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Country Canada
City Richmond, British Columbia
Address Box 276 130-8191 Westminster Highway
Phone 1-800-507-9077
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  • Dec 17, 2016

I have made a purchase from the company for a specific amount, needless to say I was charged the proper amount. I used the credit card payment option as a non paypal customer, unfortunately days after I was accessed a fee from the company that caused my account to become negative, additional I was charged a Overdraft fee for the amount of $35. Well, after informing the company regarding this charge they have continued to deny that it was them, I spoke to paypal which clearly informed me that it was not accessed by them. The company continues to deny the transaction, in addition makes excuses that maybe it's my bank yet it specifically states the companies name. To receive a unlock code I am confident that you can use any company thats out there, so electing to use Cellularunlock for future purchase will not ever happen as I will not deal with a company that would not take responsibility for there mistakes. This is my initial complaint, I will provide a more detailed explanation on my entire experience in a few days.

  • Aug 7, 2015

They charged me USD 69.99 for an unlock code that I never received (after waiting for over a month). My repeated emails to them would give me the same answer that they can't do anything because their "supplier" doesn't provide the code and they also refused to give me a refund at all. Here is a part of what they said: "please take note of the terms and conditions you have agreed to as well:

We have also mentioned this in ther terms and conditions:

"Orders which have already been sent in for processing cannot be cancelled while in transit".

Basically, they just took my money, didn't do anything and refused to ever refund. Shameless scammers.

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