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Cellular Medical Alert Systems

Country United States
State Pennsylvania
City Broomall
Address 2193 West Chester Pike
Phone 1-800-800-0110

Cellular Medical Alert Systems Reviews

  • Sep 23, 2015

We needed a medic alert system to keep my 93 year old aunt independent as she is hard of hearing.We received the machine and button as promised and a contract that if we paid for 10 months we would get 12 months. We go south in the winter and put it on suspension after six months of service. We were informed that was NOT an option. They would refund her money but only for four months. One week later they withdrew the amount of the refund FROM her account. Five days later they withdrew it again!! I contacted the company six times over the next four months and finally got a check for the two withdrawls but not for the refund amount. I called two weeks before we were to come home and requested to have the service reinstated from the money they still held of hers. I was told by customer service that it would be done. Six days after activation they withdrew almost double from her account again! I have called another six times, each time being told a manager would contact me in 48 hrs or less. I have never been contacted! I think this company is a ripoff and I want to warn others about them. We are to test the button once a month also. On one occasion we pushed the test button four times in a 20 minute period and got"call in progress" but no response! They said it was a faulty unit. They would send out a new unit next day. I tried the old unit immediately after and guess what---IT WORKED!!!! If you have a loved one you need to protect--don't use them!

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