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Camping World of Calera

Country United States
State Alabama
City Calera
Address 730 George Roy Pkwy
Phone 1 888-875-2097

Camping World of Calera Reviews

  • Oct 12, 2020

Our brand new camper was with them for nearly 3 months... now this is brand new off the shelf... We got excuse after excuse and more excuses and lies with a brain game twist of lies again. And telling us we have to pay for the repairs, of our brand new camper... WT!

After all it is the brand name Coleman and Camping world you would expect to trust right?

Finally we got the call all the jobs have been done and completed... Just maybe they are telling the truth and they have done the jobs and addressed the problems.

Some jobs had been done and others where never touched, I even have the photo's to prove it... and then here came the brain games again as if I am stupid, the brain games they must pull of thousands of others.

Our brand new radio still does not work neither does the fan in the roof of the toilet our outside lights don't work still, but hay all jobs have been completed... the second walk through was a joke and any problem went back to the General Manager who said it is not covered by warranty so suck it up.

6 months has passed and they still do not have the part or fixed it, what type of company and people are running this circus, yet they are selling defective campers and holding people's campers hostage.

If we had our way we would never deal with camping world, the sales team can appear nice then once you get the camper after sales for us and I have read many others get the run around... Oh I am a trouble maker... well once Camping World Calera Alabama sold us their problems... That is problems.

We have come to the conclusion Camping World has refused to fix things on our brand new camper so we need to fix it ourself... But my advice is get everything in writing but remember something you are dealing with a Cult a way of life Camping World Deals With Customers... Maybe there is good people but also management are not the welcoming type... We discovered and when you are told something they can quickly retract, or blame you for a blown fuse, saying it is your car and you need to get it checked, still wanting to charge you prices that do not make sense.

If you had a good experience with Camping World, post it and of you feel you are being cheated lied too and brain games read reviewers posts.

Please look at other RV, Travel Trailer Sellers before going to Camping World Calera Alabama. They can refuse to fix your brand new camper, saying it is not a warranty issue and you have to pay for the repairs and you think I just brought this and now they are charging me more.

Our Electricals where never fixed, oh here is the good one... he or she does not work here anymore so they say and they make a new contract and try and void the old promises. Dealing with them is a total brain game, that a customer shouldn't be subjected to play.

We got our camper on the last day of May 31st 2020 and our camper is still not fully functional, the first month they could not get our Tag name right... we addressed some issues with the General Manager we discovered in June 2020 he never replied back and did not reply back.

But after getting the run around, this is when I brought my camper to them... it is 10/13/2020 and we still have not had the issues of a brand new camper resolved, as I said they told me it was all fixed... it is not fixed. How can a brand new sound system be fixed when it does not work?

How can the electrical be fixed when it does not work. Battery has been tested? What does this have to do with my lights fans and radio not working... Get my car checked on my plug. WT!

I feel angry that Camping World Calera, Alabama... Tell lies and missdirect the words they use or the way they pretend. 3 weeks to have the general manager to approve floor trim that they say is holding me to get our camper back and then all jobs are completed... just lies and more lies.

I have had more to say... but feeling jerked around is not a good feeling. Camping World Calera should be ashamed of themself. Yes This is my review.

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