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Carr Woodall

Country United States
State Utah
City South Jordan
Address 10808 S River Front Pkwy Ste 175
Phone (801) 254-9450

Carr Woodall Reviews

  • Jan 18, 2018

FRAUD WARNING: Attornet Bradley (Brad) Carr from

Utah Bar No. 14428

Bradley Carr, - I do not recommend Bradley Carr in Utah. Bar Number 14428

Absolutely the worst experience. I got sucked in during the typical 250.00 interview. After plunking down 20k then another 20k I realized Bradley (Brad) Carr did not have a clue to what he was doing. He liked to chit chat on the phone a lot and bill thousands of dollars each week but never did what he said he was going to do. He would then talk about the same issues the next week and bill all over again. As I researched a bit deeper I found more complaints on Bradley (Brad) Carr and his firm Carr Woodall Law.

Ultimately I started questioning his billing and Bradley (Brad) Carr headed for the hills. My review here is a warning to stay as far away from this incompetent shyster as possible. Check around and call someone else that actually knows what they are doing.

Just do a Google search and you will see how many other clients Bradley (Brad) Carr ripped off… You find this rat also on

  • Jan 15, 2018

And he met with me and my mother ONCE in person for any type of in-depth consultation. Attorney Bradley Carr stated on multiple occasions that he was going to file a motion for my divorce and custody and NEVER did. He then neglected to contact me after I paid him a retainer of $3,750 and then he decided not to file the default altogether! When you are fighting for your child- and you are told things are almost over while you are missing months of his life- this is UNACCEPTABLE. I am now having to fight to recover any remaining part of the retainer and obtain a billing statement. I work hard, often in excess of 10 hours a day and make nothing near the $300 something an hour Bradley Carr is making. It's pretty sorry that someone who claims to be an advocate for families would provide this kind of lousy service. I would NOT recommend Bradley Carr for anyone who seriously wants to take care of their family. I discovered there are many complaints against Attorney Bradley Carr and his Law firm. He advised me to give false sworn testimonials in court to “win” the case… This crook is outright criminal…. A unethical lawyer like Bradley (Brad) Carr should have his Bar license revoked…! CONSUMERS BEWARE!!! BRADLEY CARR IS NOT AN ADVOCATE FOR YOUR FAMILY. IT IS A SUBTREFUGE. BRADLEY (BRAD) CARR WANTS YOUR MONEY FIRST AND RESULTS DO NOT MATTER. BRADLEY (BRAD) CARR GOES THROUGH THE MOTIONS, GIVES YOU ILLEGAL ADVICE AND HAS ABSOLUTELY ZERO COMPASSION FOR HIS CLIENTS. BRADLEY (BRAD) CARR SHOULD NOT BE TRUSTED WITH YOUR FAMILY, YOUR LIFE OR YOUR MONEY. BRADLEY CARR IS A HIGHLY UNETHICAL SCUM BAG. RUN THE OTHER WAY.

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