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report scam, LLC.

Country United States
State Arizona
City Scottsdale
Address 7721 E Gray Road Suite 202
Phone 602-682-7055
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  • Jul 31, 2019

On July 18th I sold CardFlip 3 $100 Macy's gift cards. On July19th my order said paid, I checked my gift cards and yup the balances were cleared. So after a few days passed, I still didn't receive my payment,so I contacted them through the support email, Cardflip responded telling me "It takes a few days" I still haven't received payment, and here it is August 1st.

I've sent numerous of emails, Facebook messaged them and still no response!! I very upset I needed that money, I wish there was more I can do.

  • Jul 29, 2019

DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY! There are other companies out there that will DO THEIR JOB and pay you NOT SCAM YOU like this company did. I was in need of money, so I googled where I can sell a eGift Card, this website was listed So I decided to use them. I sold my $75 eGift Card for Victoria Secret and they were suppose to pay me $55.88 via ACH.

I sold them the card back on 7/11/19. On 7/19/19 I still wasn’t paid so I emailed [email protected] their email address that they have listed on their site for you to contact them. Mind you they have a phone number listed to that doesn’t allow you to call them because it plays a messages to email them. Anyways I emailed them back on 7/19/19 which was my first email;


Hello when am I going to receive payment for order number i704273?

I get a response back from “Crystal” on 7/19/19 that started the following:

We are currently experiencing delays in our payments due to recent changes to our banking system. We greatly appreciate your patience at this time. We understand that this can feel frustrating and we are working diligently to get our customers paid as quickly as possible. It appears that your banking information is not yet verified in the new system. Can I offer you a check that comes to your email to print?

Thank You

An emailed check ? lol seriously ? That’s how you wanted to pay me. There is no such thing.... I wrote her back and stated:

Me: An emailed check? How am I suppose to

Deposit that lol! How much longer for

The ACH ?

Crystal: you just print it and take it to your bank.

Me: No I want it ACH


Ok, we will send it ACH. I have forwarded the order(s) information over to the accounting department to get this paid. The orders are paid by the order in which they are received. Unfortunately, I do not have an exact date for you at this time. Thank you.

Me: Okay well if my order doesn’t get paid I would like my gift card with the amount I sold it for back.

So I’m checking the balance of the gift card and it seems like it’s already been purchased by someone who is happily using it... and now I have to wait for a payout ? Again this company provides such horrible service as usual.

All this was from 7/19/19

On 7/22/19 I reach out again with the following email:

Me: I am still waiting for payment on order # i704273....not fair to me since someone already purchased the card and I’m here still waiting on payment while they are out happily shopping....

If your not going to pay me then I want my gift card back with the $75 that was on it.

I get NO answer... so I sent the same email again!

I finally get a response from Crystal that states...

Crystal :

I do apologize for the delay. We are working on getting the order paid. The accounting department handles all orders in the order they are received

On 7/23/19 I response to the email. Which at this point I’m very frustrated.....

Me: Listen this gift cars was sold to you on July 11th almost two weeks ago. There’s no reason for it to be delayed. The person who bought the card is happily using it. I never had to wait this long after selling any gift cars. I feel like you are giving me an excuse not to pay me. I want my money or I want my card back with the $75 back on it. I am close to reporting you to the BBB.

Of course I get no reply so I sent the message again...but added things to it.

Me: Listen this gift cars was sold to you on July 11th almost two weeks ago. There’s no reason for it to be delayed. The person who bought the card is happily using it. I never had to wait this long after selling any gift cars. I feel like you are giving me an excuse not to pay me. I want my money or I want my card back with the $75 back on it. I am going to report you to the BBB. Your site says payment is sent within 3-5 days. We are now on day 12. Stop giving me sob excuses and pay me what’s owed to me. Or simply give me my card back with the funds back on them.

She finally answers lol way later that day.....

Crystal: do apologize, we are not in any way trying to give you the runaround. We ran into some issues with our banking system this month, and we are doing everything we can to get caught up and send out all payments. We manually enter customers account information into Wells Fargo direct pay, the bank verifies the information is correct and marks the payee as active and ready to send money to. Right now your account is still in the verification process. It is stating 3- business days until verified. Once verified the payment will be sent. Again, I do apologize.

Okay so this is from 7/23/19 3 days verification process..... it’s now 7/30/19 and still no payment....once again another excuse written email.... anyways as I continue....I wrote her back on 7/24:19

Me: yeah well it seems like that you are trying to Hold my money, what belongs to me. Your website says 3-5 days for payment not 14 days. I want my money or my gift card back with the money back on it. I have reported this company .

On 7/25/19 I received this email from Crystal....


Your payment is scheduled to send today, and be in your account by midnight. Thank you.

On 7/26/19 NO MONEY WAS SENT.... I emailed her back and said just that. And of course no response ... I emailed again and stated “NOTHING WAS DEPOSITED”.....

I got an email from Crystal....


I apologize, the accounting department did not get it scheduled before yesterday's cut of time of 3pm in order for it to send. We are working on scheduling your payment as well as many others. Please bear with us, you will have your money soon.

Mind you the email she sent me was before 3PM on Thursday go figure....

Ever since then I have reached out and even today 7/30/19 and she has ignored all emails.

On the company’s website it states the following:

How much time will it take to receive payment from CardFlip after I sell them my Gift Card(s)?

On your initial sale, it may take up to 3 to 5 business days and if you are a repeat seller payment will be initiated within 48 hours in most instances.

This company scams you for cards that you sell to them to NOT PAY you what they owe. I am printing all the emails I had with you and I will be submitting it with my complaint.

Still no payment and no email sent to me. I have reached out several times and no response. I am owed money from this company. It may not be a lot of money but that’s not the point. They owe me money from a gift card that had $75 on it that I sold to them. This is a fraudulent company and they don’t want to pay you.

  • May 2, 2019

Bought $100 in CVS gift cards that were fake. Refused to refund money because it was beyond the 45 days buried in the FAQ. Don’t buy or sell with them!!

  • Apr 21, 2019

I sold $260 worth of gift cards to on 4/8/19. Website says payment should be made in 3-5 days. Waiting until 4/17/19 and emailed this company. No response. Called the phone number on the website on 4/22/19 but no one ever picked up. I think no one every picks ups. Sent a second email on 4/22/19.

I just want to be paid - I sold these cards to pay a bill and to buy some groceries.

  • Oct 16, 2018

I purchased thousands of dollars in Marriott gift cards from CardFlip. Some of the cards were invalid. Kayla wouldn't even put Heather the manager on the phone. "We're not doing refunds on Marriott cards, you'll need to dispute it with your bank.”

Then she hung up on me. This was inside of the 45 days of purchase guarantee.

  • Oct 14, 2018

The company claims to buy and sell gift cards for cash. I sold the company two gift cards and was promised $61 for the both of them. I've only received payment for one card instead of the TWO cards that I submitted. I only received a $15 payment. The company claims there is a 3-5 business day process for your first sale. It has been 3 weeks now. After they sent the $15 payment all of my emails regarding my payment have been ignored as well as the fact that they also took the funds from the cards I sold to them therefore I am unable to sell the card for cash to another company. I've also seen reviews from others who have bought gift cards from this site and received a gift card with a balance of $0. Do NOT USE THIS COMPANY

  • Jul 5, 2018

Bought my giftcard online proccessed and then said paid out. Never got funds so reached out and was then told my giftcard was at a zero balance. Called and asked about my pay out and was told nothing was on my card why would you buy my giftcard and "pay me out" then say u cant becuase of a zero balance . and also called giftcard company and they said 2 transactions were done emptying my card on said sold date. company will rip you off and steal your giftcard balances

  • Jun 6, 2018

Submitted Valid Gift Cards. Support gave several excuses why they havent paid me. They marked my orders paid. Falsley. So they can get paid, Been two weeks

  • May 31, 2018


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