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Capella University

Country United States
State Minnesota
City Minneapolis
Address 225 South 6th Street, 9th Floor
Phone 1-866-283-7921

Capella University Reviews

  • Apr 2, 2020

Does anyone know where to file an official complaint against Capella University where you can actually get something accomplished? Everything was fine up until dissertation/capstone. Requested mentor change numerous times and was told by my advisor that I needed to work with the one that I was assigned to. She refused to grade my work for 10 weeks stating that it was not 100% and she only grades work that is 100%.

I was due to graduate December 2019 but instead they dismissed me from the school. I have spoken to several attornys but none with any clear direction. My GPA is 3.959 out of a 4.0. My dismissal was based on Academics. This was my second doctorate degree so I have succesfully completed a doctorate program.

Thank you in advance!

Screwed Over

  • Nov 26, 2019

I have been enrolled with Capella for over a year. The website to log in to your classes has been experiencing technical difficulties for well over 8 months. The Coachs and Tutors are not responsive. I have sent numerous emails and nothing. Now I am currently enrolled in a class that requires software. You should receive an email within 48 hours with a link to download. Here we are a week later and no response, no email and no progress in class. Contacted everyone and they continue to say 24 hours ....its been 72 !! They just want your money, normally I just overlook all the nonsense but I am at my wit's end, I pay a lot of money to go here and for what???? Non-responsive -technical difficulties and the runaround!!! Stay FAR away from these money hungry non-responsive so called univeristy.

  • Nov 8, 2017

Capella university The Dean of Capella’s DNP program is very prejudice and wanted me out the program and I only have 2 classes left to get my doctorate. So that means wherever I go I have to start from the bottom. I battle with chronic insomnia, anxiety, and stress. So I sometimes get daytime sleepiness. My disability counselor knew of my disability asked her to work with me by giving me sleep breaks during the day. She didn’t want to do it but it was documented. After that she would treat me bad. We are in another state doing I dissertation everyone in the class had cell phones including the instructor and other classmates were talking on their phone. My kids call, I walk directly to the bathroom not to disturb anyone, which we weren’t doing anything at the time. She accused me of talking on my phone and texting,?when she and everyone did the same. She treated the other older black lady rude too. So bondage and slavery is still going on today. They are just a little more slick in what they do, but you can’t hide prejudice. Need help. Went all the way through the Dept. Of Education and they lied to them as well. She accused me of nodding off I class when I have insomnia and the meds make me tired, texting and talking on the phone. They said I couldn’t retake the course,?so I was unable to finish with 2 classes left.

  • Apr 3, 2017

I completed my MS in Educational Leadership from Capella University in 2008. I completed all of my coursework and residencies in the Doctoral program (Special Education Leadership) with a 3.4 gpa summer 2016. I took my comps for the first time and was accused of plagiarism. I was expelled from teh school with a debt of $118,000.

Capella used a computer program called Turn It In to determine if your body of work came from another source of work. Prior to my first submission, I used the Turn It In program for the very first time in my life. My paper had a 79% report, which indicated 79% of my paper came from another body of work. The professor instructed me to re-write my paper and submit it a second time. I did not receive and feedback from the grading professors in reference to the content of my comps, so I was unable to re-write my comps with professional feedback. Students only had two chances to submit your comps for a passing grade. I followed her instruction and the Turn It In program indicated 20% of my paper came from another body of work. The professor initial told me there was no problem, but later informed me I was under investiagation.

I was contacted my the FRP August 2016. Below is the initial email:

Message body

Hi Angela,

Thank you for submitting your inquiry. I apologize for the delay in issuing a response and appreciate your patience. The FRP has recently conducted their initial review of your case and is requesting you submit additional information prior to issuing a decision.

The FRP is requesting you submit the final course assignments for the five courses that you took immediately prior to beginning your comprehensive exam. Please note these assignments should be the final course assignments for the last 5 courses you completed prior to entering the comprehensive exam. You can reply to this e-mail and attach the original Word document versions of these assignments to your e-mail message – there should be a separate Word document for each assignment. These assignments should not be altered or edited in any way, which is why you have a limited amount of time to submit the requested items. Please have the items submitted no later than 5pm CST on Wednesday, August 17, 2016.

If you do not submit the requested items by the deadline the panel will be notified and will issue a decision based on the information they were able to review when they initially reviewed your case. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me at [email protected] Please know that if you do submit an inquiry you are still required to submit the documents by the deadline.

I look forward to hearing you response.


I did not have access to my last five final course assignments because I deleted them from my computer. I informed Capella of this via email. I asked Capella to pull my assignments themself since they were accussing me of cheating. They made their decision to expel me without my past assignments. I asked Capella to pull every assignment I ever submitted. I informed them I had Never been accussed of Academic Dishonesty in my life.

I believe I was expelled without just cause.

  • Mar 16, 2017

I'm having a financial problem with capella. They enrolled me in a class without having Federal funding available. They claim it's because I stated that I would have tuition assistance so I wasn't able to get full Federal funding. My employer partners with capella in the way that I get discounted rate for education. I would imagine the institution would be familiar with the tuition assistance process with my employer. My employer does not reimburse until after the class is completed and the invoice is paid literally showing a zero balance. Federal funding is needed to bring this balance to zero so regardless of whether I had tuition assistance or not federal funding would be required to pay it prior to the reimbursement. They failed the tell me that I didn't have enough Federal funding so I enrolled in my third class without the ability to complete it because I wasn't going to have enough federal funds to complete it. One week into the third-class I realized I wasn't going to be able to complete it. That tacked on another $1,400 because I dropped out of the class early. The original amount owed due to the tuition assistance issue was a little over $1,000. Capella has cost me $2,400 and it is about ready to hit my credit report because I refuse to pay something on sheer principle. I realize I will be the one suffering for the bad credit score but something has to be done. I'm going to be filing a formal complaint though I'm not sure what good that is going to do. If I had the money to get a lawyer I would.

The financial aid department cannot be trusted to look out for the best interest of the student. The definition of customer service is being able to inform your customers of what they need to know. They did not inform me of what I needed to know or I simply would have waited until the next billing session to enroll in the third class. It is quite simple. I would have pushed off my education until Federal funding was available. After several attempts to make this right through email and phone calls and even getting my flexpathcoach involved we are at a standoff. No one offers to help. No one offers a viable solution. No one takes responsibility on behalf of the school for their error. The fact is students put trust in the financial aid department and admissions department for that matter to look out for them and their best interest. Most students wouldn't know to track the loan amounts to the point of doing a check and balance and noticing something is off and noticing something enough to know they shouldn't be enrolling. Most students wouldn't know that. If financial aid says we can be enrolled for a class we believe them. I have no faith in the school and if they don't make this right they have directly impeded my process of reaching my bachelor's goal.

To say I'm disappointed is a major understatement. Quite frankly I am disgusted at their level of service and would never recommend them and they should be ashamed of themselves for taking advantage of people's trust and people who are ultimately trying to better their life.

  • Aug 31, 2016

Please take my advice and avoid Capella University at all costs. The reasons are many, but I'll abbreviate here.

1. It's a profit driven school. This means, they are bottom line driven, first, education driven second.

2. Some of the teachers are partime in their efforts as wll as work. This means you get canned, paste and copy responses. I can tellyou the last professor I had was impressive. Unfortunately the school was not.

3. They are so anxious to make their money they try to pressure you to register. This is a number one red flag for any on line learning center. I had deadlines and I couldn't stop to register. The admissions counselor hounded me until I told her to either wait (there was no issue with my erollement for waiting) or unenroll me. She finally got me another counselor. Obviously there was some sort of quota to make, and I wasn't contributing to her cause.

4. I asked the new enrollment counselor if everything was in place weeks before classes started. She assured me all was good. I started class and they had never processed my financial aid (loans) because I had to fill out additional paperwork. I was told (after being in class for a week and working like mad) that I could just fill out the paperwork and IF it went through I'd not be dropped. IF?

5. This is probably the most telling! They promise you all sorts of credits for your work and experience. The reality is, they still have you taking a full load of Master's courses. In my case I had credits for all sorts of accounting courses, when the reality was, I still had 33 credits to take, a typical load for a Master's degree, and none of these classes were in my area of expertise. Nonsense. I really really question this school's business values, Do compare the courses you will take at several different schools. This was a clear sign this school is a rip off and substandard at best.

Needless to say, I regsigned from the course and the school. They are only worried about the next student they can make a profit on. Do yourself a favor---stay away from this school.

The education is substandard as well as the support. I got off easy, no loans due no payments due. I am hearing a lot about people who aren't so lucky. I have a friend who just got his Masters Degree here and received a 4.0. I hate to tell him, that it probably wasn't all that hard and it's kind of like the prize in a box of Cracker Jax. Everyone gets one.

The most negative reviews are for the PHD programs. He's about to start at Capella, I will definitely advise him otherwise.

I would be truly surprised if this school's accrediation isn't pulled and there wasn't a class action lawsuit at some point.

I doged a bullet here. Whew!

  • Jun 22, 2016

After approximately 6 years of work on a PHD program which does not exist any longer, I was told my time limit to finish the program is almost over and if it is not complete within the next few months I will be administatively withdrawn.

Past practice was to give a Masters degree if dissertatin was not complete, but since they discontinued my program I will be left with nothing more than a hefty school loan bill.

I passed all coursework, comprehensive exam and Colloquia (residency) requirements.

This seems very unfair because in dissertation they ask for several revisions, then to wait for committee review.

At his point they requred so many revisions the original work has been twisted into something totally different.

I will work with due diligence untill the end (strung along for their financial gain), but after doing some research regarding Capella my efforts may be a contnued waste of time, for a degree they never intended to give from the beginning.

The US government should do an extensive audit on the University because many students such as my self now have a huge debt to pay back to the federal government.

  • Apr 7, 2016

I obtained my MS from Capella University in Psychology/Mentla Health Counseling, and maintained a 4.0. I am a senior citizen. I was very pleased with the quality of the education and the professors, so I decided to obtain my PhD from Capella, also. Stupd.

The catalog states that a PhD student may choose their mentor and their own review board. I was not allowed to do either. My mentor could not have mentored a crocodile, although they probably were relatives. Throughout the years of this battle, I never once heard from or was contacted by any member of the review board. Finally, my mentor and I seemed to meet a semi-comfortable communication level.. Not for long.

I was "assigned" a different mentor. No choice. And this one was a doozy. Even worse. Didn't show up for appointments, was not prepared, and I am convinced that she lived on another planet. During all of these months, I still maintained a 4.0.

Once again, I was "assigned" a new mentor. No choice. And this one was the worst of all of them, combined. She was irrational, delusional, hysterical, and erratic. She belonged to some club for which she took 3-5 days off every two weeks. Figure the math on that one. And she needed 1-2 days prior to and after having gone to this club. You can imagine how impacted the so-called continuity of the program, the progress of my program, the maintaining of enthusiasm, energy, motivation, and interest. In addition, she was down right nasty and yelled a great deal. She never criticized the quality of my work, as none of the other mentors did, either. She just could not remember what the topic was, what was need to accomplish, and where we left off.

I was dropped from the PhD program! No notice. No discussion. No questions. No reasons. Dropped. Period. Needless to say, I was ticked. I called everyone, including the Provost, the President, every Dean possible, the President of Capella, Inc., every person who sat on the board, the President again and again and again. I finally was told that I was takiing too long. Remember my last mentor? Remember how often she was absent?

The catalog states that a student "may take up to 7 years, at the discretion of the university". Of course there are several important words in this statement and they all benefit Capella. I was only into my 18th month, and regardless of the ludicrous mentors I was assigned, I actually was making good progress. In fact, I was actually ahead of the prescribed schedule.

I contacted DOE, OCR, ADA, POTUS (yes, I did), the governors and attorney generals of both relevant states, plus the department of education of each, and a myriad of othe people, organizations, groups, and entities. OCR was useless. The negotiator was prepared to assuage Capella, and he was very proficient at doing so.

I won't count the dollars in financial aid that have been stolen from me and for which I am responsible. I can't describe the mental, psychological, emotional, and physical repercussions from Capella's greedy and unethical tactics. I do not have the amount of time left on earth to spend and waste. And then to decide to go on in my pursuit meant finding a real-accredited-credible-ethical-honest-professional-committed to education and the student-did I say honest? university with a PhD program that I want. And none will transfer more than 6 credits. So essentially, one just starts over and somehow finds motivation, drive, energy, enthusiasm, and a willingness to trust again. Not to mention taking all those research course again.

I have since discovered at least 50, and probably more, ex Capella students who had the same, or nearly the same, experience. All of them were dumped from their PhD program for absolutely no viable or credible reason. None.

I am still recuperating from this. My vim and vigor are far less, and my enthusiasm is definitely less.

Please take great caution if you are considering Capella University. I really enjoyed it and respected it during my MS. I was royally duped.

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