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Country United States
State California
City Santa Monica
Address 1447 2nd Street, Suite 200
Phone 1 833-227-2547

CarBlip Reviews

  • Feb 18, 2021

Eric Brooks, claimed he was seller told me the car was discounted for a quick sale because his client's husband died and they needed a quick sell. I asked to see the car but was told it was in storage and would be delivered instead. Before I said yes to Eric, he acted with haste saying the deal was going now - buy it now or loose it" he said over the phone. I said let me think about it and then I received a contract that appeared to have been run through another entity, not his former company LACC or the new one Carblip. It looked normal besides this.

The del was good so trusted Eric and went forward. Eric demanded that I met him at Starbucks, NOT his business office. He requested that I come with a cash deposit of $5K and the rest I wire tomorrow. Again, Eric was known in the community, not the best reputation but a good car salesman though. I met him, he rushed to make sure I had the cash, counted while I was asked to sign a contract to purchase the auto. He was sweaty, eyes enlarged like he was on something or in a huge rush. I signed, paid and he said the car will be delivered in two days to my house, no need to call the office or come but I can call his mobile phone. We left.

That evening after telling my husband about what happened, he said that is most odd, he looked at the contract and said this isn’t even from his company... he asked about why I had to pay in cash $5,000. He called Eric and said we wanted to cancel the contract and we have the right to do so in CA per the law and that we want our $5K back tomorrow morning first thing. My husband said he would be at the office at 9 am and Eric panicked... " NO, don’t meet me there, I'll call you at 8 am with a coffee place on the way to work" he said.

Next day, 8 am came and no call. Eric Brooks didn’t answer his phone nor was he at the office. We left messages after messages. Over week went by and nothing from Eric. My husband came to the office in Westlake and the receptionist kept on saying Eric Brooks was not available. This has been going since July 2020 and I still haven’t gotten my money back. He totally lied and cheated me out of $5K. I have filed a small claims suit against him but due to the backlog, my court date is many many months away.

Meanwhile, this scammer runs around town pretending to be a big shot while knowing he has stolen from me! I don’t like exposing my dirty laundry, but Eric Brooks is no good! Stay away!!!

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