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Carolina Forest Rental Prop

Country United States
State South Carolina
City Myrtle Beach
Address 4006 Postal Way # A
Phone 843-796-2478

Carolina Forest Rental Prop Reviews

  • Nov 21, 2016

I have a property management agreement with this company to manage my rental property in Myrtle Beach. On October 8, 2016 there was a tropical storm in Myrtle Beach. On November 3 I was charged a $75 "post hurricane inspection fee" and then a $350 tree removal fee from Carolina Forest Rental Properties. My contract with this company states that any maintenance charges over $200 have to be approved by me. I have not agreed to any "post hurricane inspection fees". I already pay this company a monthly maintenance inspection fee as part of my contract. If there was an inspection after the hurricane it should have been included in the maintenance inspection fee that I already pay them. I have no trees on my property of any size that would require $350 to remove. There are trees adjacent to my property line that belong to the HOA that would have been their responsibility to remove had they been damaged by the storm. If there was any storm debris to be removed on my property, I would have removed myself had I been notified of such debris.

Carolina Forest Rental Properties has violated my contractual agreement with them by charging me a "post hurricane inspection fee" that I did not agree to, and charging me $350 for tree removal when no such trees exist on my property. This action is also in violation of the contractual agreement that says any fee over $200 has to be approved by the property owner. Carolina Forest Rental Properties took a total of $425 from my account without prior authorization and has violated our management agreement contract. On 11-15-16 I received a mass communication email going out to all property owners doing business with Carolina Forest Rental Properties informing us that a $75 post inspection fee as well as any related maintenance charges were automatically charged to our account. On 11-16- 2016 I attempted to contact them numerous times by telephone and left a message for the company owner, Beth Crockett. My phone calls were not returned. Carolina Forest Rental Properties is using the topical storm as an excuse to siphon money out of property owners accounts.

1. I seek immediate reimbursement of $425 from Carolina Forest Rental Properties that they had no legal right to take that money from my account.

2. I seek immediate release from the property management contract which is been clearly violated by Carolina Forest Rental Properties. I no longer wish to have any business dealings with this unethical company.

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