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Canadian Tire Head Office

Country Canada
City Toronto, Ontario
Address 2180 Yonge St
Phone 800-387-8803

Canadian Tire Head Office Reviews

  • Aug 18, 2017

I tried several time contacting Head Office about their audits but they do not seemed to care that a company that has their contact is taking big money from them and the audits are not done correct. While I was working on Canadian Tire audit a manager told me the audit sheet was passed to them for a signature that their store was audit and was at all. The Canadian Tire audits was never checked by these individuals and the CT was rewarded 100% from head office for a store that was not completed by the shopper. I was told by the person from Service Metric that it was not true so Canadian Tire is paying big dollars to this company to do a proper audit which was never perform. I would like to tell all people that if you apply for a position for a shopper at Service Metric apply but be aware you will never find a shop because they select shoppers of their choice and put the shops on their website that other shoppers do not want to travel because these shops are 150 to 250kms away. I feel bad for Canadian Tire head office because they are giving awards to store managers that should never get the points where the audits was never performed by a shopper. As far as I am concerned no one should get 100% if the job is not done properly and the manager doing this audit should not give their signature on a audit unless properly done by a shopper and manager together.

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