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Country United States
State Alabama

Cash App Reviews

  • Oct 14, 2020

I am the victim of fraud. I met with a party and sold 2 pair of high-end sneakers. They had the opportunity to view the sneakers in detail, taking them apart, inspecting them and choosing to purchase them from me. They had every opportunity to not purchase these from me and yet they did. The transaction as done thru the Cash App, a Square Company (same owner, same location). I have tried several times to communicate directly with Cash App and they only communicate via email, which has never been answered or replied to.

The buyer files a claim with Cash App for his money back and Cash App grants this without ever contacting me to tell me of the dispute. Instead, $2,052.00 was taken from my bank account without my consent. To me, this is fraudulent and illegal. I have contacted my bank (Chase) and they have instructed me to deal directly with Cash App (again, they have done ZERO communication with me). And now I am out $2,052 and a buyer who still has my shoes and could have easy resold them and made the same amount of money and still received a refund from Cash App.

Again, the buyer had every opportunity during the original transaction to walk away from his purchase, instead he decided to purchase my shoes. Please help me with understanding what can be done. I have read all of the negative reviews online about Cash App ( and complaints filed against them. They should have contacted me prior to any type of funds being withdrawn, in which they did not.

  • Aug 18, 2020

Hello, On 8/2/2020 I used Cashapp to send $250 to what turned out to be a scammer on (That's another story). That pmt apparently went through. Then I attempted a $200 and $300 pmt to same person that did NOT go through. I called Cashapp support, which was hard as hell to find to begin with. That agent said it would be no trouble, yet I still don't have it. They use the tech support app called TeamViewer to log on to your phone or desktop so you can see what they're doing. So, I know exactly what they were doing. I called the next day to attempt to get the $500 back.

I also told him I had not rec'd the $250 yet. To make a 9 hr story short, 9 hrs later of non-stop BS of him literally trying to find other unsuspecting customers to solicit $750 from, and tell them they (MIGHT) get it back in 10 days, he eventually told me that I have to find a friend or relative to send them that amount and I could get my money back. I still have that text. He refused to let me talk to his supervisor, or anyone above him. It was then, with a little cursory research that I discovered that the company was owned by the infamous fascist billionaire, Jack Dorsey.

I even called back the next day to get another agent. This guy proceeded to use TeamViewer to access my Cashapp app and found 1 of my other successful transactions from a close gracious Facebook friend for $100. He proceeded to go to my Msngr account where I had contacted her and he not only solicits her FIVE TIMES for the $750, while also telling her that she would get it back in 10 days, as if she, or anyone else just has $750 laying around doing nothing.

He also starts reading my private conversations with this friend. I finally had to shut my phone off to stop him. I have screenshots of him doing this. Would someone please tell me on what planet is this legal? I know now that I may not ever see that $750 unless possibly the SCOTUS got involved, and indeed, I think I may be right. So far, my bank has declined TWICE to accept my claim. I called my worthless US Congressman, and they copped the excuse that since Cashapp isn't part of the govt. they can't help.

THAT IS SUCH BS! I called my Lt. Gov. just to get some advice since he's not a fascist like our Governor, and he could give none. Finally, I tried to file a Police report, and he basically said I'm S.O.L. So, this place is my last resort. PLEEEZE! HELP ME! That's pretty much all I know to tell you right now. Thanks.

  • Jun 12, 2020

I reached out to this company to get information about setting up a Cash App account for my business. They explained that in order to do that, I needed a personal Cash App account. They had me to login to my personal cash app account with them on there and said I needed to purchase Bitcoin in order to send it over to the new Business card, that they were setting up. Once I purchased the bitcoin, they said in order to get the card activated, I needed to purchase another $2000 of bitcoin. I refused, and asked where is my $2000 of bitcoin. I told the man supposely his name was James Franklin, that he had lied and changed what he said was required to open this cash app business account. He said, I'll send you your cash app business debit card within in 5-6 days with the $2000 on there and once you receive it, call me back at my direct number at 858-428-7868, so it can be activated. Of course, I have not received the card as promised, and when I called back, someone named Michael, hung the phone up on me. The other numbers that were active on June the 4th are no longer working Those numbers are 866-232-4252 and 858-746-8626. Please beware of this company!

  • Apr 29, 2020

On 3/12/20 I placed an order with The Childrens Place through Cashapp. My order was shipped on 3/14/20. I contacted The Childrens Place on 4/6/20 regarding my missing order. On 3/27/20 Cashapp voided my transaction and never returned my momey. I have made a complaint to the Better Business Bureau about both incidents and today 4/30/20 I received a response from The Childrens Place stating they issued me a refund to Cashapp and that I need to take it up with them.

  • Mar 13, 2020

Cash app froze my account, after receiving my tax refund. I was making several transactions and sending money to family & friends. This must have been upsetting because they froze mine and my friend's accounts after attempting to send her $ using the app. Cash app has a phone number cannot reach a human, it’s just an automated system.

This is an email I send after not being able to access my account for over 2 wks.

Please, help me gain some sort of understanding as to why my account is still locked and has been since 2/28/20 with no explanation, or even an attempt to tell me the reason why, other than "unusual activity", and "for my protection". But there were no unauthorized transactions. I made all the transactions on the account!

Since my account has been locked I have yet to receive am explanation or any communication on what exactly transpired for my account to be locked. I've sent several emails (both on website, app, and via twitter, and Facebook messenger. Each met with a vague reply or a list of "needed" documentation ($cashapp name, email, phone, any communications had with cash app, and/or cash support; with date of the communication, and nature of the inquiry. As well as any device used to access cash app account, make, model, IMEI, and serial number!

Although, excessive and unnecessary. I complied and sent everything that was asked (more than once)!!! After sending back everything that was requested, EACH and EVERY time, usually 2-4 days after sending everything that was needed to "fix my account", I would receive an email back telling me to "Your case is closed, Reopen your case", And the audacity to say that they haven't heard from me in over a week!! Which is a complete fabrication!

Every single penny I have is locked in this account, I can’t buy food or diapers, and I couldn't get a birthday present for my 6 years old's birthday! I'm a single mom of 2 and on welfare! The communication at this company is deplorable!!! I've never experienced such negligence when it comes to customer support in my life! I've literally contacting cash app support daily, since being locked out of my account. No PHONE SUPPORT??? You're a banking app!!

It's just, amazing how unaccommodating, literally go out of the way to make your customers feel as if they don't matter at all!! I just would like to cash out or mail me a check of my balance and close my account! I'm just in shock that you don't even acknowledge the complete lack of customer support! It's truly terrible!! If nothing is done within the next 24 - 48 hours I going to contact the American Arbitration Association (“AAA”) in hopes that this issue can get expedited and this nightmare can be over!!!!!

  • Feb 20, 2020

Cash App customer service is horrible. And they make it easy for fraud to happen and for crooks to get away with it. Jane R. is a representative that was supposed to me helping me. My account was compromised and $180 was stolen.

I reported it to them and the person it went to and the response I got was pretty much it appears to have came from our device and there is nothing they were going to do. Pretty much ask someone who may have had access or the person who it went to.

When we asked repeatedly for the corporate information they REFUSED to give the information. Even contacted them on Twitter and they still REFUSED to give corporate information. And then they start to ignore your messages.

  • Aug 21, 2019



  • Jul 29, 2019

I sold 3 gift cards for 900 and they took almost 2 weeks to give me a solution which was not to my liking. They claim that I had previously sold them some gift cards 3 years ago that went bad, and that I owed them $750. So i would only be receiving $150.

I countered that i had an established account with them, credit card on file, they had my contact info, and they never contacted me. I could have disputed it at the time of incident. My gift cards were brand new, never compromised. They told me there was nothing they could do for me. So I will never do business with them again.

  • Feb 6, 2019

On September 3, 2018 cashapp withdrew an amount of 302 dollars and I cooperated doing their process for months and now they deleted my account and some of our emails to avoid paying me even though 3 days ago they agreed to pay me today and now they sent me a email saying to not contact them ever again and they are not paying me and the decision is final and I want to get legal help.

  • Jul 24, 2018

I downloaded the "Cash App" through the Google play store which at first glance listed positive reviews. I sent my son 3 money transactions, he received 1, so I tried to locate a telephone number for customer service, support, anyone or anything that could help tell me where my other 2 money transactions had gone, all I could find was an anonymous email. I sent them an email several days ago for help and apparently my email is MIA just like my money!! After doing further research, apparently this company has done this to a multitude of unwary consumers. To add insult to injury, Google play store should have vetted or done due diligence regarding this website/ web developer before allowing them to post their business on the play store site allowing this business to dupe innocent consumers, instead of protecting their customers from this shady and unethical business. BEWARE OF THE CASH APP..... unless you want your money to go MIA and then not be able to get any help from the company to find out where your money is or went to!!

  • Jul 7, 2018

I attempted to use cash all to transfer funds to an individual, I had used it in the past to send small amounts like $5.00 and it worked, this time I was sending $600 and the funds wouldn't transfer so I called the cash app support line spoke with a Lisa Paul who told me she could assist me if I purchased Google play cards and give her the numbers she could transfer the funds, I purchased $600 in Google play cards called her with the info she called me back and said I needed to have $1500 in the account to transfer $600, I then purchased $900 more in Google play cards called her with the info she then informed me $600 would be transferred and she would transfer the $900 back to me the individual never received the $600 and I never received the $900, I called again and was told it needed to be an even $2000 I then asked that the total $1500 be sent back to me and was told if I didn't send the additional $500 my case would be closed and I would not receive my $1500 back.

  • Jun 20, 2018

I sent my husband one hundred dollars through cash app because his flight was canceled. He kept getting a message on his end saying that his card wasnt supported. I called cash app and spoke with a Mr. Smith he said that they only refund up to 200 hundred dollars that I must go to purchase a google card for another 100 dollars and call him back and they will refund me my 200 dollars. At this time I only had two dollars in the bank so I borrowed 100 dollars from my daughter got the google card and gave Mr. Smith the numbers on the back of the card. He told me that my 200 dollars would be refunded within 15 minutes. I've been calling and calling and I still have not got my refund. I bank with employees state credit union and they told me that the 100 dollars had fallen off therefore it wasnt processed. But Im still out of 100 dollars that I now owe to my daughter as well.

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