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Canada Pharmacy

Country Canada
City Surrey, British Columbia
Address PO Box 520, 800-15355 24th Avenue
Phone 1-800-891-0844

Canada Pharmacy Reviews

  • Aug 21, 2015

Please please stay away from Canadian pharmacy . You will see them on the Internet selling you prescription pills Trying to save money you would consider them . Once they have any information about you they will put you in the telemarketing account and for the rest of your life they will call you everyday with fake phone numbers from India sometimes two or three times a day. if you ask them to stop calling, take you off their phone list, ask to speak to their manager they hang up on you. If you try to waste their time by keeping them on the phone , they punish you by calling you even more . The manager will tell you that. If they have your name they will find all your families phone numbers and call them. Also they find your e-mail address they sent your twenty e-mails a day. sometime important companis have to call you so not answering the phone don't work. Don't put yourself in hell calling these people. Change your phone number or e-mail don't work they are better that tha CIA . Please phone company help us.

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