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Carolina Roofing and Siding

Country United States
State South Carolina
City Little River
Address 279 Highway 57 S
Phone (843) 361-7663

Carolina Roofing and Siding Reviews

  • Feb 7, 2017

Wayne Wallace Coastal Roofing

I guess I was one of the lucky ones. Seeing 2 large ads in the phone book, I e-mailed him & he quickly responded in October after Matthew. He came quickly, gave us an estimate & I paid him the portion of the insurance money I had received from the insurance company. His crew of several were here bright & early the next morning & were almost finished by night. They were here the next morning to finish. He was to order new sky lights. After call after call, when I do ever get him on the phone which is very rare, he will promise to be here on a certain day to replace the 2 skylights. The one in the master bathroom pours water when it rain really hard. We cannot get him back to replace these skylights. We still owe him the balance of the insurance money, but we cannot even get him back to replace the skylights or give us a final bill. I cannot find my signed copy that I was given. I vaguely remember him asking for it back to add something to it & I cannot remember him giving it back to me. I rate him a -1 for being truthful.

  • Dec 23, 2016

My fiancé and a group of roofers (about 6) went to do jobs for Wayne Wallace in SC around the 28 of October. When it came time to start paying Wallace kept making excuses that he was waiting on insurances to send him the check. They were patient and were originally given a small sum to cover one of the houses they did. They were still waiting for payment on 10 -11 other homes (possibly a few more) . The workers let him know they would not be doing anymore homes for him until he paid. Wallace then came back and stated that he would not be paying either of the 2 groups for any of the jobs done.

He stated one of the home owners was refusing to at him bc of a minor (15 yo) being present (he was not being paid for work, he was with his father) and because Of that he would be withholding all payment. The total amount of money owed is around 23,000. He then began advoiding phone calls. My fiancé and his boss went back to many of the houses they had done and had the home owners fill out a paper showing they had done the work on the homes. Many had paid Wallace out of there own money and were in the process of filing complaints on him as well do to him not finishing the jobs. My fiancé and the others have met with a few lawyers and gone to the police station to file charges and aren't getting much of anywhere because the sum is so large.

The police station did say that they had tried to go serve Wallace but he is using an address for a mail room. Everything is in his wife/girlfriends name. Today, 12/22/16 my fiances boss saw Mr. Wallace and was able to led the police to him. He has been arrested and is being held at Georgetown Police Department in South Carolina. I'm not sure if details but this is a start! Hopefully we can put this man back where he belongs!! Everyone please spread the word and beware of this man. He is a criminal scam artist and needs to be stopped permanently! Please feel free to contact me for any information. I want this man to stay behind bars!!!

  • Dec 7, 2016

Wayne Wallace

Wallace contacted my fiancés boss and had him bring a team of guys to Little River to complete roofing repairs starting in October. He now owes them for at least 15 homes they completed and never received payment.

  • Sep 3, 2016

Coastal Roofing Co /Wayne Wallace gave us an estimate for reshingling a partial roof on July 20,2016. He took our deposit of $1500.00 and cashed/deposited it on July21,2016 at Anderson Brothers Bank in Little River. After a week I made daily calls or texts to see when to expect his crew. After three weeks of assuring me they would arrive Sat. morning, after Sat morning, he avoided my calls and texts. He also insulted me personally in text. I am filing a small claims against the company and Mr. Wallace as the primary.

  • May 11, 2016

Wayne Wallace runs under 2 company names. 1st known name is Carolina Roofing and Siding, 2nd is Coastal Roofing.

He has several phone numbers: *** *** **** mobile, then onto company landlines: *** *** ****, *** *** **** (this is an Irmo, SC address), then Carolina Roofing and Siding is *** *** ****.

Wallace is a charming CON man. He gave an itemized estimate/contract. If you call the BBB his current company (Coastal Roofing) doesn't have any complaints. I called before I gave him the down payment for my roof and soffit, facia, and rain gutters

His 1st company Carolina Roofing and Siding has an F rating with the BBB. His current address is"The Mail Room", a mailbox company that supplies mailboxes so that he has no physical address, no physical address, no way to serve a subpoena. The current address is for his company called Coastal Roofing.

Wallace has no city or county business licenses. I found out he never got a permit for my roof, soffit, facia, and rain gutters.

As of today 4/10/16 he has not finished the job. I have exposed framework as the soffit and facia, nor the rain gutters were never installed. He received the initial down payment on 3/9/16. On 3/10/16 after completing the roof I paid the balance like a fool. I believed he was coming the next day to finish the job. Right now I am going to have a professional check to see if I have the high dollar architectural shingles I paid for.

Repeated phone calls to Wallace have gotten promises of him coming to finish the job. Never done.

Be advised a call to the BBB doesn't cover you. They only have they company if they have received complaints. You have to call state and county business licenses divisions to see if they are licensed to do construction in your area.

I will continue to investigate. He also has addresses in North Myrtle Beach, Shallotte, NC, and a Georgetown City address.

The last phone number he was answering is the *** *** ****. That number has a voicemail box that is full. I imagine he is moving on or hoping I will go away.

I have paid for a repair. It is not done. I want a refund so I can complete my home.

I can't believe he actually is so heartless to take money from a recently widowed woman. It's bad enough to be taken, but to take money from a grieving woman. That is cold and heartless.

I will update as I track this con man.

  • Jul 15, 2016

Wayne Wallace, Coastal Roofing

Hi. The exact same thing happened to me in the Pawleys Island area recently. He is definitely a charming conman. I paid insurance money to him for him to start work. He took my money and never returned. Wont answer phone calls at any of his six numbers. Addresses to all of his locations is the UPS Store address. I have turned this fraud in to every agency I can think of in SC. It is ridiculous that fake fraudulent businesses can get away with these type offenses without being put away for a very long time.

Any buyer beware. He talks big.... but you will never see him again once he has your money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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