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Cen Com Inc

Country United States
State Washington
City Kirkland
Address 8525 120th Ave NE Ste 222
Phone (800) 365-2527

Cen Com Inc Reviews

  • Dec 19, 2019

I have tried three times to cancel the alarm service and they will not let me cancel until I pay what they claim I owe them. I did not allow them authorize them or ask them to renew my service. I emailed them and called them and they said the only way to cancel is to go onto their website and cancel.

I try and it says I cannot cancel and will keep accruing charges until I pay in full then I can cancel. This should be an illegal practice and how can I cancel if the charges are not valid and they will not let me cancel until I pay what I do not owe.

I have not had service with this company as the old arm stopped working I told them several times and got a new alarm with a new company and all new equipment in January of 2019, when I still had time left for my completely paid in full service.

In fact there was 3 months left that I paid for in full that I did not ask for as a refund and they did not give refunds, but I did tell them the unit was disconnected and not working. I went on three times to cancel but it would not let me I kept calling and finally gave up as no one was able to help me and they kept telling me I had to go online.

I have asked for a copy of the contract several times and not authorized any additional charges as this was a yearly agreement that was paid in full and would be charged in full at each renewal without any peroration if I canceled early. I did not authorize it to be renewed and again tried to cancel several times.


  • Apr 18, 2017

I joined Alarm Services in October shortly after I moved. I paid for one year of services up front per their requirements ($255.35), and shipping for my rental of a cellular device. The initial setup process seemed simple enough and they shipped me the cellular device to hook up to my alarm panel. I hooked up this device to my panel and nothing happened. The devices LEDs did not come on. It did nothing. After speaking to Alarm Services I had to pay another $18.95 for them to ship a power supply for the device. After hooking up the power supply I called into test it and the technician I needed to work with for programing was not available. I made an appointment to work with him and when that time came I was unable to test because the server I needed to communicate with was down for maintenance. At this point I should have known there was a larger issue.

I was never able to get their device to work with my system. I don't know if the device was bad or if it was just not compatible with my panel. The issue is not my panel as Alarm Services claims. I was able to replace their monitoring and setup communication with another provider in a matter of hours.

After spending 90 days trying to get communications established with Alarm Services they billed my account $100 for not using the provided equipment. They began calling me trying to collect this amount. At each call they assured me they would drop the charge when communication was established. The calls became harassing in nature as time went on. I was a customer who was having an issue and they wanted more money from me for it. Again at this point I should have known there was a larger issue.

Finally I decided to close my account in February. My first attempt to cancel my services was denied by Alarm Services even though I used their online form. I had to request cancellation a second time and fill out another form to get a cancellation code and then call them. This was past my 90 day money back period and even though I was never able to establish communication with their provided equipment and they provided me no monitoring services Alarm Services concluded that I was only eligible for an $11 refund of the $274.30 I had paid them. Their position is that each month they were unable to serve me as customer is being billed at double the rate because I did not use a full year of no service. I was told I had 14 days to send back the rented device at my cost which I did. Only a few days into my 14 days, they billed my account $300 for not returning it. Once again I began receiving collection calls.

It has been more then a month since they confirmed receiving the cellular device back, but they will not pay me my $11 because I don't agree that it is the correct amount.

When I explained that I was interested in using my consumer protections and would have my bank issue a charge back they responded by threatening me with damage to my credit score and another $50 fee for having a charge back.

Alarm Services is a terrible, not customer focused company. I made an error selecting them. I hope my story prevents some others from having to deal with them.

  • Oct 27, 2019


I worked for them in the 90s. The owner was/is money hungry. He made me tell a company their alarm system was obsolete when it wasn't so they would have to buy a new one from him for $300. I needed my job so i did. I regret that.

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