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Country United States
State Florida
City Hallandale Beach
Phone 216-577-6800
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  • Apr 10, 2017

I placed an order in February, as of April 8th, the order still showed as processing and no one from the company has responded to any of my emails. I was charged $99 at the time the order was placed and has since filed a dispute with my credit card company to get my money back.

  • Sep 7, 2015

I purchased an unlock code from CellUnlock.Net on 8/8/15. It was for my Samsung Galaxy S4 that I was trying to sell. I wanted to unlock my phone for resale sale value. I did consider the fact that I could possibly buy an unlock code that failed to unlock my phone, so I was sure to look over the return policy that CellUnlock.Net displayed on their website. It say's "If you claim the code doesn't work, Refund will only be given if VIDEO PROOF is provided". This made me feel confident in purchasing an unlock code from CellUnlock.Net because trusted that if the code provided did not unlock my phone, I could send them video proof of that and they would honor their return policy and refund my money. I thought wrong!

At first knew this was a very shady company shortly after placing my order on PayPal. A few hours had passed after placing my order and I failed to receive my instant unlock code via email like I should have.

This made me nervous so I attempted to cancel my PayPal order and was told I needed to dispute the charge in order to do so. So I filed a dispute and received an email from CellUnlock.Net threatening to blacklist the MEI number to my phone as lost/stolen (This would make my phone unusable on any network) if I didn't drop the dispute.

That scared me as I cant sell a phone with a blacklisted IMEI number, so I called PayPal and cancelled the dispute. I would later regret doing this because once you cancel a dispute for a transaction you couldn't re-open it for any reason. I would latter regret this. Looking back now I have to wonder if they even have the power to wrongfully blacklist an IMEI or if that was just a threat to scare me into canceling the dispute.

It took almost a week to receive my unlock code despite the fact that they advertised an instant unlock code. When I finally received it I attempted to use it and got the message "Network Unlock Request Unsuccessful". When I reached out to them about this I t took several days to get a response. In face I has to reach out to them several times and it always took 3-4 days to get a response. I tried calling the number provided on their website but that went to voicemail ever time. When they finally got back to me it was with a long detailed list of things to try in place of the unlock code. I am not at all savvy with electronics, so this was very confusing to me. Never the less I tried everything they threw at me only to become disappointed when it didn't work.

After a couple weeks of trying new things and getting nowhere I messaged them t requesting either a new working Unlock code or a full refund. The reply I received was instructions to take a video recording that showed me accessing the IMEI number on my phone followed by my attempt to unlock the phone using the unlock code I received from CellUnlock.Net. I was told that it needed to be uploaded to YouTube and provided to CellUnlock.Net via email in the form of a link and not an attachment. I provided them everything they requested and followed their instructions to T.

I received a response from CellUnlock.Net 4 days later. I was sure it would be a conformation that they had refunded me my $24.99. Instead it was yet again another set of long instructions on another possible way to unlock my phone. I followed those instructions and once again they too did not work. The response I got from them was "try those instructions again". I was getting nowhere.

My final email to CellUnlock was on 8/27/15. Yes, it had been almost a month of going back and forth with them since my order was placed and I was still no closer to a resolution than I was day one. I asked them to please honor their return policy and refund me my money as I provided the video they requested. I never received a response. Please see the link to the YouTube video below which shows the unlock code was unsuccessful.

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