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Casale Rent-All LLC

Country United States
State New York
City Clifton Park
Address 1641 Route 9
Phone 518-383-7368

Casale Rent-All LLC Reviews

  • Aug 11, 2015

We rented a small excavator from Casale rent all late december for a day to dig six small holes. The machines bucket had started to split where it had previously had been repaired. It was clear that the bucket had been previously welded, as there was rust around the weld. We contacted casale, they then blamed us for negligent use of the machine. We have used excavators before several times and never had a single issue with the bucket coming apart. They came and picked the machine up an hour later, we didn't get any of the work finished, they refused to refund the security deposit. We had to rent another machine to finish the work, on top of losing $570 for a security deposit. We recently contacted casale rent all (January 03) and they said that because the business transaction occurred last year (3 weeks ago) that they would not refund the deposit. It is perfectly clear in the pictures that we have taken that it is not a factory weld, and the repair was done incorrectly. They had claimed they brought it to a certified welder and they stated it was a factory weld, however it clearly wasnt a factory weld as it was done by hand, improperly. Had we received a statement from a CAT dealer that it was in fact a factory weld it would be a different story.

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