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Country United States
State Alabama

CandiceStore Reviews

  • May 21, 2020

My sister and I ordered from them in January of 2020 2 wigs off of their site which says 1-2 weeks shipping which then somehow turned into over 2 months later, we finally them only to open them up and find they are poor quality.

The poor quality is the wigs lacing shows, they do not fit your head even with using the adjustable straps, the wigs overlap your ears and do not come far enough down on your forehead to cover your hairline, the purple wig we recieved looks nothing like what they advertise on the website not only is it a different color but it is also a different style.

They also say in the description tangle free and no shedding when I got my wig out of the packaging it was already all tangled up, I then proceeded to comb it out with a widetooth detangling comb only to then have purple hair coming out/ shedding everywhere.

They also advertise these wigs as daily use but when you get them you can see all the wigs lacing and wig cap it is sewed into so it is in no way daily usable. The purple wig we received isn't even presentable, you have to wear a hat or beanie to cover all the exposure.

When my sister and I finally got the wigs and we realized the poor quality we then tried to contact the website for a refund to which they responded they wanted us to pay for a frieght in order to ship the 2 wigs back in order for them to only partially compensate our refund, it took over 2 months to get here and we are not satisfied and they want us to pay to have their products shipped back to them.

We then also have been in touch with paypal to get a refund since the transaction is through them and th3 company has not responded to paypal.

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