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Centara Capital Management Group

Country United States
State California
City San Diego
Address 4747 Executive Dr
Phone 619-398-1700

Centara Capital Management Group Reviews

  • Nov 13, 2017

My elderly father got involved with Centara Capital through their Equitykey business and was taken advantage of. Basically what Equitykey does is target elderly people and convince them to sacrifice large portions of their future home appreciation in exchange for a small up front sum amount. Since there are no mortgage payments and no obligation to pay the initial amount back they advertise that their arrangements allow for people to have access to cash "without incurring any debt". But what you get is infinitely worse than any debt due to the lopsided nature of the contract.

Their victims cannot discern the riskiness of the arrangements due to their age and complicated structure of the agreements. The worse case scenario is the possibility of the person or family being displaced from their home when they cannot come up with enough cash as the amount becomes due years later. Title companies have no idea what to call these and they end up as being named loans, albeit with massive balloon payments, on the closing documentation,

Additionally even though Equitykey balks at these being called loans, they seem to have no problem asking for interest on any amounts due if the homeowner cannot come up with the cash in a timely manner. Avoid anyone associated with this organization. There is very little beneath them if they see an opportunity to take advantage of a trusting person.

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