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Canadian Gun Nutz

Country Canada
City Toronto, Ontario

Canadian Gun Nutz Reviews

  • Aug 28, 2017

Moderators do not moderate

No free speech allowed at all, which is ironic since they got their start because another board would not allow any free speech and kicked out the originator of CGN from their board. Get infractions because you speak the truth. Moderators let their buddies get away with all kinds of insults, derogatory comments, personal attacks etc. Others get banned for the most innocuous, benign comments. Tiiraq is the worst mod on that board. I am convinced that he stalks the board and waits for someone (and that someone being one who made Tiriaq look like an ass previously) slip up and then he bans them.

Used to be a great board, but now its terrible, No new content, constant bickering and infighting, racist and homophobic comments constantly. Only thing that is still somewhat worthwhile is the equipment exchange and that is slowly starting to slide as well.

  • Dec 20, 2016

They banned me about a year ago after being an active member on the site for over a decade.

Reason? Free speach. Or the lack of tolerance and open-mindness on the website moderation and administration end.

All chats and forums are strictly monitored and thought police is out there to get you.

Any topic that is deemed "provocative", meaning not in line with the though police's point of view will be moderated and the writer will get punished, blocked, and eventually banned.

Freedom of speach anyone?

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