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Centerpoint Apartments

Country United States
State Texas
City Dallas
Address 2626 Frankford Rd
Phone 972-306-3277

Centerpoint Apartments Reviews

  • Aug 20, 2015

Beware of Centerpoint Apartments located at 2626 Frankford Road in Dallas, TX. They are owned by a family of Debt Collectors, and have a habit of sueing their tenants on move out for BS charges. Up to THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS. This is nothing but EXTORTION. It was even found they intentionally LOSE the move out notices. The DallasObserver ran a great undercover article on them called "AT CENTERPOINT APARTMENTS, MOVING OUT OFTEN MEANS A TRIP TO COURT (AND A FAT BILL)".It was written by Amy Silverstein.

The local Justice of the Peace has ruled in their favor in over 700 lawsuits against former tenants AND THEIR FAMILY MEMBERS.

They REQUIRE everyone to have a cosigner and they go after cosigners for THOUSANDS as they ALWAYS request Attorney's fees. A local grandmother who had NEVER LIVED THERE had her ENTIRE BANK ACCOUNT FROZEN and TAKEN by the crooked Judge whose campaign was financed by the Apartment lobby. She had never ruled against Centerpoint and one man finally had his case taken away from her court to another court which ruled AGAINST Centerpoint for the first time EVER. Centerpoint often shows up to court without ANY PROOF whatsoever that anything was did wrong but she rules for them anyway.

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