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Country United States
State New Jersey
City Cranbury
Address 1 Corporate Drive
Phone 800.505.3274
Website Reviews

  • Feb 16, 2021

Wrong item wouldn't accept return stated they didn't get pic.s send 4 times send them to a friend they got them they want take a text nor pic.s mailed to them they either used my card ,are sold it used at el cheap o gas station card was canceled . this item was running broads for a new truck wished i had used RIPOFF before using this co.

  • Jan 6, 2021

Purchased a set of brake rotors, Calipers, and brake pads for my GMC pickup around April of 2020 from CARID. I paid with my Visa card. I was advised that upon my returning the old brake calipers I would receive a refund of $140.00. Shortly after I received the parts I was notified by my credit card bank that my card was compromised and invalidated. I advised CARID of the situation and recommended they refund me the 'core' charge of $140.00 by their company check when the 'cores' were returned.

I did not expect any issues with my request however CARID informed me they would have to refund my now invalidated VISA card and wait for the bank to send the money back then CARID would advise me as to how the refund would take place. I objected and told CARID the bank would not comply with that transaction as my VISA was no longer active. CARID refused to comply with my request and CARID suggested a store credit of $140.00 to be used at my discrection.

I was very frustrated with this offer however I decided to accept the store credit and move on. I emailed CARID after I returned the two 'core' Calipers and wanted CARID to verify they received the 'Cores' and confirm I had a $140.00 sore credit. I was provided an email from CARID stating everything was in order and I could use the $140.00 store credit when ready. To my amazement I received yet another email from CARID claiming they DID NOT receive the Caliper Cores therefore refusing me the $140.00 store credit.

I then contacted the New Jersey State AG and filed a complaint also providing the NJ AG with the CARID emails stating they did receive the Caliper Cores and I could use the $140.00 store credit when ready. The New Jersey AG representative emailed me and despite my sending proof that CARID approved the store credit the investigator from the New Jersey AG's office disregared the proof I sent and advised I had to prove I returned the Caliper Cores. ABSURD indeed! CARID is illegally withholding $140.00 of my money since last year and refuses to respond to my email demands for a refund check in the amount of $140.00 of which I should also demand interest however I simply want my $140.00 refunded by a CARID company check.

  • Oct 14, 2020


185 Hudson St Harborside Plaza 5 14th Floor

Jersey City, NJ 07311

BBB Complaint ID: 14846996

On 9/25/2020 I ordered a TYC® - A/C Condenser Fan Assembly Order Number: 37283097 of the amount 46.46. I received the part and found out I had the wrong part and put in for a refund. This was the following dilemma I went through:

1st call: 10/2 - 745pm -est - Called to verify the item was received by the manufacturer. I shipped it via ups 10/1 - item was received.

2nd Call: 10/6 - 456pm -est - Inquired about the status of refund and was told it was sent RMA dept for a refund of 35.50 less 10.96 for shipping.

3rd Call: 10/8 - 1126am -est - Inquired about refund and was told it would be on my bank statement within 3 days. Did not happen.

4th Call: 10/13 - 1010am -est - Inquired about refund and was told it would be on my account the next day. Did not happen. I told them I would be making a complaint with the BBB.

I would like a refund of $35.50 placed on my bank account immediately. The customer service may make promises but I have seen no attempt on their part to refund my money even though they have their item back unscathed. This is fraud plain and simple. I have heard excuses from them based on covid but the complaints I have researched have been going on since 2016.

  • Sep 21, 2020

I canceled an order that was out of stock. They collected my money right away but they have not refunded me the money. I canceled the order 15 days ago and I still do not have my refund money back. They took the money out of my credit card right away and I still have not been refunded the money. I would like my money back. I would like to be done with this scam of a company.

  • Sep 1, 2020

Ordered parts paid bill then 1 month later told it wasn't shipped and i owed more for shipping. I gave them a second chance, re ordered same parts (paying the extra 40+$ shipping) and recieved another email saying that i owe another 43$ more on shipping above that.

  • Aug 17, 2020


David Paul

1212 Whipple Ave. Suite 318

Redwood City, CA 94062

[email protected]

(415) 724 – 5127

August 15, 2020


[email protected] [email protected] [email protected]

Topic Order Number: 36477165 from requires price match.

The Misfit Motorcraft Part #: NGL7776N recommended and originally shipped by

The replacement alternator Part #: AC Delco 335-1207 currently awaiting shipment by

Per Order Number: 36477165 needs to take more responsibility for the necessity of this order being the error in the recommendation to order the Misfit Motorcraft alternator, Part #: NGL7776N, originally shipped. Obviously, as joe confirmed, I never would have ordered the aforementioned Motorcraft Misfit without the green light from that this fit my make, model and year of car.

The replacement alternator, AC Delco 335-1207, is available from Amazon, including shipping, for $137.99. That includes shipping.

I have, as a customer, provided marketing insight to Thus, I expect to be treated respectfully.

The driver of a Ford Crown Victoria wish to buy top quality parts to maintain the dependability associated with the model. Also, we look for reliable suppliers that ship the right product at the right price the first time. I have given a second chance based on the assurances of representative “Joe” who took my order.

After which I discovered the same part was available from for significantly less: $81.88 = $219.87 – 137.99.

Please contact me so we can make the adjustments that would give the opportunity to earn my repeat business.


David Paul

  • Aug 4, 2020

I ordered a set of LED fog lamps for my car. The process went well enough though they immediately hit my bank for the money rather than simply holding until they shipped. I received a notice that they were "Processing" my order and that they expected to ship it a couple of days later.

I checked the website on the shipping date and the status was unchanged. It has remained unchanged a week later. I have tried for over an hour two times using their several phone numbers and chat system without ever reaching anyone to discuss the issue. Having now done some research into CARID, I think it is a scam operation and warrants a law enforcement investigation.

  • Jul 26, 2020

I ordered 2 fender liners for my truck priced at 30.00 usd each. The initial screen showed shipping cost of zero. After credit card info was entered in and the order submitted there was a 170.00 shipping charge added. These parts weigh less than 1\2 lb. I had paid over 230.00 and had the parts installed by the time the bank statement arrived.

This is a dirty practice that takes advantage of people familiar with using reputable websites that calculate shipping and alert the consumer of the fee's. What they are doing should be criminal. I see hundreds of reviews now on this company ripping people off with shipping issues. They should be shutdown. They use a bait and switch method for shipping when ordering that exploits the way most transactions are processed.

  • Sep 15, 2019

I ordered about $390 worth of auto parts; they deliberately sent out the wrong and cheap parts. I have called them daily; they won't send out the right parts. I also emailed them at their support, (no parts and no refund.) I see elsewhere on the internet that they are using this same scam to get peoples money and run.

They have a really big facebook account. Facebook needs to know they are running a scam. They also have a Twitter account, Youtube etc. They apparently send out the first order (sometimes) and then gain trust. The next order goes wrong and the money is pocketed.

  • May 23, 2019

I purchased DURAFLEX® 107613 - AMG Style Fiberglass Front Bumper Cover (Unpainted) front bumper for my vehicle. I contacted this company three times before I purchased and they assured me this would be perfect fitment and they even had a review of someone with same vehicle state this was a nice part. I got the part and three body shops stated this would not fit and would be cheaper to by a new bumper from mercedes benz.

I contacted for the last month for a refund they asked for pictures I sent them, along with Vin# and text from all three body shops stating this was not a good bumper and they could not install it, along with their contact info for them to follow-up with. They keep telling me they are contacting the manufacture and need more pics and etc. Basically giving me the run-around.

  • Apr 8, 2019

Ordered a set of American Racing Wheels for my mustang when I went to install them they were incorrect for the car actually hit on the calipers when I contacted the company they made me take pictures prove them wrong.

Then after all this it has been over a month of runaround and still they sit in my garage unusable. They have stopped even answering my emails. Beware of this company.

This has been a nightmare.

  • Apr 4, 2019

I ordered a windshield online from CARiD , they were $150.00 less than everyone, red flag there, made the sale , did not recieve the part , atempts to find out what and where my part was met with lies and double talk, no address for them, just email,I think they are in another country, we need to stop them. each time I talked to them it sounded like a very profesional and leget buseness, total ripoff.

  • Jul 17, 2018

I ordered an item from in June. After it arrived, I found that the front water shields fit perfectly but the rear did not fit. Around June 15, I began an email correspondence that included pictures on 2 different occassions, and the promises of a resolution.

Well FINALLY today, on July 18th, I got the resolution that the product was not made to fit the back of our car. Mind you, it clearly states that it does fit our car, and it fits perfectly in the front.

To make a long story short, these people are schysters. They offered to refund 1/2 of my money, but that's crap because i am going to have to purchase a new set from someone, to finish the set on my car. These people should be stopped

  • Jul 5, 2018

Tried using a coupon, but it would not work. Emailed about gaining a working one. They said they would provide one, but I would have to provide the product details so they could order it for me.

Gabe Fuentes responded, "Provide us your complete Year, Make and Model to ensure fitment and your complete shipping address." Notice the poor use of English grammar? Fitment: A fixed item of furniture or piece of equipment, especially in a house. Hispanic operators, stiff neck New Jersey type.

"This will never work." I respond. "I already have the items in the cart for two days now. The truck mat configuration involves, colors, thread, logo type, vinyl edges color and type, numerous configurations far more complex than simply stating a year make and model."

Forget it, they want to talk to someone to pull some of that New Jersey sales baiting: "The thing is that we do not have any special code for 5% which we can share with our clients and only the agent can apply such discount." was the reply of agent Tammy Vorts.

What a waste of time. Instead, ordered from AutoAnything. Where they not only offered a discount, the total was $70 less than CARiD with free shipping! Order took 10 minutes. CARiD strung me on for four days, with no conclusion.

Never CARiD, it is one of the worst in customer service, as many other users here testify.

  • May 30, 2018

I order a driver side body fender for my 2012 jeep. $186.31 including shipping. I try to cancel a hour after I made the purchased but there website was't responding when I clicked on the cancel link. I work in a area where don't get good cell service. So calling then is not a option. I so get a phone call from a shipping freight company and they can't deliver unless I'm at home to receive it.

The fender is not that big or heavy. I don't know why they would just ship it ups. I also new to this area where i live at. I don't know the neighbors yet. So I just told the shipping company to send it back. I'm also skeptical about the cheap price ($71.31) VS OEM ($604). after reading stories and my own experience. I called 5/31/2018 about a refund and they said no refund. So I just got rip off $186. Very unprofessional.

ORDER #25856991 . The part that order:

Replace® CH1240257PP - Front Driver Side Fender

  • May 10, 2018

The auxiliary battery on my car was throiwing malfunction warnings. CARiD came up on search engine. Went to their site and searched for an Auxiliary batter, a couple batteries shows up as "perfect fit" for my car. So I ordered one of them.

They promply shipped me a primary battery, not an auxiliary battery. Wanted to return. Thewy wanted retun shipping and a restocking fee. I balked, I had asked for an auxiliary battery and they shipped a primary battery. They told me because it is listed as a "starting" battery, it was my fault. I expl,ained that on a merxedes, the auxiliary batytery is also called a starting battery. It is used to START the car when stopped in eco mode. Too bad for me not their fault, pay us or get lost (in effect).

I also mentioned that it was very poorly packed. They shipped me a full sized car battery with a single wrap of bubble wrap in way too large of a box. Box loooked almost round. Now they want to send me to the shipper for damage. Damage is superficial and not worth the hassle. I am eating the $157.00 but will not ever go back to

Oh, one more thing. I called and told them I had received nothing about my order, they verified my email address and scratched their heads about it. Found the emails in my junk, which means they are probably spammers too.

Do yourself a favor, stay aware for these guys./

  • Feb 20, 2018

The service is pretty much non existent for this place. I've been trying to find/order a part for my Tesla but with no luck or response from their sales team. I would not recommend as it is a waste of time.

  • Jan 5, 2018

I ordered a MLB shifter knob on the website. The site will not let you add the knob to the cart without selecting an adapter insert. I selected a M8 x 1.25. I received the knob and a 5/16-18 adapter insert. I tried several times chatting with Melissa and Roy to get them to let me exchange the adapter with NO LUCK. I finally called Customer Service and spoke with Liezel who after two days understood their error and issued me a $15.00 gift certificate to cover ordering the correct adapter. She then transferred my call to Thomas in SALES. He said the adapter was $32.25 minus the $15.00 gift certificate, leaving a balance of $16.25 I would have to pay. Of course I refused. He then went on a sell rampage and said I could go ahead and pay the difference and then speak with Liezel about a refund..... I knew at this point I was dealing with crooks and ended the call. Funny enough, I then received a Satisfaction Survey on a Ignacio Sancho - the SALES guy identified himself as Thomas ????

  • Dec 28, 2017

Ordered a grill guard for my son's Ford truck, three weeks and no grill guard, called and was told that the grill had been delivered....told them it had not....they checked and then said the grill had been damaged in shipping and that they were sending me another one.

Two days later, I called them again and was told they had one in Arlington TX and that it would be out the next day.

Two days later the truck driver called me and told me to meet him at the local gas station 3 miles down the road. I got there, he was already there, checked out the packaging and there was one pretty good scratch on it, but not bad enough to refuse the shipment...I emailed Carid and told them that I had found two problems with the grill.

(1) The sticker said it was for a F150 09 through 13 and I had ordered for a 2014. (2) I told him about the scratch and that I would send him some pics.

Took it home and two weeks later my son opened it for oh man... I took 11 (that is eleven) pictures of major scratches and dents on the grill (and that was not all of them) sent them to Carid, and put the grill on anyways (It did Fit), because I knew what was coming...the answer I was expecting was the answer I got ....

Since the grill was on the truck, they could not accept the grill back....which actually makes sense... I was offered a $50.00 dollar refund and and a $15.00 gift certificate...

I understand all that, but what gets me is that I would have had to unwrap the whole bumper grill to find out if it was OK or the gas station parking lot and I really do not think I should have to do that...

I think they need to find another shipping company, and double check their product before wrapping...

I realy wonder if the grill had not already been on a vehicle in the past or at least dragged around the floor some where.

My three sons and I put it on, and they were witnesses to the state of the grill...feel bad for my son, who has a new scratched grill on his truck now...This is one situation where no one ends up winning...

  • Dec 19, 2017

False advertising Sent me damaged rotors then send more rotors that didn’t fit my car I had to pay a mechanic at a shop $150 to show me that they clearly did not fit my car. Very poor packaging, not double boxed the boxes were ripped both times.

  • Nov 18, 2017

This is by far the worst company I have ever delt with. I purchased a $600 item that was defective. They would not issue me a return label or a refund. They said if its defective I would have to contact the manufacturor. I called the manufacturor and they said CARiD is not an authorized distributor of their product and they cannot help me. Days of dealing with there HORRIBLE customer service and managers and got nowhere. THE PEOPLE ARE CROOKS I WOULD RUN BEFORE DEALING WITH THIS COMPANY

  • Oct 23, 2017

Purchased Pillar Post Covers for 2016 Cadillac XTS in December 2016. Installed in early 2017. Failed to stay attached. CARiD advised not installed properly. Ordered 2nd set and paid $70 to have installed by professional auto body repair firm. Failed to stay attached again, told was not installed properly. Appealed to management supplying several pictures showing the attachment material (3M double sided tape) was inadequate adhesive to hold in place.

CARID refused warranty as it only covers discoloring or rust. Have no responsibility to assure it stays on the vehicle. Manqagement contact was as helpful as janitor or parking lot attendant.

Purchased several $100 of their accessories. They have no loyalty or responsiblity than to deposit funds and ship whatever quality of product they desir.

Credit card used to make purchase and will be pursuing recouping funds.

  • Oct 16, 2017

Bought a $300.00 Arnott Air Strut from CarID and had a mechanic install it on my car. The part leaked air ( (Part of an Air Suspension). . I went through there return process and they asked me to have mechanic shop indicate what was wrong with the part and provide pictures. I complied with that information. They continued to ask for more information including diagnosing the failed part. I was on the phone with several different people and they would never provide a supervisor to talk with. I called their customer relationship group and they said their hands were tied-- what ever that mean. I will never buy anything from them in the future and ask that anyone reading this statement refrain from ordering parts from them. When you're car is out of commission and it is due to a failure on their part, you would think they would go out of there way to correct the problem take ownership. Not them

  • Sep 16, 2017

I purchased a part for my truck. A day later I received an e-mail stating the order was on hold until I paid an additional $11 for the part. That would put the part's price above their competitiors, and if I had seen a different price on their site, I would have purchased the part elsewhere to begin with.

Now I am fighting with them to get my money back! They are offering no help whatsoever, and all I can get out of them is that I should "wait"until they get to the cancellation order. Could take 24-48 hrs, then and additional 24-48 hours to get confirmation of the cancellation, then up lord knows how long to get my $$ back, then I will have to transfer that money back to my bank account which will take PayPal another 3 business days.



  • Aug 17, 2017

Horrible, Horrible Customer Service.

Trying to ripp me off almost $1000

I purchased a carbon fiber trunk from them. After receving the product , I noticed it was badly warped. I contacted them and they said take to body shop. I did 2 body shop`s actually. Both shop`s said infact it is beyond warped, Contacted them and they where nice enough to at least help me with repair shop cost.

When i asked to replace it they said........

I would have to order another 1!!!!!!!

So let me get this right CarId....... I pay you almost $1000 for a carbon fiber trunk

you dont belive me it`s warped i take it to the body shop they charge me $350 to look at it. You offer me a $200 refund and refuse to replace a part that you sold..... and screw your customers over $1000.

Attached is photo`s of the fitment.

  • Aug 10, 2017

Purchased Lumen LED H13 headlights, Lumen H13XHLC-G8 - G8 LED Conversion Kit (H13) for $162.92. Received couple days later. Opened box and first noticed NO shrink wrap. Top of box appeared crushed with a grease stain on lid. Opened box and saw what appeared to be headlights that were already installed. One had the red gasket seal loose and what appeared to be impression of installation on the face of the gaskets. Did not even bother to take out of foam molded case, contacted carid and they told me to prove it. All over their website is a "No Hassle" returns.

After 5 emails asking for an RMA, I receive this...

"For orders delivered within the continental US where the reason for return is not a result of a CARiD error, the cost of the initial shipping charge and a return fee will be deducted from your refund. A prepaid shipping label(s) will be provided.

The flat fee for each item being returned can be found in the chart below:

Retail cost of the item: Per Item Return Fee:

Less than $25.00 $3.50

From $25.00-$49.99 $5.50

From $50.00-$99.99 $7.50

More than $100.00 $9.50"

Already ripped me off for double shipping rate of $12.97. They are located less than 100 miles from me, shipped UPS Ground, under 3lbs. Now want me to pay a fee for returning?

How is selling used for new not their error?

Then found out they stock nothing, everything is dropped shipped from 3rd parties...

"ITEM # 287476111 - Lumen® H13XHLC-G8 - G8 LED Conversion Kit (H13)

We are waiting for a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) label from the manufacturer. Normal turnaround time for RMA process is 24-72 hours."

Has been 6 days since intital contact, of course they denied it was their problem. And now I am waiting for a 3rd party RMA that I am sure I will never receive.

73 NEGATIVE complaints with BBB in last 12 months.

1180 NEGATIVE feedbacks in last 12 months on Ebay.

Just helping them out with a true review of how they handle first and last time customer.

Filed complaints with BBB, NJ State Attoney and


  • Jul 18, 2017

This company is a complete scam site! I ordered tail lights for my truck. I broke busted mine so I thought instead of paying $900 for one stock tail light, ill just upgrade to some aftermarket ones. So I ordered the RECON LED tails light ($499). They came in the mail and was the wrong ones. The wiring harnesses did not match. One was round the stock was square. A 5th grader would know those 2 would not fit. So I never even tried to install them. I called both companies immediately and and they said there was not adapter to make them fit and to just return them. Sounds easy right....Well a week and a half later I call to see if they got the light. It went back to the manufacture (RECON) and CARiD said they were used and would not refund me my money.

I emailed and called over and over. They finally said that they had a picture of the lights and they were badly damaged. I NEVER even took the second one out of the package. And the first one I just looked at it and put it back in the box. There was NO damage to these at all. I asked for a picture. They sent me a picture of this taillight that looked like someone smeared dirt all over it and created micro scratches, which is something I did not do and was not in that condition when I mailed the back. They said RECON was mailing them back to me and there would be no refund. Well 3 weeks later. They never even sent the lights back to me and will not respond to my emails. THEY STRAIGHT UP STOLE $500. DO NOT BUY FROM CARiD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • May 23, 2017

I ordered rear brake pads and rotors for my 2011 bmw 535i xdrive

the parts arrived , i removed old brakes and installed new rotors. tried to install new pads

and discovered that they were the wrong ones. hsving the car already torn apart and the new rotors

on, i went to a local parts store and puchased the correct pads.

this was on saturday, so i called car id monday morning, after waiting on hold for 15 mins

danielle finally answers. i tell her what happened and i was told that since i had installed the rotors

that i could not return them, and that the pads were part of the kit so i could not return just the pads.

she then hung up on me. i tried calling back but got frustrated after waiting on hold for 15 more minutes.

i'll take the loss , but i will never buy from them again and wouldn't refer them to anyone.

  • Jan 31, 2017

It all started when I ordered a set of wheels and tires from this company and was told by the sales rep that I could not have 20 inch wheels on my forerunner. so I was talked into ordering 18 inch. I talked to my dealership and they advised me that I could have 20 inch wheels on my forerunner and that some forerunners come stock with 20 inch wheels. So I called back my sales rep Mike and told him of what I have found out. I was then allowed to cancel the order for the 18 inch an upgrade to the 20 inch. I had put an order in to have an all-terrain tire put on the wheel but the sales rep took it upon himself to pick a A tire of his choosing because he stated that I could not have all terrains on my forerunner with 20 inch wheels. So I then checked again with my dealership and found out that that was not true and that I could run all-terrain's with 20 inch wheels on my forerunner. Long story short they would not let me cancel the order with the wheels and tires that the sales person thought was best for my truck and not me. I have been back and forth with at least 10 different people by phone at this company and I keep getting put off to another person. I have sent numerous emails and received a call from Justin who is the manager over wheels and tires. and Justin is of no help and very rude and stated that I could not cancel the order and would be responsible for the payment. I told him on January 3, 2017 to not ship these wheels and tires. However they shipped them to weeks later and refused to reroute the shipment back to them. I am only going to refuse the package and keep refusing the package as long as they want to keep wasting the money to send them. I was told by my credit card company to not except the package however Justin stated that in order for me having a chance of winning a dispute I would have had to accept the package and then they would make sure that it was shipped back to them. Just a con game to trick me into accepting the package knowing that once I did I would have a harder time returning them. I have never heard of a company that ordered what they thought you liked instead of what you want it and expect you to pay for it. I will fight this to the end and I will just keep refusing the package until they get tired of wasting money sending it. I would caution anyone from doing business with this company. $2000 is a lot of money and I be damned if I will pay for something that I did not approve of.

  • Sep 15, 2016

I have filed a dispute with CariD for $166.23 charged on 8/15/16. i have emailed CariD and have also left 2 voicemail with the supervisor for CariD and haven't gotten any responses. On the original receipt the confirmation email said they would attempt to deliver 3 times and after that my bumper would be returned. they said nothing about needing to set up a delivery time nor did they ask for a phone number with me i expected it to be delivered to the shipping address i provided. I received the email stating they tried to call me on a very old number im assuming they got off of my paypal account and that email went to my spam folder and i didnt see it. Once i looked in my spam and saw they tried to contact me i sent an email back and i called the freight company and they told me that the seller told them since they didnt have a phone number they should take it to the junk yard..they never tried to deliver the bumper to my shipping address which was just 15 minutes away from the freight companies main warehouse. The freight company said since technically CARiD is their customer not me that they have to do what CariD told them to do which was to take it to the junk yard. I called CariD and was told to leave a voicemail for the supervisor which i have done twice with no response. I want my money refunded as I never received my bumper and CariD wasted their own time and money by telling the freight company to send the bumper to a junk yard.

  • Jun 16, 2016

I am very disappointed with caller ID and the representation that they have. they tell you one thing then do something totally different. as I was ordering the hood scoop on my phone online opposed to do something else I received a call from a representative who ensured me that this was the best way and going as I said on the phone with the young man and ordered the hood scoop and hood scoop pins. I asked him a question inside of ordering if the hood scoop and or hood scoop pins does not work or fit my car will I be able to ship it back free of shipping is what he offered. as the days went on I got back in contact with the guys because the package never showed up on the scheduled delivery date. I got back in contact once more when the package got there because I expected to have a hood not just a Hook school which was okay I could have worked around that so I took the hood scoop to the body shop. The Body Shop told me that the hood scoop was too small and it would not bind to the car did no work on it didn't do any cutting or gluing of the hood scoop item. I got back in contact with caller ID letting them know this. all I got was the runaround and was told that I had to eat the cost for shipping back the hood scoop. I pay more to ship the hood scoop to me originally that I actually paid for the item. now I have to turn around and eat the cost on having it shipped back and item that I do not have no need for and they're still wanted me to pay for it. when after talking to two other supervisors that okayed my return and that they will take care of the cost of the return I get an email with only one shipping label so I called them back and I have the same response from the first two attempts

  • May 5, 2016

This company is HORRIBLE!!! Please stay away from them at all costs. It took an excessive amount of time to ship the 2 parts I ordered. Once they finally were received both were subpar and unusable which began an even longer return period. I emailed and called at least 7 times before I finally got an RMA for 1 part and nothing for the other part. Finally after another 10 or som emails and phone calls i received an email authorizing a refund. Once all was said and done it took nearly a month to get an RMA for both parts and when my refund was finally issuded it was not for the full amount so I am now having to go thru the lengthy process of filing a dispute with my credit card company to get a full refund credited back to my card. DO NOT USE THESE FOLKS!!!!!!!

  • Jan 5, 2016

These people are frauds! I am sure many have purchased products from them and perhaps your order arrived without problem. In my case their website was unclear, had the wrong part numbers, and not once but TWICE sent me the wrong product. When brough to their attention, they have repeatedly refused to process my refund. Furthermore I did some digging. They aren't even a company, and no one their is from the USA. They are a reseller of second hand parts. Some f the parts they sell are defective and I am not the first to complain. STAY AWAY! You will save money and get stellar customer service from Amazon.

3 weeks and still no refund. They sent me a UPS label which was supposed to be pre-paid... well, it wasn't. So i paid to ship it back to the original manufacturer. I attached their shipping label, however UPS reported that t could not be used so the re-processed it and gave it a new tracking number. Check out this response from a woman named "Valery" :

I have received your bill. According to this bill, your package was sent using the tracking number XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. We have provided you with the return document and return shipping label which has the tracking number XXXXXXXXXXXXXX. These documents were sent to you by Andrey Shilov on 12/29/2015 at 10:44 am. I have resent these documents to you, so you could check the shipping information in them. All these shows that you did not use our return documents, or did not stick the return shipping label to your box. The procedure was violated and in this case we are not able to provide you with $10.87 refund. ( removed the original tracking numbers)

So think before you buy. Do not waste your money with these people. Good luck getting someone on the phone that you can understand.

  • Dec 3, 2015

Once you're sold the item you're looking for, good luck with any customer service. The sales rep basically says, "pound sand" I'll transfer you to "customer service". Both items I purchased were damaged. One took a month to get the replacement. The other - who knows - if or when that will happen. Three different customer reps gave me three different answers. One didn't speak English. In this day and age, it's amazing how these "companies" stay in business. Useless

  • Nov 28, 2015

CarID is a complete rip off.

I ordered two 28 inch leveling jacks,I recieved 25 inch which were useless to me.

I returned them about a month ago and I still hadnt recieved my refund.

To make matters worse they then charged me for two more leveling jacks which I never ordered and charged me $917.00 shipping for something that should ship for $20.00 bucks.

Stay away from CarID!

  • Oct 30, 2015

This company can not be trusted. I spent 1K on various parts that were OK, except for

a power control module made by a scammer in Cali called JET PERFORMANCE products.

They make "chips" to improve h.p., gas consumption, etc...

The product is garbage, as I found out first hand, and when I told my very experienced

Lincoln service advisor, he said: Oh no! NOT Jet Performance! I know of them, they are

scammers, don't put their product in you car, it is garbage, they are NO good!

I was worried that he knew who they were.

Then I told my neighbor who is a mechanic for BMW, and it was the identical response all over:

"Oh no! They are NO good, steer clear of them, don't use them, they are a problem product!"

Now I was real worried, 2 experts who do not know each other, and identical reviews...

I now knew I was in trouble, the part is about $250, and I was given a 2 month run around from

both and JET, and finally today Carid told me: "you will be better off trying to sell

the part on your own, we are NOT taking it back, NO refunds, even though our website says

we stand behind every purchase, my module was defective so I waited over a month for a new one,

and now that I have it replaced with a new one, they will not take it back, they said" sorry, you are

stuck with it, sell it on your own, we are NOT taking it back! JET would be out of biz if they refunded

this garbage product that works for nobody, they collaborate with and have a nice tag team

scam going on, that I am sure is very profitable. Don't get screwed like me, steer clear of and

also NEVER buy or attempt to use a JET PERFORMANCE product, there are far superior "chip" options on the

market, search it well, something I did wrong because I was trusting that was legit, and trustworthy...


  • Sep 9, 2015 employs systematically deceptive and fraudulent online pricing in which it promises core rebates for the return of old parts as a discount for the purchase of rebuild or refurbished parts (a common practice in the automotive aftermarket industry). It is an entirely deceptively and fruadulent promise because core return address labels are systematically and deliberately omitted from the shipped items, and the company's deadend customer support phone menu system is designed to thwart inquiries and complaints. The scam has been cleverly set up to prevent the core rebate program from working so that CARid, and it's ponzi scheme parent, Onyxenterprices, do not have to honor online advertised prices and pay the core rebates. This is a functioning criminal organization.

  • Aug 19, 2015

I ordered a wrong part and called 5 times to get it canceled,it took 12 hours for someone to call me back. Meanwhile I was able to contact a sales person and he told me he would cancel the part and order the new one I needed. They never canceled the first part and tried to send me the second one. This was the worst buying experience I have ever had. Will never do it again.

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