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Casey Davis Law

Country United States
State Texas
City Plano
Address 1611 K Ave
Phone (214) 882-5350

Casey Davis Law Reviews

  • Jan 27, 2016

I've been researching all day what I can do to Help myself in my criminal case, which I thought was an easy case to be dismissed since there was No victim, No body of evidence and No Way that I could loose .But instead Now I'm facing a 2 Felonies instead of one I got a second one for FTA but the reason was incarcerated at the time unable not unwilling to go to court in Collin county Mrs Davis cannot get my warrant lifted which to me is very sinister when I've read and researched that usually judges will just reschedule and lift a warrant when circumstances are beyond my control . irst I was charged in Collin county with a misdemeanor & felony for exact same case. Then while I was in felony court upstairs I was also supposed to be downstairs at exact same time for misdemeanor court same offence , then I was issued a Warrant because I wasn't able to be in 2 courts at the same time. A couple months later warrant was lifted . Mrs. Davis has told me numerous times that we could beat this and I had a really good chance And we can take it to trial, so I went ahead paid her Alot to go to trial ,only for me to be told a couple of months later I have no chance and to take a plea .I was told straight up Mrs Davis is a business woman and it does not matter to her what happens , and also that she had spent a entire day on my case she was very tired and didn't want to discuss further when I was only trying to ask questions so I can come up with the best decision, I was treated like a nuisance and a criminal and I have not even taken a plea as of yet .honestly I can say that nothing that she has done for me has changed since day one! I could have had no legal representation and got the same outcome and I would have atleast the couple thousand that was spent atleast to save my family from eviction and homeless shelter. So now my life is in limbo and I have no hope unless I sell my soul because that's all I have left to get another lawyer to help me.I don't know what to do and these lawyers or so called wanna be's take everything you have plus money you and your family don't have to do nothing for you only to make deals so they get extra points and get paid more and treat the client as if we aren't even human .People accused have no Rights We are guilty until proven innocent which even then most cases the jury is picked to represent the prosecution so if we don't take a plea of guilt to make everyone else's life a lot easier ,the justice system will work their magic to make sure you are found guilty and ruined for the testing your life. We are nothing to them even if we are innocent. We are nothing but another point on there let's make a deal judicial system .

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