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Country United States
State Texas
City Pasadena
Address 4930 Allen Genoa Road, Suite D
Phone 713 473 6572

CarveWright Reviews

  • Mar 11, 2018

I purchased a brand new CarveWright from this company in 2017. The CarveWright had issues from day 1. I have spent over 7 months fighting with this company to get a refund or replacement machine and they refuse to do so. I have had numerous parts show up either broken or have been defective on the machine. Their customer service is absolutely horrible and all they want to do is continue to send me part after part. They offer a 30 day return with a restocking fee. From the time I ordered my machine to the actual time I received it was 20 days. There is no way of knowing if the unit is defective or not in only 10 days. The learning curve is much longer than 10 days.

There are several items to be careful of when you purchase a CarveWright from this company.

First of all you only have a 30 day return policy from the date of purchase, not the date of activation of the software.

You are responsible for all repairs to the machine, regardless if the part was defective, broken, in shipping, or you accidentally broke something.

In their agreement there is a clause stating you waive all your right to sue unless you choose to sue them in TX. This is not cost effective unless you live there and they know this. What kind of company forces their customers to give up their rights?

I received numerous errors on my machine from day 1. Some of them include Z axis stall, rear roller fault, cut motor fault, and the list goes on. I have numerous bits broken because of the faulty head motor. Also CarveWright will not warranty or replace your bits. Even if brand new ones are broken, thats your problem and you have to pay to replace them.

My unit arrived with broken pieces and within the next few days while trying to use this CarveWright more parts continues to break. CarveWright continued to blame the shipping company and refused to take back my machine. I've replace covers, drive motors, crank assembly units, and more. What brand new machine has this many issues? Furthermore CarveWright considers this "normal".

I would highly advise you read what you are buying before purchasing. Ask for a copy of the agreement you sign before you buy the unit. You must be ok with constantly repairing your machine, waiving your legal rights to sue, and dealing with customer service reps who just don't care. I also reached out to the CEO, Joe Lovchik, and several board memebrs, none of which returned my messages.

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