, see if you have any old bills on your report, and then say THEY were given the account to collect on.

Okay so just again, dont call these people and give them your information. If they call you and you talk to a person, dont give that person your personal information. THEY should be able to provide that information to you. Look up fair collection act, and i think its the federal trade commision. Know your rights. I have taken care of several companies already that tried this.

sorry for any mispelled words.

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