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Central Care Mission

Country United States
State Florida
City Orlando
Address 4027 lenox blvd
Phone 4072996146

Central Care Mission Reviews

  • May 8, 2017

This place is a complete fraud and money making scam. They claim to be non profit christian program helping men get on there feet and be closer to god. They are the farthest thing from it. They prey on the homeless and people who are fown and out and sell them a fake dream. They make you sign over a power of attorney so all of your money goes into their bank account. Theu dont give you statements to let you know how much money you have and what you have saved. They loose paychecks freaquently and they also make you sign up for food stamps and take all of your ebt benifits. They make you take a van to and from work or where ever you need to go and charge you 10 dollars a ride. Even if ypu work one block away they wont let you walk to work you must pay them. If you ahow any defiance or question the program they kick you out and take all your money and kick you to the streets with absolutly nothing. No money no food stamps and no help. If you try and leave the program early they will call your job and ask your employer to fire you . even of you got the job by yourself with no help from them they yry and destroy your life if you lwave the program. This is thebfaryhest thing from a christian program that they claim to be that i have ever heard of. What they do is borderline illegal and morally wrong. Stay away beforw they have all of your money and life in their hands and they use it over your head and threaten you if you try and leave. Spenser the man who runs it is a complete con artist and gets rich off of the helpless people he is abusing. STAY AWAY!!!!

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