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Capital Bank

Country United States
State Virginia
City Mclean
Phone 800.639.5111

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  • Dec 24, 2016

I was looking for a loan because I was behind on everything and it was Christmas time so I applied several places. Mr Scott called me to inform me that I had been approved for a $6000 loan which surprised me but eased my stress. When I spoke to Mr. Scott we went through some initial questions and then he informed me I had to purchase either a $50 iTunes or Amazon card to pay for some sort of fee, which I sent the picture of. Then I was asked to pay other fees in the amount of $240 which I also sent to him. Then after spending my last $290 because I expected this loan, he informs me that I have to pay the state and local taxes which were actually another $320. I of course did not have this kind of money so I found examples of iTunes cards in the amounts I needed and proceeded to send those images to him. After an hour or so, Mr. Scott sends me a message saying the cards would not work and since I did not send the receipt (that he did not ask me to send!) that I obviously stole from the store and he would be deleting my file. Now I am completely broke and can not pay my rent and utilities.

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  • Apr 15, 2020

Around Jan 28,2020 I attempted to refinance 2 investment properties with Capital Bank NA.I requested and was provided quotes outlining the terms including rate and closing costs involved and based on this information I decided to proceed with them (I had other quotes from other lenders).I provided them the necessary personal information which they processed and following this they ordered appraisals for the properties.

The valuations of the appraisals came back with one property being higher than the originally estimated amount and the second lower than the estimated value.Initially I was advised by them that due to the lower valuation (for the property that came back lower) the loan amount will be lower for that property and I agreed to that.After I agreed to the lower amount, they said that they will not be able to do the loan under the original terms (rate and closing costs) and provided me revised closing terms with a much higher rate (addition of 0.375% to the rate) as well as much higher closing costs (Additional 2.25 points to the original closing costs quoted).

The revised terms will end up costing me thousands in additional closing costs as well as thousands in additional interest over the life of the loan. For the second loan (the one that the value came back higher) they raised the closing costs significantly (raised the title fees). I tried to get an explanation as to the drastic changed terms and they stated that since my new loan amount is lower than the original (which is true for one of the properties ,the second loan amount being higher than the initial amount) they can no longer honor their initial commitment and provided me with the new outrageously high rate and terms.

I ultimately decided not to pursue the loans with them and now they want to charge me fees over $1000 for their services since I did not close the loan with them.It seems to me that this is a classic case of a bait and switch techniques in order to attract customers with low enticing rates and terms and during the process, switch to substantially higher rates and fees.

  • Mar 7, 2018

This has been on going for 18 months ( i know i a

was a fool to keep letting them use me) But they kept promising more and more and I was desperate. I have lost my car i am about ready to lose my house lost all my money. I have written proof and also tests messages with promises. I have paid them around $150,000.00 with a promise of them payings me $327,986.00. they just keep calling asking for more money. I want them stopped because i know they are doing this to other people.


  • Dec 22, 2016

I applied for a loan online to pay my son's college tuition. These folks called me and I had to purchase ITune cards to pay fees for insurance and wire transfers. I am currently out $620.00.

  • Dec 19, 2016

I Had a $200 credit account with Open Sky In Jan 22 Of 2016 which i was making $25.00 Monthly payments for a few months it was ok Then i set up auto pay on the 23 of june 2016 set for the 27th a payment of $25.00 Someone had canceeled it and did not tell me a payment was missing said why me ?i make all payment by phone where no representive is present. then they added a late charge of $27.00 .i complained to a rep there and fee was removed ,and i made several payments of $ 25.00 on time and they kept adding late fees to my next payment i reported them to consumer finance credit fraud. they did not care or help Open sky reported me my failure to pay to transunion equafax and experian,this is not fair.

  • Sep 9, 2016

I have been looking for a personal loan as I am gearing up to move across the country and am in need of some extra funds to actually get there safely. I just received this email from a company I had never heard of, that I have never applied to.

The problem is that when I opened the attachement I knew it was not legitimate bank information, as I am an Accounting Professional in school to get my Accounting Degree specializing in Forensic Accounting and preparing to become a Certified Fraud Examiner, so I am in the midst of my training to spot these types of things, the letterhead on the attachment is not legitimate letterhead. when you go to the website it is a site for paralegals,which is very wrong. So what I did was first and formost forwarded the entire email to:

[email protected]

This is imparative that you forward any scam like emails to the irs at the above email address, whether you know it to be a scam or not, if you have a weird feeling about it or something doesn't seem right, just forward it to the experts at the above email address, they know what to look for and are able to actually catch these scammers in the act so no one else will fall prey to them.

I then did a little internet searching and found this Rip Off Report site, so I thought I would add my two cents in to show you what I saw, none of this is legitimate, and actual lending company whether it be a payday advance place, a lending company or an actual bank or credit uninion will Never Ever ask you to make your monthly payments with an EFT card, or prepaid visa card of any kind, they like actual cash and want you to send them money from your actual checking account. They also report to all three credit bureaus, but they are more deifined on how that is stated in their loan ducuments.

  • Jun 17, 2016

I was looking around for personal loans. I received an email that I was approved for a loan from Jeffrey Glover from Capital Bank. I now know that these people were posing as Capital Bank, but there is a real legite Capital Bank, but this was a scam. They told me they needed to verify that I had enough money to make payments so they told me I had to buy a pre=paid green dot debit card and put $290 on it and asked me for the numbers on the card to verify I had the money, they stole that money because later on I tried to use the card and the balance was $0. They then told me that the money would be transferred into my account. Then I receive a call from the "manager" Robert Fernandez which by the way all the men I spoke to had thick Indian accents and I'm pretty sure they were the same person or just a couple of people using different names each time; and he says I need to now buy a $400 itunes gift card so my dumb a*s did and gave him the number on that card for then he replied that the numbers didn't work and if I was sure that I gave him the correct numbers. At this point I knew I had been scammed, I was upset and started yelling at the guy and he was cursing at me telling me that he was going to mess up my credit. I called back after he hung up and tried to get my money back, Robert said he would cancel my "loan" and send a refund in the mail only for the debit card that I had paid for which was $290 but not for the itunes gift card. He said it would take three weeks to get to my address.

Now June 16,2016 I call back the same number and ask why they havent sent out the refund and the same guy same voice claims his name is now Raymond Martin. So I ask to speak to his manager and he says they are all in meetings, I ask to speak to someone else other than him and after much refusal he finally puts someone else on and of course its Robert Fernandez again and I told him I want my refund and he tells me my loan was never cancelled and that I need to now pay $120 to cancel my loan in order to receive my refund. I told him I was going to report him and this scam and he threatened to ruin my credit. Now I'm trying my hardest to get this story out there so no one else is scammed. I feel dumb and stupid and angry that people scam other like this, get a real job!

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