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Cana Eye Serum

Country United States
State Florida
City Tampa
Address 1410 W. Perdiz St.
Phone 877-740-9606

Cana Eye Serum Reviews

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  • Aug 16, 2017

This online scam does bussiness under multiple sites for Bella' Serata eye care cream and other products. They trick you into a less than $5.00 trial to get your credit card then they charge you monthly ongoing fees of $89.03 for the one cream under one company name then a day later a charge in the $93.97 range from another company. You get the one trail then nothing more. When you figure out they are charging you under two different company names different amounts each month in the same range they try and con you into staying and they offer to refund only a portion of your money. They have been turned into the BBB and FBI cyber crimes already.

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  • Oct 13, 2017

i ordered face cream off the internet. I got what i orderdand was charged for it. two days later i got a charge from cana marketing for some kind of eye serum. i did not order this nor did i receive it. i tried calling to complain but just get sorry, all circuits are busy now. i e-mailed and got no response. i went to my bank to dispute the charge and they are now looking into it.

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