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Country United States
State Missouri
City Saint Louis
Phone 1-800-814-6631

Centerprism Reviews

  • Oct 9, 2017

What ever you do don't trust Michael Hollingsworth from St. Louis or Chesterfield, MO he is a scam artist and the local community in St. Louis should not do business with him. He stole 2,850 from me personally as I was going to rent an office space in chesterfield mo AT # THE PINES CT Chesterfield, Mo 63141. We went to move in and Michael Hollingworth was nowhere to be found on the day that we were to move in. He acted like he was out of town. We tried for over 3 days to reach him. His wife finally showed up at the office 3 days later to advise us that Mochael was out of town and we would not be getting access to the office that we had already rented and he had ran oput on us before giving us access. He is a scam artist and shouldn't be trusted to this day of Sept 20th 2017 he has still not returned the money he stole from us and tried calling the police in chesterfield to have this asked us to stop calling. Maybe someone else will see this message and decide not to do business with this man.

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